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  1. LOL, no, my trip to WBMW was actually in 2017. I've evolved since then. I just added that there just in case there was someone as stupid as me back then, but now I know IT WASN'T FUNNY, DAMNIT!
  2. I do hope this blows over as quickly as it started and the parks re-open soon.
  3. The Zamperla Rotoshake, which I remember riding as Iron Eagle at SFA back in '03. That thing scared me to death.
  4. To make up for the amount of cringeworthy experiences I have posted on this thread, here's a real funny experience... Some guy with me on Boomerang at SFFT recited the entirety of the Navy Seals Copypasta. He had the entire thing memorized. By the time we arrived back in the station, I was dying laughing XD
  5. "Clueless?" Your post came off as really condescending, just like most of the posts in this thread. I'll just leave this idiotic gem here: So what if I was an idiot at Warner Bros. Movie World? That was from my phase where I was a little too immature. OK? I thought that was funny at the time, and I thought it was worthy enough to post there, but judging by the reactions to it, it seems like it isn't and I realize how bad it really was. We're done here.
  6. "Mind Wyrmms" is a reference to a comic book. I apologize for saying "Fist me daddy." That WAS two years ago, after all.
  7. That Aquaman ride seems badass. Are you sure he doesn't suck anymore after seeing that? I also liked La Vibora and Mr. Freeze. Mr. Freeze reminded me of The Chiller. Haven't been on Reverse Blast yet.
  8. On Wild West Falls at Warner Bros. Movie World, I shouted "FIST ME DADDY!!" during the big drop. Everyone laughed. During Bizarro at GAdv this year, I shouted "MIND WYRMMS!" There was a guy behind me with a really funny scream on Green Lantern.
  9. Wonder Woman Golden Lasso Coaster still looks like a french fry to me. Amazing ejector, though.
  10. The Justice League dub sounds so lifeless. I prefer the English version. Medusa Steel Coaster, to quote ElToroRyan, "slaps."
  11. Cyborg Hyper Drive was great! Sadly the ride was too loud so I didn't get to hear anything Grid was saying. I liked the spins at the end the best! Also, I agree with everyone here, Goliath should be scrapped.
  12. If you read DC Comics, you know Catwoman is not a villain anymore. She's Batman's wife and more of a hero than anything. Also, am I old enough to remember when the kiddie coaster at SFNE was themed after Poison Ivy? Add these two rides with the Harley Quinn Spinsanity and we have the Gotham City Sirens!
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