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  1. Why are they closing Superman? It's a good DC ride that was relocated from AstroWorld. Is the Intamin 2nd Generation Drop Tower finally going extinct?
  2. So if I ever go here, should I expect a bad experience? One poster above me claims it's the worst Six Flags park that's not La Ronde.
  3. I missed out on Tidal Force at Hershey - my mom and brothers went on it and asked if I'd like to go, but I didn't, probably because of the height. Tidal Force is 100 ft; I'd been on Batman at SFGAdv before, which is 105 ft. Next time we go, I am going on it. When my debit card from social security comes, I'll use it to buy Disney tickets for me, my brother, and his girlfriend, and on the trip I'll ride Splash Mountain (hopefully) because that's another missed opportunity (I was scared of the drop last time I went.)
  4. Yeah, I took NickUni. Gonna fill out the job application in May. One problem is that I will NOT ride Shellraiser during breaks, because I am literally TERRIFIED of the 121.5 degree drop (even if it's less intense than El Toro's) and I DON'T WANT TO GET OVER IT. I would only ride it if Rorie D. Travis (Devon from Power Rangers Beast Morphers, which is a Nick show) were there with me. That's for another topic, though. I guess I will just have to quote SpongeBob, as it is my only favorite Nick show (well, sometimes Rocko too.) I CAN sing the campfire song over the all call like someone did on The Dark Knight at SFGAdv (while doped up on painkillers)...
  5. Why can't I go to this park again? I want to get that Batman TDK credit. Would skip The Riddler('s) Revenge, because the Great Nor'Easter at Morey's banged my head around IMO and I wouldn't want to go on another SLC. Goliath will be down, I just know it.
  6. I actually sadly made a boy go to a different seat on a Larson Looper and not sit with his father all because I was too lazy to change seats. Yeah, I know better now. (I was 16!!) Plus, the ride served as punishment for what I did.
  7. It's actually a good thing I missed out on Shellraiser, because it gave my brother a stomachache with its shaking track. Anyway, I missed out on Batman TDK on my 2019 SFNE trip because I was being a bit of a pussy then and didn't ride anything except for Thunderbolt, Catwoman's Whip, and GCGEFAA.
  8. Alas, we will never see another Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom. Unpopular opinion, but I kinda liked it when it was under the Six Flags name. I know it was dirty as heck, but they had a solid lineup, especially Chang. If that godforsaken ride op didn't MUTILATE that girl's foot on Superman... (my foot just hurts READING about that.)
  9. Speaking of opening day Disney... This makes me laugh every damn time. Why was this in with the kiddie rides at the park? And those flashing starbursts at the end are strangely beautiful, at least to me. It feels like a Scooby-Doo episode turned up to the max.
  10. I missed out on Snow White's Scary Adventures back in early 09. Really wish I went on it.
  11. I know Shellraiser made my brother get a stomachache because of the shaking track. That's why I'm a little nervous to go on if I ever get a job at NickUni. (I know that the drop is tamer than El Toro's.)
  12. The more I talk about it with my dad, the more it looks like I'm going to have to be a ride op at THIS park instead of GAdv because it's closer. I don't like Nick (except for SpongeBob and sometimes Rocko) and never will all the rides run on the same day. Plus it's unthemed. However, I already have ideas on what I will do as a ride op (it won't involve factoids this time!) and maybe I'll get over my fear of steep drops if I ride Shellraiser with my fellow ops.
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