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  1. The backwards seats will be the same format as the last row on DC Rivals Hyper coaster at WBMW on the coast also, not surprising as they are both owned by the same company. Still it has been a long time since a woodie was available to ride in Australia so looking forward to the opening.
  2. After continued testing the speed of the coaster had seemed to increase somewhat and now there are new trim brakes installed at the entry to the stengel dive section of the ride. If the new rumors are correct, we may see this coaster open before the end of the month in time for the local school holidays (15th September through to 3rd October). Cant wait...
  3. Testing started today from all accounts, and running like a dream right from first go. Can't wait till October....
  4. So the new DC Rivals coaster has almost completed track install (if they fell behind today it will be completed tomorrow). The guys over at Parkz.com.au have a full update with plenty of pics, however here is one from the site today showing the new ride in comparison to the Green Lantern coaster. Enjoy. The new DC Rivals Coaster about to top out...
  5. Yep, however by counting the numbers on the tracks we believe it's a non inverted loop like flying aces. As long as the weather is ok tomorrow there should be more supports in place to see where it will be going.
  6. Ok, so I will have a full update for all interested on Sunday oz time, however after seeing this picture from today, I am starting to wonder what they are currently drinking over at Mack to come up with this..... How many times can you fit the track through the one loop??
  7. Not much track installed this week however there has been a large amount of supports installed, almost bowl shape in layout with a lot more on the ground yet to go into place. Best photos over on parkz.com.au if you are wanting to see the latest photos... Almost Stonehenge like....
  8. It really is coming along now, with more track added to show a new ejector air time "twist" hill. This is under the large turn in the photos and is seeming to lead back to another track cross for more of that head chopping feeling. There are two pieces of track in the car park that have lead to a lot of speculation of either a Zero-G Roll, or even a Heart-Line loop being installed. Given the location of the track numbers to those already installed we hope this should happen in the next week or two. For those who have yet to visit the park, here is a arial view to show the total area and location of the ride. Will have a full update on the weekend if not before... Cheers
  9. Well due to my old girl playing up this weekend (my car, not my wife ) I was unable to get to the park to complete the update I promised. However a big thanks to @themeparkgirl on the Parkz.com.au forums for allowing me to use her photo to bring an update of the new Mack Hyper Coaster under construction at Movie World. So far the speculation about length/height/name etc is still ongoing until the park makes the official announcement, but the consensuses is that it will be just over the 200ft mark, approx 4500ft long and may have up to 3 inversions similar to Flash in China. The photos below show the area closest to the half way point of the ride, with the large Stengel Dive turn still around the 30m tall mark (to give you an idea of the height in the photos), into an inclined dive loop for the half way turn around. The track then comes back under itself, into a s-bend back over the track and to go under again. In photos late yesterday afternoon, it would also seem as this now leads into what could be a zero-g roll, although this should be completed by next weekend at the current speed of construction. The only thing that the park as said is it is due to open in September 2017, so if your planning a trip down under around that time defiantly put Movie World on the list... and now onto the update... Looking towards the mid way point turnaround... The half way point, this should be nice and fast still. S-Bend supplying what should be a great head chopper feel going under... Guess the support crew where on a day off when this track went in? Here's hoping by next weekend this section will be completed.. Top of the lift hill ready and access stairs ready and waiting to be installed...maybe after the hill is started... And finally, an overview of the area completed so far, for those who have been to the park, this is beside the main road entry to the park, quite a walk from the entry to Movie world which should give an idea of how long this ride will be when completed.
  10. Things are really changing almost daily now, with things getting very "twisty" today. Also the brake run section has started to be installed with a lot of other supports going in also. Will submit a full photo update in the next two days however hoping this will hold your interest until then....
  11. Update on the new Mack coaster, turn around now complete with an interesting top section. It looks like there may be some airtime right into a sharp turn down into the corner. With the speed of construction now increasing as the public holidays are done for a while it should show its true layout over the next 2-3 weeks...can't wait! Photo credit to #themagician at Parkz.com.au
  12. They have completed the turn today, will get pictures from the park tomorrow if someone does not post some up before.
  13. The construction (for those that have been to the park) has started towards the main vehicle entry to the car park, giving a really good idea exactly how big this ride will be. Hopefully this next week will see the main turn around point completed, if the current speed of construction is maintained at least... Credit to "Themeparkgirl" for the photo...
  14. There is a bit of debate on the track color from people who have been to the site today....some saying pink while others are saying purple. As the day is very overcast here, I think its true color will only be seen once we have a normal Queensland sunny day...so in about 2 weeks or so.
  15. So the construction of the new coaster for Movie world is starting to show some form of shape and while it does not look like much from the ground, I was able to get some overhead pictures from about a week ago of the site. I did get some photos from site however they did not turn out well enough to post. We can confirm creates onsite with Mack coaster labels all over them. The park has already stated that this will be one of the most extreme coasters Australia has ever seen. I will post some more photos up next weekend (if that's ok) from the site to see how the works are progressing, or you can head over to the parkz.com.au site and see ones from this weekend. The one thing I ask, is does the layout of this ride remind anyone of a Mack ride already completed, or are we looking at a first of a kind? Cheers. Section closest to the main park. Possibly station area. Main footer section End of construction area at this stage.
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