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  1. Those are probably the best Avalanche Run photos I've seen! They give a great look at what the ride area looked like. Thanks for sharing these awesome pictures!
  2. Nice pictures! I really, really hope that I'll be going here next week while I'm in Holland.
  3. ^^^Just a rough estimate, but I'd say Maverick at about 45 min to 1 hour 30 min, depending on the time of day, Milliennium at 25 min-1 hour and Dragster at 30 min to 1 hour 15 will be your longest waits. Raptor will have a long wait in the morning and early afternoon. The other coasters should all be 30 min or less, execpt Mantis and possibly Magnum. You should try to hit the big three in the evening or very early, before 11 (and during early entry if you have that option). Ride Raptor in the late afternoon or evening (should be 20 min or less by then). Good to hear about the earlier announcement. I think that later announcements, like with StR, lead to overhype.
  4. ^I think he means water rides in dry parks, not waterparks. I still haven't been on the ride, but right now StR seems to coming out as a huge failure. Kinda a shame, because they really did try to make this the ultimate water ride, going all out on the theming and splash elements.
  5. MarkLaDuke, if you went anytime from Aug.30 on into the days before Labor Day weekend, the park will probably be deserted because kids are back in school. If thats too late, a weekday or Sunday from the 22 on should be okay as well. Everyday from July into Mid-August is going to have decent crowds, but if you have to go at that time, Sun., Thurs. and Weds. or any day where rain is predicted (except Sat), will have the shortest lines.
  6. ^The Wilds is great, although it is a bit out of the way for most of the people going on Midwest coaster trips (over an hour and a half east of Columbus via I-70). I live only 20 minutes away from this place, yet haven't been in a year and a half. I still haven't been inside the waterpark, but it does seem like they have a decent collection of slides and activities. The zoo is absolutely spectacular, one of the best in the world. Many of the exhibits are surrounded by spectacular theming as well. Sweet photos too!
  7. Great pictures! I like the appearance of the StR, and they put in some really nice theming. However, I am still bothered by the loss of trees in that area---the open space takes away from the "backwoods of the park" feeling that I loved about that area and that the ride is trying capture for its character. I realize that they planted new ones, but they could have chosen much fuller, more mature trees to plant that would help preserve the rustic nature around the ride.
  8. Cedar Point's official Facebook page is saying that Shoot The Rapids will be opening this Saturday. Great news !
  9. Regarding the early entry, it should be warned that it is very common for Milliennium or Maverick to start late, or stay down until after the park opens to the public. Sometimes if the park knows that one of those two rides will be down ahead of time, they will open TTD for ERT, but that often doesn't happen. The best plan, which was just pointed out, is to go from Raptor to Milliennium to Maverick, to avoid late openings/delays. Just don't expect the ERT at coaster events
  10. There really isn't much of a difference when it comes to the actual rooms at Breakers and Breakers Express. But Breakers is a much better location, being next to the park and on the lake (it also has its own beach). If you only care about the ERT though, Breakers Express is considerably cheaper (about $100 or more less per night). There is also the less-expensive Bon-Air wing of Breakers, which is close in price to Express, but I don't reccommend staying there (its very old, the rooms are outdated and pretty dumpy)
  11. Great pics! It looks like this place is improving drastically under its current ownership.
  12. While at Kings Island today, I came across this sign, which I'm guessing is pretty recent. There's a rumor that a major theme park chain is considering providing free beverages, much like Holiday World. Could this possibly be a hint at things to come for Cedar Fair parks? It could be just another in-park ad for overpriced sodas, but "refill station" and "fast" imply otherwise, and advertising soda refills (other than in the case of souvenir cups) seems a bit unusual...
  13. Nice report! Good to see some live entertainment photos! Seems like everybody forgets about the shows, espically at places like CP where coasters are king.
  14. I was at the park today too, for my senior physics trip and was taking shelter from the rain in the Diamondback gift shop when I first heard about the tornado warning. The sirens came a few minutes later. Simply put, it was not a good day to be at the park. Between the long lines from all the math and science day visitors and the terrible weather, our trip was verging on disaster.
  15. CF does plently of things wrong, but the trash cans don't affect the park experience in the same way that factors like high food prices do, because they don't make the guest feel unsatisfied and ripped off. As for a park's apperance, the trash cans do virtually nothing the atmosphere, at least from my point of view. I certainly never noticed the large amount of trash cans when I went to Cedar Point as part of the GP, and I don't really notice them now as an enthusiast. I do however notice things like litter on the ground and other cleanliness issues. The trash cans (as do the sweeps) generally do their job well and keep pathes clean. I think it's things like the immense amount concrete that stand out more. That's somthing I've always noticed at CF parks, and a lack of trees is very detremental to a park's atmosphere. I'm certainly a bit worried about the addition of Shoot the Rapids at CP, because they tore down a lot of trees in what is pretty much the only significant forested area on the penninsula. Besides the concerete, the lack of theming, worn buildings and faded paint also are signifcant eyesores which I find eye-catching. It's the same way with the ads on coasters at SF. Execpt on the prehaps the most popular rides, which usually draw from visual factors to implore a bigger "experience" than sencondary attractions, they do nothing to take away from the apperance they are far less noticible, espically since there are already ads practicly everywhere else in the park.
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