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  1. Everyone has such hatred for my dearest Pepsi
  2. ^^ I 'signed' my answers with my user name, I thought that putting my address would have been a bit pushy I probably didn't win anything though..
  3. R.I.P Indeed, I loved him on Diff'rent Strokes... "Whatchu talkin' bout Willis?" Whatchu talkin' 'bout indeed...
  4. ^ I loved that book! I always used to imagine the characters being played by the actors that were in almost every Goosebumps epsiode To be honest, this movie doesn't sound that bad. It all depends how they want to do it.
  5. ^ Scenic.. Oh yes, the mosquito infested ditch While I never saw the theming in person, I have seen pictures and video that made it look quite spectacular. Much better than the theming 'Top Gun' at CW got.
  6. How is Vortex lower than Flight Deck?? Flight Deck is essentially the same thing but slower and uglier!
  7. ^The only rides that don't have bins are Vortex and White Water Canyon. They just make your bring your stuff with you.
  8. 1) The only coaster with assigned seating is Backlot Stunt Coaster 2) Behemoth has a single rider line, though I have never seen anyone in it. 3) To be honest, Splashworks is never really worth it, the only two slides that are fun are Riptide Racer and Barracuda Blaster, both of which ALWAYS have massive lines.
  9. ^^^ I have walked through that empty queue many times, I can not even imagine it being full.
  10. Don't sell to Paramount! Taft/KECO wil still be around for 3(?) years but that means that the park will probably be bought by Paramount, or they may not want it and a small company could purchase it.
  11. The Coney Island Cyclone is seen during the scene where they find the Tin Man in The Wiz, and a brief clip of an Arrow Corkscrew is seen in Naked Gun 2 1/2
  12. Because Colonel Sanders was dragging in on a leash! Why are fans called fans?
  13. Yes, yes it wasn't. How many Qs does it take to fill up a moving van?
  14. Could anyone post a download for Old Spice's Bridge set? I would really appreciate it
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