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  1. Hello everybody. My RCT3 computer crashed, so I only have No Limits at the moment. This coaster is inspired by the movie Avatar and the Hulk coaster. I created this in 10 minutes. Enjoy! I'm trying to post pictures. I resized them to 800 by 600, but it says: The Attachment is too big. Max Size: 500 KB
  2. That. Looks. Awesome! My only criticism is the pink section. It doesnt fit well woth the other colors. Also, maybe try a Vekoma Flyer instead of the looping car. Then it would really be beyond reasonable limits!
  3. Yes I know. I suffered whiplash from that damn ride and I had no idea what the coaster was doing. NOTE: If someone can post pictures of any of the coasters I'd be very greatful because TPR freezes up when I try to sdd the photo's from No Limits. Thanks and Enjoy. (I think that Rolling Thunder, KingDa Ka, Nitro, and Bizarro are the only good ones)
  4. Ohhhhhh. Very Nice! Is This one section of the park, or an area like Msgic Kingdom's Main Street or (somewhat) IOA's Port Of Entry?
  5. Which Coasters would you like to see pictures of because I have low memory on this computer (my laptop is being fixed) and I can only go one coaster at a time. \^*()%()*^\DOWNLOAD/^*()%()*^/ http://www.filefront.com/15457379/Six%20Flags%20Great%20Adventure.zip
  6. You're Dueling Dragons car is coming along quite nicely. Front view
  7. ^ I'm not exactly sure what you mean ^^ Ok whenever your ready SOMEONE PLEASE POST BECAUSE I HAVE A CAR I MADE JUST FOR FUN ALMOST FINISHED THAT I WANT TO POST!!! ^^^^ The Dueling Dragons train probably wont be perfect because I'm not good enough at sketchup to go into the dragon detail, but I'll try as hard as possible.
  8. ^HAHAHA I was just thinking of making one just for fun! Sure I'll try it
  9. Thanks. If anyone would like me to make them a CTR: Re-create or Custom! Recreate: Name and Pic(s) Custom: Name Style (B&M, Vekoma etc) Colors Layout: 1. Nose 2. Seats 3. Restraints. (Lap or Over Shoulder. If lap give an example of a coaster with the type you want, Ex The ones on Nitro or The ones on Bizzaro (Superman ROS) 4. Car Layout/Shape Darkride or coaster Custom Lettering or Textures THANKS! Hulk Nose Cone Recreation One Nose Cone Example Could Be Used For A Twister/Standup Or A Flying Coaster
  10. My image resizing program isnt lwtting me resize this pic =( 1.) Nice typing. 2.) If it won't resize (highly unlikely), don't post it. I've deleted it.
  11. I know that someone had Behemoth seats at the RCT3 Revamped set on atari forums. I'll see if i can get those. Anyway: Complete Nose and start of the first car.
  12. No not yet, but ill make a recolorable version. The only problem I might have is seats, I'm really bad with seats.
  13. Nose Cone Just made this in like 5 mins. Needs work, but just so you can get an idea.
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