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  1. Awesome. I always wondered why SFMM hadn't done the same as Dreamworld and added a drop tower to their existing structure. I rode The Giant Drop at Dreamworld when I was a lot younger, but apparently age has chipped away at my nerve and on my recent trip I chickened out of riding it. Looking forward to this SFMM addition, and hopefully I'll be brave enough to ride it
  2. Wow, the paint job is looking great. I wasn't a huge fan of the colours when I saw them on the video, but the red looks a lot nicer in real life!
  3. The only advertisement at the Mountain that's ever really bothered me is that damn "We are Miracle Whip. And we will not tone it down." ad that loops while you're queuing. I think hearing that a couple more times could drive me to suicide.
  4. I saw this on Twitter, I was really impressed. It looks great, and it'll really help convince the slightly older kids that it really is Mickey Mouse. That said... there's something about it that's kinda creepy. I think it's those lifeless eyes
  5. I never give shows like this more than a two-minute look as I'm navigating around them, but this does look pretty. Buuuuut I'll still only half-watch it as I'm trying to force my way through the crowds of people staring at it.
  6. Thankyou so much for posting this! I used to live in Adelaide, and this was my first ever credit. Didn't know it was powered, I guess I was too young to even comprehend it. I think I'll make an exception and count this one I remember we went to the park the week it closed. I'd always been too short for the ride and I used to cry every time I got measured. The day I was tall enough was a few days before it closed for good I remember there was also a ghost train... I've only got vague child memories about it, though. No idea what it was really like. Does anyone know anything about it? Any pictures or anything would blow my mind. Oh, man, Dazzleland! I used to play in the ball pit while my mum had lunch.
  7. If a Bioshock ride were ever made, I'd die of excitement. Maybe a walkthrough attraction?
  8. ^^The train doesn't go exactly the same speed around the track every time.
  9. I actually liked it. It's nothing groundbreaking, but it's made me interested. I'm not exactly sure why Peter Jackson gets a "Created by" credit, though.
  10. Alton Towers Dazzleland (Adelaide, South Australia) Disney's California Adventure Disneyland Dreamworld Knott's Berry Farm Legoland California Pacific Park Rainbow's End (Manakau, New Zealand) Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk Sea World (Queensland, Australia) Seaworld San Diego Six Flags Discovery Kingdom Six Flags Magic Mountain Universal Studios Hollywood Warner Bros. Movie World (Queensland, Australia) Wet n Wild Water World (Queensland, Australia) Plus a few obscure extras in the UK that I wouldn't really count as theme parks.
  11. As I said on Facebook... This is awesome! It's like... both my nerd groups coming together... the owner of TPR... working on a Batman game... Can't wait to hear more.
  12. ... ... ... It's so awesome to see one of my favourite rides being done up. Now onto Riddler's...
  13. I like it. Plenty of pop-culture references to keep my rotting teenage brain occupied! But seriously, I'm glad they've started this. I always enjoyed reading the Cedar Point blogs.
  14. "it would be much more appreciated at a smaller park", I agree...so why did it go to SFMM? To tie CP... Oh, I definitely agree that it's not in the same league as other rides at MM. I know what you mean, I just meant as someone whose closest park is 4 hours away and its star attraction is an Arrow corkscrew... I die a little inside when people say Scream is a bad ride
  15. It's painful to read sometimes. Reading "Scream! is such a bad ride" makes me die a little inside
  16. I put down Australia trip as my first choice, and Road to Cedar Point as my second choice, but only because it's a lot more likely I'll be able to go on the Australia trip. I think I might pass on the trip to New Zealand though
  17. Hell YES!! That's awesome. And it's great to hear they're still tweaking Terminator's audio.
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