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  1. The only time the gum actually bothered me was a tunnel roof on Jet Stream. How hard is it to get an employee to walk up there with a chisel and scrape it off? It's not like it's on a hard to reach support or anything, it's just an inch from your head.
  2. I have to admit, the chicken strips and potato at Six Flags are delicious. Compared to Disneyland where I payed eight dollars for a cold burger and fries, or Knott's where I payed 7.50 for the burger alone, I was impressed.
  3. They walked past me waiting for the Matterhorn playing The Impression That I Get by the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Made me forget about the queue completely They're really entertaining, I wish I could have seen them again. I would have followed.
  4. That would be even better. The whole time I was riding it I was getting angrier at how potentially awesome Ghostrider is. I'm really disappointed I never got to ride it when it was new.
  5. I love the Intamin T-bar. It's a shame all their newer rides are getting the OTSR version.
  6. I'm so glad they've finally put Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor's names on the sign at the park entrance. Looks a lot better than it used to! So, on my final day at the park, I got my Deja Vu credit and my Superman credit, so that makes all 14 that I can ride. Sweet! Oh, and for my last ride, there was a 5 minute wait for Terminator, so I got a night ride on it. That ride is truly amazing at night. My favourite ride at the park. That ride would be sweet if it was closed in, Space Mountain style.
  7. Talking about blacking out, on my first day I greyed out on Batman and Goliath, but nothing on the second day. Crazy. I got back to the park and got night rides on X2 and Tatsu. They were both amazing! X2 had an hour-long queue, but we decided it was now or never and headed in. The line wasn't too bad, but I really did get sick of "We are Miracle Whip, and we will not tone it down" by the end of it. The ride itself was great. The fire was the only effect working, so that means the audio wasn't working on both Terminator and X2. I guess that means no audio at all for me. Oh well, they were both great rides regardless. The Tatsu crew was great, they kept us entertained for the 15 minutes we had to wait. Singing along to the Tatsu theme and asking if he can buy the soundtrack:lolr:
  8. Got Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk in a few days, then Knott's, and back to SFMM. Going to be fun!
  9. Hey, I was at SFDK today too! Got on the good (Medusa, Vertical Velocity, Roar), the bad (Kong, Boomerang) and even got a whore credit on Cobra. It's a really beautiful park, it really seems like Six Flags hasn't got its paws on the back end of the park. Saw the Dolphin and the Tiger show, both were great. Missed out on the Shouka Whale show to grab a ride on V2. Roar is a fun woody, but really doesn't seem that crash hot the day after riding Terminator. I only went near Kong because it was a credit, and as expected it's an awful ride. Boomerang was bearable (and a walk-on). I didn't get on Tony Hawk, since we didn't really want to wait an hour or so for it. A pretty good day overall! Not that much in terms of coasters, but it's more of a "theme" park than a coaster park. EDIT: sfmmrules, how come you can't go on THBS?
  10. Phew. Been at the park all day today and yesterday. Still getting used to the US timezone, got so distracted that I forgot to eat 'til about 6pm yesterday Nothing was closed (except for Thrill Shot, which was either empty or closed) and I managed to get on everything I wanted so far. Still haven't been to Tatsu, X2 or Viper. I'm gonna go back later tonight to get a ride on them, and maybe a re-ride on Riddler's and Goliath. Terminator was pretty much the only ride so far with a real wait, I think we waited around 40 minutes. A girl collapsed in the queue, and medic guys ended up taking her out :/ Overall, the park is awesome. Plenty to do and see, and those queue misters are a godsend. My only complaint is the ride ops. Goliath, Riddler's and Batman were all being consistently stacked, and from the Terminator queue it looked like Tatsu was taking ages to dispatch. Aside from that, I'm impressed. I was prepared for the worst, (having spent the last year reading about SFMM on the internet ) but it was fine. Anyone tried that Oxygen Spa stall near Bugs Bunny World? It was... interesting.
  11. Drop towers. Can barely do them at all. Also, Deja Vu is making me crap my pants and I have no idea why.
  12. 1. Terminator: Salvation. I haven't been on a GOOD woodie that I can remember. My bastard parents took me on Megafobia at Oakwood when I was seven 2. Millenium Force I want to see what all the fuss is about.
  13. Superman: Escape at Movie World. Great ride! This may change once I get back to the US, but this really is a solid ride.
  14. The speakers are covered? HOORAY! They might still be there by them time I get there
  15. Learning Paris Hilton is into rollercoasters makes me embarrassed and ashamed.
  16. I have learnt something today. Never, ever, EVER attempt to have a discussion about the rollercoaster death on Final Destination 3 with your friends. It doesn't end well.
  17. Ugh, that reminds me of when I came home from a trip and my brother said "There was a documentary about a rollercoaster at Magic Mountain on but I didn't tape it". When I asked what one it was, he said "a big orange one". I was heartbroken
  18. Ouch. I would have thought that they would have let him in after talking to the guy's parents. I guess they're making sure it doesn't look like they have double standards.
  19. I find all this talk about the "cheesy" pre-show funny. Are there any non-cheesy pre-shows?? I can't remember many rides where I didn't think the pre-show was just a cheap way to immerse me in the ride. That's the fun of it!
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