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  1. Thanks for the report! I was gonna go up and check out the Invader soon, it looks like a nice addition.
  2. Looking forward to more info about Hoodie 3!! And... Redneck Batman?? I think you're my new favourite film director
  3. I'm still not sure how the blue fits with Tim Burton's Gotham City, but I have to admit the colour does look great. I'm looking forward to seeing the finished product! Plus I'm just happy to see one of my favourite rides getting improvements.
  4. I'm loving the green/blue combo that Batman and Riddler's have going on. Nice TR, loving the middle part...
  5. What kind of effects did Batman have when it opened? I read somehwere that the batsuit on the wall used to light up, was there anything else?
  6. I'm more excited about Gotham getting some love. I'm a huge Batman fan and that area has always been my favourite theme-wise, and Batman's queue is fun just to walk through.
  7. Viper just destroys my shoulders. I'm the wrong body shape for Arrow corkscrew coasters
  8. http://www.3news.co.nz/New-ride-invades-Rainbows-End/tabid/209/articleID/133275/cat/41/Default.aspx There's a video of the ride All I really have to say after waiting five or so years is that I wish it counted as a credit
  9. Well, as much as I love Eric Idle and the original HISTK movie, the theatre was practically empty both times I saw it. I wish I could see Captain Eo properly, it's just not the same on Youtube. Also, I can never take Monster's Inc. Laugh Floor seriously now that I've realised its initials are "MILF".
  10. I wanted to find a forum to talk about theme parks etc, and I stumbled across The Point Online. However, that's pretty much only CP talk (fair enough considering the name of the site), but I found a post by Robb advertising TPR. I checked it out and ended up spending all my free time for the next few months reading trip reports
  11. This is looking like a fun ride! I love these shots.
  12. I'm interested to see how a Toy Story live show would work. I'm a huge fan of the movies, so it's a must see for me. And Sid has a song? Awesome! Oh, and if you guys really want Broadway standard, you can't beat CSI: Live.
  13. Well... it's New Zealand's biggest rollercoaster. And I'm from New Zealand. And this is a theme park forum.
  14. I remember thinking the Space Mountain ops were complete dicks, then reading on the internet the way the ride works. Now I just feel sorry for them How is the Hong Kong version of the ride different in terms of station operation?
  15. This ride was never "iconic". It was a rough, off-the-shelf Arrow coaster. It was just as rough, if not rougher, than the dreaded Thunderbolt the article compares it to. It was a crap ride before the retheme, and by the looks of it, it's now an UGLY crap ride. EDIT: HAHA, OH WOW. They even managed to compare the ride to Space Mountain. Like tearing up the track and completing replacing it is equal to painting it orange and renaming it.
  16. The greatest sign of all time... of all time!!
  17. I was aware the building existed. We tried to eat lunch at the tables outside of it, and we ended up moving because the whole area smelt like rotting trash
  18. ^Now that would be a great addition. A kiddie-coaster that isn't TOO kiddy.
  19. Tomorrowland is actually my favourite land in DL. I'm fairly sure that's just the nostalgia factor though, it's where I spent most of my time in DL as a kid. As much as I enjoy HISTA for the nostalgia factor, it was practically empty in the middle of summer. Replace it with something else. Fix up the Autopia cars - am I the only one who had serious cramped foot by the end of it? I'm sure my car was broken. Star Tours 2 - already happening. Innoventions - I'd put something like... a ride in that space. Hey, what a wacky idea. I could be an Imagineer. I really wish they'd do the Rocket Rods again, but not bollocks it up. I absolutely adored that ride when I was younger.
  20. Just played Halo 3: ODST. I'm sure glad I didn't pay any money for this game, don't bother with it.
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