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  1. Wow, massive nostalgia trip when I read Pinocchio's Daring Journey. That ride scared the heck out of me when I was young
  2. I tried to download it, but it stopped after about 70MB saying it couldn't read the source file. It's probably something my end, I'm gonna try it again in the morning.
  3. I'm guilty of ducking on Goliath. I did it when I was two feet shorter than I am now, I'm probably going to be shitting myself next time I go on it. It's something I have an irrational fear of - same with hitting my feet on inverted coasters.
  4. Well, that's the way I see it. If you're going out the exit and back into an empty queue, the pre-show would be annoying. But are you really going to be doing that on a real day at the park?
  5. The powered/not powered argument is really one of the most common things out there. I guess they've never really thought about coasters in an enthusiast way, so it's not like they'd really understand how the brakes work. I had a discussion with a friend of mine a while ago about how it would suck if a coaster got stuck in the loop. He just assumed the ride op controlled whenever the coaster stopped or started, and that the brakes were on the car. I've also had a few good conversations about how NZ needs a good woodie. Of course, we can't have one because "they don't make them anymore". Or "you can't make a rollercoaster out of wood!" It really is sad how little people in New Zealand actually know about rollercoasters. It makes me sad, there's just nothing for anyone to compare it to.
  6. Someone buy this man a Gameboy! It's actually a really cool chart. I'm amazed you have the patience to do something like this O_O
  7. That's the reason most people ride big coasters
  8. Pfft sure, pick the best looking coaster train ever for a comparison
  9. You bastard! They plan in the US more than they do here!
  10. Wow, I am impressed! Totally pumped to ride this thing in July. The theming looks impressive. Even little touches like the garden etc next to the queue. Thanks for the update, Robb!
  11. Terminator's going to be open and you're thinking about other rides?
  12. I remember choosing to do a research project on rollercoasters in my primary school, and I got an A because it was "such a hard subject to research!". I didn't have the heart to tell him the whole thing took me an hour on the internet :/
  13. Oh sweet! It's good to see some actual metal going up on this thing!
  14. Thanks for the video! This ride looks faster than I thought! Loving the commentary, too. Terminators...
  15. I think this sums up my funniest experience. This isn't re-written or anything, this is just copy-pasted and censored from a YouTube POV of Superman: The Escape. :/
  16. Common raper? Maggots eating our brains? That has got to be the best theming I've ever heard of. Hopefully your dream comes true!
  17. I can't get over how awesome that sign looks. It's better than the ride. I'd queue just to look at that sign. Good to see how fast everything's going up. Looking forward to seeing the finished product!
  18. It's good to see an actual prop at SFMM. That hasn't happened in a while, has it?
  19. I doubt number one is real. If it is, whoever creates their videos needs a slap on the wrist for using Windows Movie Maker.
  20. It all comes down to whether you prefer your coasters over concrete or over grass.
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