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  1. Don't forget to consider The Great Escape, Seabreeze, and Darien Lake.
  2. These have to be some of the best photos that I have seen of my home park... great job.
  3. I like how Batman is painted black at Six Flags Over Georgia. I don't think the yellow paintjob looks that great on the Batmans at Six Flags Great Adventure and Great America.
  4. I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with the coaster itself... it just seems like the protective nets and the sign were made in the 70s.
  5. I have not been to Cedar Point myself... but is it just me, or does Raptor seem like it needs a minor update? The sign and the nets (that cover the walkways from loose articles) appear very outdated to me. Also... what are people's thoughts on Wildcat? Haven't heard too much about it.
  6. Is the name seriously still "Halloween Haunt"? I just don't get why Cedar Fair doesn't recycle Cedar Point's Halloween event name and call their other park's Halloween events' "Halloweekends".
  7. I think its ironic that there is a sketch of The Big Bad Wolf having a "splashdown" and now there is a coaster, Griffon, that has an actual splashdown in the same park. Great stuff.
  8. I believe Goliath in Canada is the coaster in this commercial? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tvDe8eH7040&feature=channel_page
  9. Thanks for the comments guys... and I forgot to post this, but here is the website for The Lost Paradise: http://www.lpodwaterpark.com
  10. This is really ironic because I recently had this problem... But yeah, I then uploaded my photos to the "Add Photo" and now its all good.
  11. Great photos, Chuck. The Skyride change in England isn't too confusing, but it did take a couple of visits to get used to.
  12. Busch Gardens has updated their Christmas Town website... http://www.christmastown.com I'd say its worth checking out... the map looks great. It seems like its pretty much confirmed though that Italy will not be opened and that Curse Of DarKastle and Griffon (and maybe Corkscrew Hill) may be the only operating attractions.
  13. And the last set of photos... and if you haven't been able to tell by now, yes, construction is currently taking place behind the waterpark for a huge resort hotel. ...and this is all I saw on the drive back! Thanks for reading! I had a great time at the Lost Paradise Waterpark. ...and this antelope gets you wet by pissing on you! In the lazy river, this antelope gets you wet by spitting on you... No running! One of the few eateries inside the Lost Paradise. One of the many "huts" scattered throughout the waterpark to provide shade. Photo of the slides for the Boomerango and "toilet bowl". These are the speed slides known as Falcons' Dive. This is the kid's play area. Here is the family tube slide.
  14. More photos... Directions to some of the waterslides/attractions. More photos to come... Map of the Lost Paradise. The backside of the entrance/giftshop. ...and this. ...this... ...this statue... You are also greeted by this statue...
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