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  1. Anyone else think the finale had too much going on in one episode? Also where's Bestie?
  2. In the photo with the girl, the two mice and albatross. The thing on the left is from the movie the Rescuers, a dragonfly named Evinrude. I wish I still owned that movie.
  3. Definitely one of my favorite episodes. However, why didn't Figgins or that other teacher have anything to say other than just look at what was going on? I was looking for a sudden outburst or maybe some sort of gesture about the situations but nothing come on guys. The song choice for the episode was weird but great choices. But really "Friday" of all songs? Last episode I couldn't connect or get into the music as I've never heard of or listened to Fleet wood Mac. Also it is to my opinion that No One on Glee should sing Adele or at least not the girls. On another note I loved their prom dresses.
  4. Saw Shrek the musical at the Fox theatre, which seems to have sound issues for the past 3 shows i've seen there and the issue was still prevalent for this show. I've been following the show since its try-outs in Seattle and i've been stoked to see it on stage. To tell the truth I didn't think I would like this production of the show because Shrek kind of let me down in the beginning but he redeemed himself later. I really loved how the dragon has grown to a full size puppet with a singer off stage. Also the parodies were great. Most of the kids, those that sat around us at least, were entranced with the show. I highly recommend the show.
  5. Crossing my fingers hoping this episode will be gleeking to the max!
  6. Was so happy to have Glee back but upset with the story line of the night of neglect. Pros: Sandy-the pink dagger, Santana vs Karofsky, some attention to neglected characters, hecklers club- granted I think this could be expanded into a bigger part of another episode dealing with trolls Cons: the over bearing divaness of Mercedes, Holly trying to sing Adele, the overall lack of Gleeness
  7. Not sure if this has been posted before but if so sorry for the re-post. For the Wicked fans this is a must see.
  8. So excited! Wicked is coming back, it was here in 08, with Jersey Boys and Billy Elliot! Unfortunately I can only see one each season
  9. I am currently an Environmental Studies major and Theatre Minor at UWG!
  10. Is anyone else happy Santana got her butt handed to her? And did anyone else feel awkward with Artie singing PYT? I'm not sure any of the Glee cast have the stuff for singing Micheal's songs as a solo.
  11. ^ Speaking of Bravo I miss seeing the Cirque shows on TV. They made me want to go see them even more! After many years of seeing the Cirque tent at Atlantic Station I final got to see a show this winter, OVO. Sat in the category 3 seating and was very surprised of the great view. Overall the show wasn't the best for me. It felt kinda lacking for a cirque show and didn't seem to be paced well. Also I wanted more humor from the show as it felt dry without them.
  12. ^ I'm in pain now, thanks for the video.
  13. Just got my tickets to see Shrek the Musical at the Fox! So excited!
  14. ^Is she really a supporting actress or more of a frequent guest on the show? But either way I believe she deserves something for her great performances.
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