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  1. So I'm back in the states from my 2 week Japan travels, and tbh, I really wish I wasn't because Japan really was just that AMAZING!! But on to the main topic of Fuji-Q, I visited the park just this past Friday, May 24th and had an absolutely FABULOUS visit!!! I won't do a full play by play of our visit, but I'll try to keep it to just the main points... We stayed at the Highland Resort right next to the park for just a single night stay. They're in the midst of a full renovation/expansion, but we stayed in 1 of their freshly renovated rooms on one of the top floors offering a
  2. ^Ooo yay!! Perfect! That link will be super helpful for our visit! Will definitely keep an eye on it for our visit next month! Thank you! After some more internet sleuthing around, I was just able to locate a recent park map translated to English and it does show that a "Zekkyo Priority Ticket booth" is next to the Carousel so I'm sure that's it. I'll probably find myself sprinting there upon early entry to queue up for those tickets and just hope they will still be available for any of the "big 4". Hoping for a smooth experience, but if anything is closed or we can't get on everyth
  3. Hey all! So even though it's been over a year since anyones posted in this topic, I still did some digging around first to see whether my questions had already been answered and I didn't find much, so here it goes... My best friend and I are doing a 2 week Japan trip for the first time next month and have been able to fit stops into our itinerary to Tokyo Disney and Fuji-Q (No pitstop at Nagashima unfortunately because it's a bit out of our way for our already packed out schedule). We have managed to book a room at the Highland Resort next door and will be going to the park the follow
  4. Animation looks great! I def see this being a hit with the public with its eye-catching tangle of track, unique set of elements, and lap bar only restraints. The lighting package at night should look stunning too and overall it will certainly round out what has felt like their multi-year long overhaul of the boardwalk. I'll agree that it most likely won't top any enthusiast charts, but as a whole it looks to be a pretty well rounded, unique, and fun coaster with its 96ยบ drop, cool roll-over pretzel element right after, and that nice pop of air before the cobra roll. It's not the me
  5. Was here at the park today too! I live in Los Angeles and have lived there for the past 9 years, but happened to be visiting my family in NJ this past week and had nothing planned for today so I decided to hit the park with my sister who actually hasn't ever been to Hershey before. I personally hadn't been since Fahrenheit opened back in 2008, shortly before I moved to the west coast, so I was excited to make it back here and check out what I've been missing out on! Had an awesome day but for the sake of keeping this post short cause I'm wiped, I'll just give a couple notes... - Skyru
  6. Seems like a bunch don't understand the "lingo" (if you could even call it that) behind that t-shirt so I guess I'll take the liberty to explain for those not familiar with it's origin... It's taken from a guest that appeared on the Dr. Phil show back in September 2016 and the clip (imbedded below) that was uploaded from the episode went majorly viral and has now been viewed over 37,000,000 times. The guest was a 13 year old girl who actually speaks like that (Yea, seriously ) and tells the audience "Cash me ouside, how bout dah?!" after the audience began to laugh at her after she call
  7. My Avatar is me at Burning Man )'( It's probably the #1 thing I look forward to each and every year. It's just so magical
  8. My list is in no particular order, but these are the 10 games that have stood out as my all time favorites. 1. GTA San Andreas 2. GTA V 3. The Sims (+ all original expansions) 4. Roller Coaster Tycoon 2 5. Zelda: Ocarina of Time 6. Zelda: Link's Awakening DX 7. Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception 8. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End 9. Riven: The Sequel To Myst 10. Myst 3: Exile
  9. The thing I've found about MF is that when it opened, there was simply nothing like it in the world and is still a part of a rare breed of coasters, which is why its reputation has stuck. It emerged out of the newly found resurgence in Hyper coasters coming out of B&M and Intamin and it was in a league of it's own. Obviously now, 17 years later, wilder and more extreme coasters have been built, but it's still held up. To me, MF is all about pure speed and grace... big sweeping overbanks, curves, and hills with forces and speed that don't aggressively throw you all over the place, b
  10. Ok I probably went a little overboard here, but I ended up finding the original announcement for Tennessee Tornado that had been archived from HERE. Since there's a whole months worth of announcements to scroll through, I've taken the liberty to quote the announcement below. I've also highlighted the areas where there were some discrepancies that could have led to some people being mislead with the announcement... mainly between the ride description and the technical stats. Also, here's the original concept artwork for TT I mean, I can see how it could be a bit misleading, b
  11. What deplorable, disgusting behavior! The amount of entitlement some people have is mind blowing. These people need to grow up, get out, and live their life because sitting behind a computer acting like a sniveling biotch like the world owes them something is getting them nowhere. Like, earth and all the humans on it are an insignificant speck of dust floating in an infinitely vast universe so the fact that these individuals have their panties in a wad over stuff as insignificant as this is ridiculous. Just because you've paid money to be a part of an event and/or tour doesn't give you the
  12. Well here's something many of you may find interesting. This is about all my "collection" consists of these days, but they're certainly 1 of a kind rare items! It's blueprints to The Incredible Hulk Coaster, Dragon Challenge, as well as original color blueprints of the entirety of Islands of Adventure from 1999! I believe I've posted pictures of these somewhere here on the forum before... most likely in the Universal Orlando thread. They've been in my possession for just about 10 years now though and ironically enough, I obtained them from someone here on TPR who was trying to s
  13. Looks like this dude is in desperate need of the WAHmbulance I mean, seriously??? Talk about the emotional maturity of a sack of potatoes. This dude seriously means to tell me that 2 YEARS after he got banned from here for whatever reason, it literally doesn't even matter what the circumstances were, that he's still butt hurt about it and decides it's a good idea to show the world of Youtube that he's still got his panties in a wad over it by BBQ'ing a T-shirt? Talk about the epitome of #FirstWorldProblems That comments section really is gold though
  14. You're not wrong. The bottom of Viper's drop actually was quietly re-profiled at some point during it's first couple years of operation (Exact year/date is completely unknown). The videos below show proof of this change though. Here is the original drop (skip to 6:36) which you can see used to have a harsh unbanked snap as it leveled out at the bottom. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be] And here is the current drop as it is today (skip to 2:29) which you can notice is far smoother and snap free. [youtu_be] [/youtu_be]
  15. Man, the amount of complaining on KI's Facebook page over this coaster is ridiculous. So many entitled brats that think every business they encounter "owes" them something I don't understand why anyone on here is disappointed though considering the layout leaked WEEKS ago. Sure it's not the biggest, tallest, fastest, most intense, unique, or "OMG RMC insanity!!" type of wooden coaster, but its still a new modern wooden coaster that I think fills a little bit of a void the park had. All their current wooden coasters were built back in the 70's so to finally get a smooth, modern, and j
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