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  1. Sounds like a perfect fit for Condor Flats and a tie in to Planes Here's another link http://www.disneybymark.com/2013/04/30/wdis-twister-ride-system/
  2. Didn't see this posted yet. Sincerest apologies if I missed it. New Disney ride system that I imagine will go in DCA http://www.disneybymark.com/pdf/DbMTwisterRideSystem.pdf
  3. We have sailed the Spirit class ships on Carnival several times mainly because we are addicted to the aft-wrap cabins on the Spirit class. We have always had a great time but I think it's because: 1. We keep to ourselves and always book port-intensive itineraries. Were aren't generally on the ship very much. When we are on board, we are on our giant balcony. Did I mention we love the Aft-Wraps? 2. We eat dinner in the supper club almost every night. It's $60 more for two people but we just budget that in. This is why I'm so confused about Carnival. They CAN cook awesome food. I've had steaks in the supper club that were as good as a high-end steak house. You can tell that the steaks in the MDR are flash frozen and individually shrink wrapped. They aren't even the color of steak. I know I could take the $60 a day and move up to another line but did I mention we love the Aft-Wraps? 3. I would never sail on any cruise less than 7 days. I've sailed four day cruises on RCCL that were not that great. I think what happens is the clientele on the short cruises tends to dictate the behavior of everyone aboard. I'll never forget the time we sailed the Ecstasy to Nassau on a 3 day cruise. The first night the 3 of us went to dinner we were seated with an African-American family. The waiter came to take our drink orders and he asked my daughter what she wanted to drink. The mother of the other family said, "Why did you take her order first? Is it because she's white you racist mother f-er?" We just left and went to the buffet. We swore off short cruises for good after that.
  4. Woah - wait... what? Please tell me you have photos of this!!!!!!!! I do have pictures somewhere but I don't recall that they were interesting at all. The weird thing about it was that the captain basically pulled the same thing as Costa captain. He announced that everything was under control. You could actually see the ship on fire from the beach but the captain told us (and the Coast Guard) that everything was fine. We were forward on the ship and only experienced smells similar to burning a pot on the stove. People on shore saw more than we did as everyone was moved forward. We could actually see smoke coming from the back of our ship on TV. Pretty surreal. There was a party atmosphere on board. After an afternoon sitting off shore they towed us back in to port and put us up in a nice hotel. The next morning we flew to Grand Cayman and spent our vacation there. When we got back and flew over the port the ship was gone. I think it sailed under its own power to Freeport or Newport News or somewhere close by. Apparently it looked way worse than it was. It was back in service really fast. As others have said, they took good care of us. Drinks were free on board and food was plentiful. We got a full refund and a free cruise that we used the next year on Destiny. Very fair in my opinion. However, others sued for more. Don't recall how that turned out. The 30% off thing is ridiculous in my opinion. Carnival Corp management has changed significantly since then though.
  5. I've gotta agree with you. Cruising is probably one of the most "personal preference" vacations you can take. It just depends what you experience on YOUR cruise. Been on several lines and have loved and hated Carnival. Love the Spirit-Class Aft Wraps. Also was on the Ecstasy in '98 when it caught on fire. Didn't love that as much. Took an RCCL cruise out of San Juan a few years ago and was completely disgusted by the behavior of the passengers. I was even more disgusted by the crew response to the passenger behavior. Swore off them after that. I've never had a bad experience on Celebrity but I'm sure if the stars align just right my April cruise on the Xpedition could go bad. I think one rule of thumb to follow on most cruise lines: Less than 7 days = Guaranteed Walmart Crowd. 7 days = Target Crowd. Over 7 days = Crate and Barrel or One Foot in the Grave Crowd. Of course these rules don't apply on Seabourne.
  6. Reading those posts on FB really shows why Robb decided to insist on reasonably proper grammer on TPR. Those comments make my head hurt. I can't even get to the point of considering the content. I'm too busy trying to decipher the strange language.
  7. I really don't think that this article could convey a whole lot of information in two pages. No mention of parks attached to theme parks etc. This is Murdoch's new Ipad newspaper so the only people that would read this for the most part are already subscribers.
  8. Saw this article and thought it might be of interest. Sorry I can't figure out how to post an article from The Daily. http://bit.ly/ef5HxD
  9. I'd have to agree with you. We've been on many many cruises in various parts of the world. We have always thought of cruising as an affordable overview of many places at once. On most cruises we end up really liking a port and wish we had more time. We have gone back to many on land vacations. The first time we did this was going to Catalina Island for a land vacation after cruising there on the old Viking Serenade in the early 90's. Since then we have followed up cruises with land trips to Costa Rica, Norway, Belize, Roatan, Portugal, Grand Cayman and Cozumel. As someone else said, when the cruise ships leave the places become very different. We have noticed that the people actually are nicer when they know you aren't on a cruise ship. In Catalina the people were openly disdainful of the cruise crowd once they left. In other port cities the change is subtle but noticeable. I don't think there is a "best" way to travel. If you like to submerse yourself in the culture and feel like you know the place, a cruise isn't going to do it. If you simply want an overview of the world at an affordable price, a cruise is probably the best way to go. We like both for different reasons.
  10. As someone said earlier, I would rather re-ride than ride something that has the potential to ruin my day. I'm susceptible to headaches if my head gets knocked around a bit so I try to avoid it.
  11. For anyone else still looking I got the Hampton by the In N Out for $45 a night on PL earlier today. That's considered a 2 star on PL but I have found it to be really nice in the past and free cookies.
  12. I hope this means that you ride once and then exit the ride and go right back around. If it means you get to stay on the ride I can see this causing problems for the operators on hot busy days. 1. Groups that try to stay together and ride the same train will be split up if the gate swings open and one of the cars doesn't empty. 2. People that have been waiting will probably not take too kindly to someone failing to exit "their" seat.
  13. At the X2 campout it wasn't a walk-on. It was a stay-on. WCB lines are usually quite manageable too if it's running.
  14. From what I have heard, the whale WAS still performing but not with trainers in the water. They were in the stadium tank and the show had ended. As the trainer was rubbing the whale down as a form of praise, her long ponytail swung by the whale and it grabbed her by the ponytail and dragged her under. The public did see it but the stadium was almost empty. I'm guessing that the whale thought her ponytail was actually a treat that was being presented for training.
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