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  1. Awww, man! I saw that on Facebook and wished I could have been there. Pretty sweet combination
  2. I thought I was the only one! Great trip report, but I'm disappointed at the lack of water collecting
  3. Well it would open with a 500 foot dive machine... I actually don't know. I think if I was ever put in charge of overseeing a theme park it would end up like any Six Flags park.
  4. 1. Disneyland 2. Universal Studios Hollywood 3. Six Flags Magic Mountain 4. Knott's Berry Farm 5. Warner Bros. Movie World 6. Six Flags Discovery Kingdom 7. Disney's California Adventure 8. Alton Towers 9. Dreamworld 10. Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
  5. Oh my god Two of the funniest TPR pictures I've ever seen in my life are in this trip report. I can't stop laughing at the Magic Mountain one... and Night of the Giving Head... Hahahahaha.
  6. It makes me sad that no one in New Zealand has any idea what a good rollercoaster is like. I mean, four million people that have only ever ridden a standard Arrow corkscrew coaster. I was talking to a girl in my class who said she hates rollercoasters because they hurt her head. I know that isn't really a 'weird' GP thing to say, it's just really depressing
  7. I love Riddler's, it's one of the best coasters in the park. I could ride that thing all day, with maybe a Terminator break or two.
  8. Riding Ninja backwards would be worth another trip to the US on its own.
  9. What theme? I had to laugh when my 60 year old dad first went to DCA and saw that ride. "I thought we already went to Six Flags."
  10. ^^Really? I only rode it once and it kicked the crap out of me. I wish I gave it another chance now
  11. ^That's interesting. I only rode it once on my trip, and it kicked the crap out of Scream!, so I must have got the good train. That being said, while Scream isn't as smooth as other B&M's, I still find it a really enjoyable ride. I mean, I'd ride Scream over Viper or Revolution anyday. Plus it's always a walk on, so it's win-win.
  12. You lucky... I waited half an hour in that badly ventilated plastic station for a twenty second credit.
  13. Montezooma is the only inversion I've been on without OTSRs, and going through it backwards scared the crap out of me
  14. I rode Silver Bullet about 4 times when I visited. For me, I'd read so much about it on here that I was expecting a terrible coaster, so with no expectations, I ended up enjoying it I guess it's kinda the same with the park itself. I was never there for the "golden days", and I'd read the... somewhat negative views of the park, so I was pleasantly surprised when I actually went. I can definitely see what you guys mean, though, especially with Silver Bullet. It's pretty much sitting on top of the entrance of the park. Out of curiosity, what do you guys think of Perilous Plunge? It was a really hot day, so I didn't really mind standing in ankle deep water and getting hit by a waterfall while I was queuing, but I don't think if it was any cooler I would have been happy with it. They were running one boat, and we ended up waiting an hour for it. Then... it was over. All the ride did was give me something to do while they fixed Xcelerator. Am I alone in thinking it's a waste of space?
  15. Viper was the second-most painful ride in the park. The restraint pretty much destroyed my upper body, and those last corkscrews nearly killed me But my brother loved it, and he was sitting next to me. I guess I have a bad body shape for it or something.
  16. Best: Xcelerator, I have a fetish for Intamin launchers. Worst: Mulholland Madness. Ugh. Ugh ugh ugh. No wait! I take it back! Kong at SFDK! No, wait! Ghostrider! No, wait! I can't decide. Any of those. EDIT: How can you list Goldrusher and Jaguar! as the worst? I mean, they're not huge coasters, but they're good for what they are.
  17. stuartnz


    If you go on a weekday, it shouldn't be so bad. I think the longest I waited for any ride a couple of weeks ago was half an hour for The Simpsons ride. Everything else was 5-10 minutes. Maybe I was just lucky, though, so don't bet on it.
  18. The only Morgan I've ridden was the West Coaster at Pacific Park in Santa Monica. And it was... the slowest "big" coaster I've ever ridden in my life. Free credit, though
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