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  1. I was wondering the same thing. The station is located awfully far from any area of the park that sees a lot of traffic. Guess there's just going to be a really long queue and exit like the Phantom has.
  2. So freaking awesome to finally see this in the works. The "Racer ravine coaster" has been a Kennywood rumor/dream for what feels like forever. Much like the park expansion to the other side of Kennywood Boulevard, it had begun to feel more like an urban legend that would never actually happen.
  3. A few things: 1. I don't understand why people are still worrying about the age requirement. It was pointless in the first place and it's still pointless. Someone's age is entirely irrelevant for something like this. You could be 30 years old but if you're 4 feet tall and weigh 50 pounds you're not big enough. You could be 10 years old but if you're somehow already 6 feet tall and weigh 200 pounds you're fine. People come in all shapes and sizes at different ages, it's irrelevant. 2. I just can't understand the thought process behind the netting. If there is a real possibility of a raft being launched out of the slide without interference from some crazy external factor, it's not safe and it's as simple as that. The only purpose the netting seems to serve is to keep a raft from launching out of the slide at the expense of riders' safety, which is exactly what wound up happening. Its mere existence seems to me to be less of a safety mechanism and more of an admittance of a lack of safety.
  4. It wouldn't surprise me if they change the name for that very reason. In this politically correct, "we have to make sure nobody is offended by anything" world, a name that implies death in any way after an accident like this is probably getting scrapped. But really though, how many people are really going to look into the name? I feel like there is a lot of overlap between the group of people they would be worried about offending or scaring away because of this accident, and the group of people who would just hear "Valravn" and think it's just a cool name and never look into its origin.
  5. I think this VR stuff, if true, would be better utilized on a smaller, compact, indoor coaster like Flight of Fear or RNR or something like that. Maybe it will be cool but in the end, if I'm riding a giant 200+ foot Dive Machine on Lake Erie, I think I want to actually be experiencing "real" reality on a ride like that. That said, it's just a crazy concept that, even if the technology has been around for a while now, I never thought we'd see it utilized like this on a large scale so soon. And just to throw my 2 cents in the ring, I always get a laugh out of the "B&M is forceless" nonsense. I mean yeah, there are more intense rides, but it just sounds so ridiculous and nitpicky when people complain like that about these massive B&M coasters and make it sound like they're not even worth riding.
  6. Eh, it looks like it could be a solid ride, but I absolutely hate the theme. I'd rather just ride in pitch black or outdoors with no theme than with all that "Fun House" stuff.
  7. They turn a ton of people away from MF at the test seat. If you're a fat guy (I am) they usually pull you aside and make you try it before letting you waste 2 hours in line. Although, in my experience the MF test seat is much less forgiving than the actual trains. One time I couldn't even get the test seat seatbelt within an inch of the buckle but I risked the line anyway and got on fine.
  8. I appreciate Holiday World going through all this trouble to put this together for the fans and such, awesome that they're going the extra mile for this announcement but man...this guy's interviews have me cringing.
  9. Reading this thread I think that "launched flyer" may be the new "Aquatrax" Unless, of course, it IS a launched flyer, in which case...
  10. Something I've been wondering, is it possible that any complications could arise switching Mantis to floorless trains? I mean, I'm no expert on the physics of coaster design, but Mantis was designed for stand-up trains. The track would have been designed for the rider's heartline to be in a different position than it would be with floorless trains; I know similar switches to floorless trains have been done on rides like Sheikra, but I would imagine the heartline difference between stand-up and floorless/sitdown is a lot more significant. I'm guessing that difference is negligible or the switch to floorless wouldn't really be a discussion, but couldn't the forces sustained by the rider throughout the ride be thrown off by just switching the seat orientation and therefore the rider's position relative to the track?
  11. While my initial reaction was this is incredibly stupid, I realize it's a great marketing decision, and if Cedar Fair can name and theme multiple coasters after freaking Dale Earnhardt, they can name a coaster after LeBron James.
  12. Very interesting concept, if only because I always just assumed the coaster to break the 500 ft barrier would be an intense ride like TTD or KK. Not that doing all those hairpin turns and such so high in the air won't be intense in it's own way, but...well, I think you all get what I mean.
  13. The images and description may be fake for all we know but I seriously doubt they'd bother whipping up a logo that looks that legit just to toy with people. The picture of Gatekeeper and description would take like 5 minutes to create, but somebody spent some serious time on that "Bat" logo.
  14. I don't post here a lot but you guys did kind of blow what he said way out of proportion. I've seen way stupider complaints on this board that are deserving of the response you gave him, but he just asked a simple question and even made sure to add that it wasn't a big deal in his original post, and you guys all jumped on him. Sorry to keep this off topic again but I really just felt the need to say that. EDIT: Please note I'm talking about thrillseeker4552, r3vo coming out and just calling Robb an ass was unnecessary and I'm not defending him.
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong, but Maverick was also once referred to as a "family coaster" by Cedar Point when it was announced. Of course, I don't think they ever meant it to be as family oriented" as BG does with Verbolten, but still it might not be as relaxed as people think when they glance at this ride.
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