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Weirdest Things The 'GP' Have Said

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A couple of gems from my brother:


On Rage at Adventure Island:


"Don't put your hands up, you'll die!"


Ten minutes before, me and him saw a train race across the track and one guy had his hands up all the way through.


Standing near a Rotor ride:


Him: "I know what this ride does."

Me: "How do you know?"

Him: "My friends got on one when I was about five. I didn't go on it because I thought the barrel filled up with water and drowned you, but now I know that it just spins you."

Me: "..."


We then went on the ride and it was one of the weirdest things I have ever ridden.

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While waiting in line for YOLO at SFMM. It was sunny and hot, so the attendant had the line split in half underneath the big tent, and the covering for the ramp leading up to the platform, leaving the middle section empty so no one had to stand in the sun (excellent idea, PS. Great guest service).


This was rather confusing to several people who thought they may not really be in line for the coaster that was literally right in front of them. One couple actually left the line because the guy said "that's the ride, but this isn't the line".


PS - It's been said before, but this trip made it so glaringly obvious.... literally the worst capacity ride I've ever seen. Trains were getting dispatched approx every 2:20, with only 18 riders possible per train. And the lop-sided loading platform that makes everyone climb over each other to get to the bins, but has 4 feet of extra space on the loading side. Operationally, it's a mess and I have no clue who greenlit any of it.

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Found a bit of iron:


I aked this question:


Would you rather ride an XXL RIGHT NOW or not?




So, this person went on an XXL when she was SEVEN?! That is just... I can't even. And why would the ride ops allow a seven year old on that thing?!


Question Link (you don't need to register to add a comment): http://www.rrrrather.com/view/140947

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If XXL carries a 48" height requirement, I can totally see a 7-year-old being tall enough. My 7-year-old daughter is just under 51", so in a lot of parks she can do almost everything. SDC she can do all except Wildfire. SFStL is everything except Batman, Freeze, and Excalibur. WOF it's everything except Patriot. You'd think there'd be a lot of limitations for a kid of that age, but not really. Once you hit 48" you're basically golden.

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The other day I was at CP and getting off of Rougarou. I was walking behind a father, mother, and their about 13 year old son. So I hear the mother say, "Lets go ride The Dragon I just kinda rolled my eye and decided that that was a reasonable mistake, but then after that the kid goes, "yeah then we can ride The Mantis!"

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I really want that ride to re open soon...


August 12, 2015 (Southend Day Trip)


Queueing for Sky Drop at Adventure Island


Woman in her 30ss (also in the queue):


"It just goes up and down? That's all it does?!"


What else would a drop tower do??? It doesn't spin around or anything. Also, you can clearly see what it does even outside of the queue!


[sarcasm]It goes 360 degrees, spins around, smashes into Rage and throws you onto the Pier![/sarcasm]

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