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Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

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*iSpeed - Mirabilandia

Junker - Power Park

Taron - Phantasialand

*Raptor - Gardaland

*Oblivion The Black Hole - Gardaland

*Winjas (both but I prefer Force) - Phantasialand

Black Mamba front row - Phantasialand

*Cobra - Conny-Land

Thunderbird - Power Park

Salama - Linnanmäki





I had an awesome year with many new parks and rides, but it seems not that many got into my all-time Top-10 (which is starting to look pretty decent IMO. The competition gets tougher! ).

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Same list I posted in Ten Favorite Coasters thread as I rediscovered roller coasters this year after a 22 year drought. My summer 2018 plans include over 100 new credits so this will be tougher next year.


1. Volcano

2. Lightning Rod

3. Goliath (SFOG)

4. Thunderhead

5. Afterburn

6. Griffon

7. Intimidator (Carowinds)

8. Wild Eagle

9. Mindbender

10. Great American Scream Machine

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Parks visited this year: Knoebels, Kennywood, Kings Dominion, Six Flags America, Dollywood, Canada's Wonderland, Waldameer, Conneaut, Delgrosso's, Adventureland. Don't think I'm forgetting any.


Top 10


1a. Phoenix

1b. Lightning Rod

3. i305

4. Ravine Flyer

5. Thunderhead

6. Phantom's Revenge

7. Leviathan

8. Twister

9. Superman

10. Dominator


I think that looks like a decent little list. It certainly tails off a bit at the bottom, but all are coasters I enjoyed. I can't really pick between Phoenix or Lightning Rod. Phoenix is the most re-ridable coaster I've ever been on and I end up smiling every time the ride ends. Lightning Rod is a marvel of engineering and such an intense ride, made all the better at night. The world would suck without either of them. Phoenix gets 1a. because of seniority. Superman is interesting, because it certainly rattles and loses a lot of steam during the second helix, but the airtime at the end makes for a nice finale. Leviathan is just speed, but I like it. I certainly favor wooden coasters it seems.

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My List:


1. California Screamin

2. Powder Keg

3. Mummy (Universal Studios Hollywood)

4. Big Thunder Mountain (Disneyland)

5. Space Mountain (Disneyland)

6. Matterhorn

7. Avatar Airbender

8. Sponge Bob Square Pants Rock Bottom Plunge

9. Flight of the Hippogriff (Universal Studios Hollywood)

10. Pepsi Orange Streak




If you are wondering where Wildfire and Outlaw Run are, they are the bottom two. My latter rides on Powder Keg would also place at the bottom, but at least I got a really good ride before I felt like hell.

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This is why I thought it would be an interesting thread, I knew some of the responses would be random. Also with people that traveled extensively (like Canobie) narrowing it down to the stand-out 10.


Yeah when two Intamin pre-fabs that are easily 10/10 rides don't make the list, you know it has been a good year.


I'm going to make one of the best flats I rode this year too.

F**k it I'll do it too. No order tho...


I'm changing it slightly to the top 10 non-coasters. If I went with just flats, it would basically be ranking the top 10 flats at Oktoberfest.




Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey


Men in Black: Alien Attack

Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

Hurakan Condor

Lustiga Huset

Jurassic Park River Adventure

Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls


Honorable mentions go to South Pier's Waltzer, the insane Top Scan at Oktoberfest, Loke, Mystery Castle, and any Larson/ARM tower that I rode.

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I'm changing it slightly to the top 10 non-coasters.


Alright... I'll play but you know what I'm going to do . I'm omitting Safari Off Road Adventure which is obviously amazing, but how do you rank that against normal rides?


1) Harry Potter and the Escape from Gringotts ("technically that's a coaster!!!!111 oh, shut up.It's a dark ride. lol)

2) Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

3) Zoom Phloom

4) Shenandoah Lumber Company

5) Scooters (Knoebels)

6) Stanley Falls (Busch Gardens Tampa)

7) "It"

8) Log Jammer (Great America)

9) Frightful Falls (Holiday World)

10) Dudley Do-Right's Ripsaw Falls (Universal Orlando)


Honorable mention: Race for your life Charlie Brown, the Michigans Adventure Flume, Daredevil Falls, the Adventureland Long Island Flume (I think that's all the flumes), Falcon's Fury, Demon Drop, the Knoebels Flyer, Journey to Atlantis and Chaos.... because it's a f*cking Chaos.


And coaster list quoted below...


1) Millennium Force (still... sorry guys)

2) El Toro

3) Phoenix

4) Maverick

5) Lightning Rod

6) Goliath (Great America)

7) Kumba

8) Montu

9) Intimidator 305

10) Wicked Cyclone


* Though the Beast at night in a thunderstorm was the best coaster ride of the year by far. I don't know how to rank it because during the day, t's fun... but not anywhere near a top 10 ride.


* Mystery Mine would have been #12 (after Raptor at #11) and it's a shame it missed the list because people really need to visualize how hilariously high I rate that thing to fully appreciate how f*cking stupid I am.

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Doesn't matter if it was new-to-you this year, or if its a favorite at your home park that you've ridden a thousand times. They don't need to be in order/ranked, but they HAVE to have been coasters you rode in 2017.


What were the ten that stand out? I'll start.


El Toro


Superman: The Ride (SFNE) (new)

Wicked Cyclone (new)

Cheetah Hunt (new)

White Lightning (new)

Mako (new)

Montu (new)


Sheikra (new)


5 honorable mentions cause everyone else is doing it:

Manta (new)

Kumba (new)

Phobia Phear (new)


Lightning Racer

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I'm changing it slightly to the top 10 non-coasters.


Easy for me. Sacrilege for many here I know, but I went to five parks this year and rode a total of 7 non-coasters:


Escape from Pompeii

The Curse of DarKastle

Le Scoot

Shenandoah Lumber Company

Whitewater Canyon

Justice League: Battle For Metropolis (SFOG)

Busch Gardens Railway (Tempesto did not agree with my daughter's stomach, so we took a break)


These were mostly ridden right after eating. We wanted to ride something with little chance of stomach upset.

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Fun topic - I've never thought about making a list like this, and it's given me reason to go back over my year!


A pretty coaster-light year for me - I rode almost no repeated coasters, as I prioritized spending time and money to knock out a few heavy hitters that I haven't been on. Even parks I had been to before worked out where I didn't have a ton of time to reride a lot of previous credits. I didn't even go to my home park (SFOG) this year! Weird. But there were definitely a few standouts.


In the order I rode them:


Flying Aces



Lightning Run

Storm Chaser

Mystic Timbers



Dragon Khan



Honorable mentions to Manta, Medusa and Joker at SFDK, Formula Rossa, and Red Force

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1. El Toro

2. Phoenix

3. Boulder Dash

4. Phantom's Revenge

5. Mystic Timbers (new)

6. Thunderbolt

7. Twister

8. Nitro

9. Wooden Warrior

10. Great White


Banshee (new) could have easily been 10 as well, and Nitro and WW are almost equally good. Including only new-to-me coasters it goes (from best to 10th best): Mystic Timbers, Banshee, Bat, Beast, Diamondback, Yankee Cannonball, Hydrus, Phobia Phear Coaster, Gale Force, Firehawk.

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2017! The parks I visited: Carowinds, Valleyfair, Mall of America, Kings Island (Winterfest)


A pretty weak 2017 so this will be an interesting top 10.

1. Afterburn

2. Fury 325

3. Renegade

4. Intimidator (Carowinds)

5. Steel Venom

6. Mystic Timbers

7. Wild Thing

8. Rock Bottom Plunge

9. Avatar Airbender

10. Excalibur (yes really haha)


That feels...weird. Thanks 2017. I guess I only have myself to blame.

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for me its got to go:

1. Helix

2. Balder

3. Wildfire

4. Nemesis

5. Saw The Ride

6. Twister at Grona Lund

7. Grand National

8. Wild Mouse (BPB)

9. Stealth

10. Smiler


er not really thought about the order too much but i did forget Olympia so stick that under Wildfire!

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I had a weird 2017 and therefore have a weird top 10. I don't really rank, so here they are alphabetically instead:


Afterburn - Carowinds

Alpengeist - BGW (NEW)

Apollo's Chariot - BGW (NEW)

Comet - Great Escape (NEW)

El Toro - SFGAdv

Fury 325 - Carowinds (NEW)

Griffon - BGW (NEW)

Hydrus - Casino Pier (NEW)

Nitro - SFGAdv

Talon - Dorney Dark


EDIT: OThers are doing it, so I marked which coasters were new to me this year as well.

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Again, I don't play ranking, but to name some of the first coasters to pop in my mind where we had memorable moments:


Screamin' Eagle




Lightning Run

Batman @ SFSTL (Don't hate)

Mystic Timbers


Raging Bull

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This is in no particular order. Somehow I managed to get to 22 parks this year so I had a lot of rides to pick from.


Boulder Dash (New)

Wicked Cyclone (New)

El Toro

The Voyage

Lightning Rod (New)

Fury 325 (New)


Intimidator 305



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Plenty of new ones this year. Honorable mentions: Olympia Looping, Blue Fire, Fluch Von Novgorod, Joris en de Draak, Ghostrider.


1. Expedition GeForce (new)

2. Boulder Dash

3. Superman The Ride

4. Taron (new)

5. Wicked Cyclone (new)

6. Twisted Colossus

7. Karnan (new)

8. Black Mamba (new)

9. Tatsu

10. Karacho (new)

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1. Lightning Rod (New)

2. Millennium Force- was #1 overall from when it opened up until a week ago

3. Phantom's Revenge

4. Maverick

5. Storm Chaser (new)

6. Mystic Timbers (new)

7. Diamondback

8. Top Thrill Dragster

9. Raptor

10. Banshee

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