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Ten Best Coasters You Rode in 2017

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I visit Kings Dominion and Busch Gardens Williamsburg every year since they are my home parks. I also made trips to Six Flags Great Adventure, Six Flags Over Georgia, Sea World Orlando, and Universal Studios Florida with Islands of Adventure.


My Top 10 coasters ridden in 2017:


1. Nitro

2. Intimidator 305

3. Mako (New)

4. Dominator

5. Flight of Fear (Kings Dominion)

6. Rebel Yell

7. Verbolten

8. Batman: The Ride (SFOG)

9. Kingda Ka

10. Manta (Sea World Orlando)


Top Attractions/ Thrill Rides:

1. Justice League Battle of Metropolis (SFOG)

2. The Amazing Adventures of Spiderman

3. Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom

4. Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey

5. White Water Canyon (Kings Dominion)

6. Eiffel Tower (Kings Dominion)

7. Windseeker (Kings Dominion)

8. Escape from Pompeii

9. Drop Tower (Kings Dominion)

10. Carousel (Kings Dominion)


Although Kings Dominion is my home park, it still offered the best thrill rides and non-coaster attractions out of any park I visited in 2017.

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Top Posters In This Topic

1. Skyrush (new and my current #1)

2. Fury 325 (new)

3. Ravine Flyer II

4. Afterburn (new)

5. Intimidator (new and probably ranked higher than it should be but it was still fun)

6. Storm Runner

7. Great Bear

8. Lightning Racer

9. Laff Trakk (new)

10. Fahrenheit


Can you tell I only made it to 3 parks this year?

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Parks I visited: Dollywood, Cedar Point, Kings Island, Kings Dominion, Carowinds, SFOG, SFSTl, SFDK, 4 WDW parks, Fun Spot, Stricker's Grove, KK tour when it was closed


In no particular order:



Fury 325


Lightning Rod


Beast @ night (and in the rain!)

Mystic Timbers

Joker @ SFDK

Mystery Mine (Bill I agree with you that this ride is legit)

Space Mountain


I'm giving the upper-edge to KI coasters because I got to ride them the most this year and thus had multiple memorable trips/experiences on them.


I had some great theme park memories this year that did not involve riding coasters. In fact, there were some definite "throw a wrench in the plan" moments that ended up being really fun and memorable!

So, EXPERIENCES that stood out to me this year:


Finally finding out what's in the shed, even though I had to wait hella long on opening weekend.

CoasterMania, even when it started POURING during ERT!

Coasterstock and Chillout at CP

Taking pictures under Storm Chaser during off-season KK tour

Pandora at WDW and Flight of Passage

Going to the City Museum with TPR

Seeing the happily Ever After show at WDW with my mom

Multiple trips to KI Haunt with good friends

Having a good time at Dollywood Christmas even when the rides were closed for weather

Catching up with a friend at WDW and eating a ton of food at Epcot

BONUS bad memory: getting heat exhaustion at WDW and SFSTl

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I only went to one park this year but seeing it was Cedar Point, did I really have to go any where else?


1) Millennium Force

2) Top Thrill Dragster

3) Maverick

4) Raptor

5) Magnum Force XL 200

6) Valraven

7) GateKeeper

8) Blue Streak

9) Wicked Twister

10) Gemini

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1. Intimidator 305 (Although lets be honest if you can ride that roller coaster period it's a great day)


Hopefully my 50lb and continuing weight loss pays off this year and I can get on some more stuff notably Twisted Timbers (really worried about that notorious RMC lap bar). Hopefully I can lose another 20lbs before KD opens this year. Might be a tad difficult with the CPA exam dragging me out of the gym.

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