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Best One-Two Punch

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My favorite 1-2 punches are as follows. I based it on the coasters best combined ranking. For example, Diamondback is my 13 and Banshee is 22 so KI's number would be 35.



Six Flags New England

Wicked Cyclone + Superman =10


Six Flags Great Adventure

El Toro + Nitro =13


Cedar Point

MF + Dragster =19


Kings Dominion

I305 + Volcano =22


Six Flags Over Texas

Shockwave + NTaG =27


Kentucky Kingdom

Lightning Run + Storm Chaser =27

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Cedar Point: Millennium Force and Maverick - 7

Carowinds: Fury 325 and Afterburn - 11

Kings Island: Banshee and Diamondback - 17

Six Flags Great America: Goliath and Raging Bull - 20

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In no particular order...


Hersheypark: Skyrush + Storm Runner

Dollywood: Thunderhead + Lightning Rod

Cedar Point: Maverick + Magnum

Knoebels: Phoenix + Twister

Great Adventure: El Toro + Kingda Ka

SFOG: Goliath + Mind Bender

Holiday World: Voyage + Raven


Out of all the parks I've visited I really can't think of any other One-Two punches. I guess it's more of an elite group than I thought.

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I just went to the first couple I thought of, but I don't rank my coasters.


Fury + Afterburn


Millennium Force + Maverick


(Honorable Mention: Banshee + Diamondback, with bonus rides on Beast)

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Maverick 1 + Millennium Force 5 = 6


El Toro 2 + Nitro 4 = 6


Skyrush 3 + Stormrunner 9 = 12


Talon 9 + Possessed 12 = 21


Goliath 11 + Mindbender 13 = 24

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I don't really have number rankings assigned to coasters I've ridden. Here are some that immediately stand out to me using the eyeball test...

Kumba/Montu - Busch Tampa

Skyrush/Storm Runner - Hersheypark

Voyage/Pick one of the other two - Holiday World

Outlaw Run/Powder Keg - Silver Dollar City

...and of course, Goliath/Flashback @ SFNE.

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From the top of my head, in no particular order as I don't do rankings. Some parks I haven't visited in a long time so I list them on how I felt at the time of the visit:


Liseberg - Helix/Balder

SFGADV - El Toro/Nitro (2008 visit)

BGT - Kumba/Montu

IoA - Hulk / Dragons

Parque Warner - Batman la Fuga / Superman la Atracción de Acero (2003 visit)*


*To be honest I'm not sure how I would rank the latter now. But when I rode it back in 2003 I had only been on a handful non-kiddie coasters and it absolutely blew my mind back then, so I figured it was worth mentioning.

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This is dorky as anything but fun so I'll bite... lol


Milennium Force and Maverick: 5


Kumba and Montu: 12


Fury325 and Afterburn: 21


Phoenix and Twister: 23


Come on man, get it together! With all the Knoebel's advocacy we see from you, I'm shocked that your rating isn't:


"Phoenix and Twister: 2"


Or are you fighting with them right now because your pierogis weren't buttery enough the last time you visited?


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This is fun! My list may be innaccurate because I separate wood and steel rankings... A #25 wood isn't quite the same level as a #25 steel.


Cedar Point - Maverick(2) + Millennium Force(14) = 16

Holiday World - Voyage(4) + Legend(12) = 16

Six Flags New England - Superman the Ride(8) + Wicked Cyclone(12) = 20

SFGAdv - El Toro(2) + Nitro(18) = 20

Hersheypark - Skyrush(3) + Storm Runner(20) = 23

Knoebel's - Pheonix(3) + Twister(20) = 23

Canada's Wonderland - Leviathan(13) + Behemoth(10) = 23

King's Island - Beast(9) + Diamondback(16) = 25

Carowinds - Fury 325(5) + Intimidator(24) = 29

Six Flags Mexico - Medusa Steel Coaster(4) + Superman el Ultimo Escape(26) = 30

Kentucky Kingdom - Storm Chaser(15) + Lightning Run(17) = 32

SFGAm - Goliath(6) + Raging Bull(27) = 33

SFFT - Iron Rattler(6) + Superman Krypton Coaster(33) = 39

Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run(1) + Wildfire(38) = 39


King's Dominion desperately needs another rank-able coaster... They have I305 and a nothing else that's truly "great"

Also, if Lightning Rod was open when I visited last month, Dollywood would SURELY win for me.


And as far as non-visited parks go... Helix/Balder, iSpeed/Katun, Flying Aces/Formula Rossa, Taron/Black Mamba, Goliath/Lost Gravity, Blue Fire/Silver Star or Wodan, Shambhala/Dragon Khan, Viper/Havoc in Heaven Palace, T Express/Herky & Timmy's Racing Coaster all look like excellent combos!

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I'm just going to wing this from what my rankings are in my head, maybe I'll do an "official" one later...


Cedar Point: Maverick + Millennium

Hershey: Skyrush + Storm Runner/Fahrenheit (Both are close and switch often for me)

SFGADV: El Toro + Nitro

Darien Lake: Ride of Steel + Predator

BGT: Kumba + Montu

BGW: Apollo + Alpengeist

CW: Behemoth + Leviathan


Once I get back to SFNE, Superman and Wicked Cyclone should be high.

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From the parks I have done I think about the next parks


Phantasialand (Taron 1 + Black Mamba 5) = 6


Europapark (Silver Star 4 + Blue Fire 8) = 12


Heide Park (Flug der Dämonen 7 + Colossos 11) = 18


Hansa Park (Schwur des Kärnan 3 + Fluch von Novgorod 17) = 20


Parc Asterix (Goudurix 10 + OZiris 20) = 30 (yes people will disagree with this one)


Djurs Sommerland (Juvelen 14 + Piraten 26) = 40

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Random order:

Kings Dominion- Intimidator + Volcano

SFGA- El Toro + Kingda Ka

Hershey- Skyrush + Storm Runner

CP- Maverick + Millenium Force

Magic Kingdom- Space Mountain + Big Thunder Mountain (classics)


I would say SFNE with Wicked Cyclone and Bizzaro (when I rode it), but Bizzaro was such a let down. Perhaps it was just having a bad day?

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I haven't been there but Kentucky Kingdom seems to be one of the best candidates for this.


For where I have been, here are the parks that are under 20.


Cedar Point (5): Millennium Force (1) and Maverick (4)

Six Flags Over Texas (10): New Texas Giant (2) and ShockWave (8)

Silver Dollar City (16): Outlaw Run (3) and Powder Keg (13)

Kings Island (18): Diamondback (7) and The Beast (11)

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King's Dominion desperately needs another rank-able coaster... They have I305 and a nothing else that's truly "great"


Even if the ranking isn't that high, Volcano is a fitting follow-up to I305, so considering actually riding both coasters in a series, it's a great "One-Two Punch" indeed. If I was going totally by rankings (if I had any), Dominator would appear instead of Volcano, but I almost never actually ride them in series, in either order.


The other combos in my much more limited experience:

Hershey (pre-Skyrush): Lightning Run, Storm Runner

BGW: any 2 of Griffon, Alps and Apollo

SFA: although I love Roar and even Mind Eraser, the park has Helix Twins in Superman and Wild One.

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I don't really "rank" either. .but if I had to choose a favorite, I JUST got a new choice as of Wednesday:


SeaWorld Orlando: Manta + Mako. . . . blew me away.

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Silver Dollar City: Outlaw Run + Powder Keg

Cedar Point: Maverick + Top Thrill Dragster

FujiQ: Dodonpa + Eejanaika (Fujiyama and Takabisha are also incredible, best 4 big coaster combo in the world IMO)

KK: Storm Chaser + Lightning Run

Tobu Zoo: Kawasemi + Regina

BGT: Kumba + Montu

KI: Beast + Banshee

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I only rank the top ten; I don't really care to decide which is the 46th and 47th, as they're about equal and I'd probably be riding something else.


Three parks have 2 rides in my top ten:


Cedar Point - Millennium Force, Magnum XL-200, and Maverick

Kings Island - Beast and Diamondback

Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run and Wildfire

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