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  1. You ask for more pictures. You get more pictures! Some concept-arts Source: Le Parisien Pictures from the end of april: Source and more pictures: Le Parisien
  2. Looks like a solid list! I hope that next year there will be even more participants from all over the world, more Asian coaster enthusiasts for example. That way the result will be even more representative. I will do my best to share the poll on the forums I'm frequenting to get some more ballots from European coaster enthuisiasts. Thanks to everyone that made this possible. And I'm interested in some statistics per ride manufacturer: B&M Intamin Mack Gerstlauer Vekoma Maybe it's also a nice add-on that you see next to every coaster in your personal ranking where it ended in the final ranking. So you can compare how your taste compares to everyone else's. The last things are just suggestions. Thanks for the amazing result there is already.
  3. I like it that you are working on a new coasterpoll with a good system. While I was making my list of ridden coasters I couldn't find some coasters that I think are worth putting in the poll: -Junker (Powerpark) -Troy (Toverland) -Baron 1898 (Efteling) -Red Force (Ferrariland) -Heidi: The ride (Plopsaland De Panne) -Thunderbird (Powerpark) -Daemonen (Tivoli Gardens) -Joris en de draak (Efteling) -Vampire (Walibi Belgium) -Loup Garou/Weerwolf (Walibi Belgium) -Salama (Linnanmaki) -Pulsar (Walibi Belgium) -Big thunder mountain (Disneyland Paris) And one coaster you can delete from the list since it will be demolished by next season and also because it probably isn't the best coaster anyway: -Vleermuis (Plopasland De Panne)
  4. From the parks I have done I think about the next parks Phantasialand (Taron 1 + Black Mamba 5) = 6 Europapark (Silver Star 4 + Blue Fire 8) = 12 Heide Park (Flug der Dämonen 7 + Colossos 11) = 18 Hansa Park (Schwur des Kärnan 3 + Fluch von Novgorod 17) = 20 Parc Asterix (Goudurix 10 + OZiris 20) = 30 (yes people will disagree with this one) Djurs Sommerland (Juvelen 14 + Piraten 26) = 40
  5. Ok, I'm gonna throw mine in as well. It is based on how the coasters were when I rode them. Some of them I have only ridden one day so it can be that they are not all in the right place. 1. Katun @ Mirabilandia 2. Schwur des Kärnan @ Hansa Park 3. Silver Star @ Europapark 4. Black Mamba @ Phantasialand 5. Junker @ Powerpark 6. Flug der Dämonen @ Heide Park 7. Blue fire @ Europapark (and the clone: Velikoluksky Miasokombinat @ Divo Ostrov) 8. Goudurix @ Parc Astérix (He was not to rough the day I rode it) 9. Colossos @ Heide Park 10. Troy @ Toverland Honourable mentions go to: Juvelen @ Djurs Sommerland ; Goliath @ Walibi Holland ; Baron 1898 @ De Efteling ; Fluch von Novgorod @ Hansa Park
  6. Oh, some of my pictures have already made it here. But I'll write a short report of my day in Divo Ostrov / Wonder Island later this week in this thread. This parc deserves some more attention.
  7. The signs say: -novelty 2017 -never seen before -something big is on it's way
  8. My next park on the planning is a park that doesn't pass here very often: Divo Ostrov. Looking forward to it! Lots of special and unique (thrill) rides.
  9. It will be a good year again this year. Sure: Plopsaland De Panne Walibi Belgium Walibi Holland Phantasialand Powerpark Sarkaniemi Linnanmaki Divo Ostrov Hopefully: Plopsa Coo Plopsa Indoor Hasselt (Pairi Daiza) Holiday park Walygator Parc Plopsa Indoor Coevorden Kolmarden Grona Lund Mirabilandia If possible: Freizeitland Geiselwind Parc Bagatelle Slagharen Avonturenpark Hellendoorn Drievliet ...
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