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Best One-Two Punch

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I'll keep this to the parks that I have visited.


Six Flags

SFAdv: El Toro and Nitro

SFGAm: Goliath and Raging Bull

SFOG: Goliath and Mind Bender

SFStL: Mr. Freeze Reverse Blast and Screamin' Eagle

Cedar Fairs

Carowinds: Afterburn and Fury 325

Cedar Point: Maverick and Millennium Force

KD: Dominator and I305

KI: Banshee and Diamondback

MIA: Shivering Timbers and Wolverine Wildcat

Valleyfair: High Roller and Wild Thing

WOF: Mamba and Patriot


BGT: Kumba and Montu

BGW: Apollo's Chariot and Griffon

SWO: Kraken and Manta

Other Parks

Darien Lake: Ride of Steel and Viper

Elitch Gardens: Mind Eraser and Twister II

Indiana Beach: Cornball Express and Hoosier Hurricane

Kentucky Kingdom: Lightning Run and Storm Chaser

Little Amerricka: Mad Mouse and Meteor

Mt. Olympus: Cyclops and Hades 360

NU: SpongeBob and Timberland Twister

SDC: Outlaw Run and Wildfire

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I've never been, but I think Kentucky Kingdom has one of the best one-two punches out there with Lightning Run and Storm Chaser. It really doesn't get much better than that.


As for parks I've visited, Six Flags New England (Wicked Cyclone and Superman) is the best one that comes to mind. And like others have said, especially with Steel Vengeance, Cedar Point will have a one-two-three-four-five punch!

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1. KK: Storm Chaser + Lightning Run = 7

2. SFNE: Superman + Wicked Cyclone = 9

3. CP: Maverick + Dragster = 18

4. SFGAvd: El Toro + Kingda Ka = 23

4. CP: Maverick + MF = 23

6. CP: Dragster + MF = 25

7. SFGAdv: El Toro + Nitro = 35

8. SFMM: Twisted Colossus + X2 = 38

9. Hershey: Storm Runner + Skyrush = 41

10. Carowinds: Fury + Intimidator = 42

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Of the parks I've been to it's between:


Carowinds- Fury 325 & Afterburn


SeaWorld Orlando- Mako & Kraken


I would like to update this.


Cedar Point with a triple punch: Steel Vengeance, Maverick & Millennium Force.

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Outlaw Run + literally every other adult coaster in the park, pick any of them. Seriously the only park where the entire lineup is the one-two-three-four-five punch, and I haven't even started on the non coaster things

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CP - Steel Vengeance + Maverick (not to mention MF) = /discussion


On the subject of parks where basically their entire coaster lineup is a 1-2-3 punch, I came away from Sea World Orlando with that feeling after this year's visit. Mako, Manta, and Kraken are at or near the top of all their respective categories, and are a killer trifecta for a park! Everything else that's awesome about SWO is just gravy!

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Great topic.

Obvious answer is CP but that seems unfair there's so much. It's like a 1-2-3 (now 4) punch flurry.


So I'll go with

Kentucky Kingdom:

Storm Chaser and Lightning Run is a superb 1-2. Top 15 coasters, and LR prob will make my top 10 with some time now to think about it.


Honorable mention to Hersheypark

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There are a lot of parks with a great one two punch. I guess the few that first come to mind


Lightning Run Storm Chaser

After Burn Fury

Mako Manta

Maverick Steel Ven (sadly I have not rode Steel Ven yet)

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1. Liseberg (11) = Helix (3) + Balder (8)

2. Europa-Park (21) = Silver Star (7) + Blue Fire (14)

3. Phantasialand (23) = Taron (2) + Black Mamba (21)

4. Alton Towers (26) = Smiler (11) + Nemesis (15)

5. PortAventura (27) = Shambhala (1) + Dragon Khan (26)

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Maverick (1) / MF (9) = 10

Wicked Cyclone (6) / Superman (4) = 10


Twisted Timbers (7) / I305 (5) = 12

Skyrush (3) / Storm Runner (10) = 13

El Toro (2) / Nitro (12) = 14


Montu (16) / Cheetah Hunt (cry about it) (11) = 27

Alpengeist (17) / Griffon (19) = 36

Mako (15) / Manta (29) = 44

Goliath (25) / Mindbender (28) = 53

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^might wanna check your math on SFGAdv lol


From what I've actually ridden so far:


Cedar Point - Millennium Force and Maverick

Silver Dollar City - Outlaw Run and Time Traveler/Powder Keg

Six Flags Over Texas - New Texas Giant and ShockWave

Six Flags Fiesta Texas - Iron Rattler and Wonder Woman: Long Name Coaster

Six Flags Great America - Goliath and Raging Bull

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1. Cedar Point- Steel Vengeance and Maverick

2. Six Flags Magic Mountain- Twisted Colossus and X2

3. Carowinds: Fury 325 and Intimidator/Afterburn

4. Kentucky Kingdom- Storm Chaser and Lightning Run

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Here are some of our favorites:


Millennium Force - Maverick (sorry SV fanboys)


You don't have to apologize to me for picking an inferior coaster to SV. That is on you.



Besides, SV can't have fanboys... It only has real human beings with normal feelings who rank it #1, and synthetic androids, apparently...


And yes, that was a joke, in case it wasn't readily apparent... lol

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