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  1. There can be things to do anywhere if you make there be things to do. If your list of interests is short, the list of things to do will also be short. The Columbia Montour County Visitors Bureau website seems to have a lot of good suggestions. Something in particular that looks interesting to me is the Pioneer Tunnel Coal Mine.
  2. This is part of the reason I stopped putting my arms up on coasters. In that same spot years ago, I just slightly nicked my fingertips, but it sure stung. The other reason is that I realized it's just unnecessary work to hold your arms up during the ride. It also causes unnecessary drag and slows the ride down (Just kidding! While it definitely does create drag it's likely negligible). I have nothing against arms up, though. If that's how people like to ride they have every right do it.
  3. That's a pretty neat coincidence! Too bad Blount County isn't called Dollywood County, it would fit even more then!
  4. The rides where you are potentially facing random people up close can be awkward. Rides such as Invertigo, the Larson loopers, or the Meteor type rides.
  5. I actually did work fall weekends for two years, 100 percent for the heck of it. Obviously getting paid was nice, but that wasn't even the reason I worked there. I live about 1.5 hours away and they house you for free (I'm not sure what the housing situation is now though). It was an absolute honor to be a part of one of the finest rides teams in the world and I knew they needed the help, but after the second year I just couldn't take it. Those long hours all weekend then working my regular job during the week just beat the crap out of me.
  6. I would not recommend you ride any B&Ms built before 2006, if Banshee makes your feet numb, ones with forces might kill you. Nice to know we have a comedian in our midst! Again, if you want to deny science and reality, that's on you, no skin off my back! Thanks for the compliment, but I dropped out of the stand up scene after bookings dried up. At least those thousands of dollars of training at second city can come in handy here. For realz though, I can't find how many G's the ride actually pulls anywhere (likely because it's not marketable when it's like 2 tops). If it's that forceful to you that's great, I just like to *feel* something when I'm on a coaster, and this ride just doesn't do it for me. It's not bad, it's just unmemorable. I agree with you, Dil. Banshee is a very solid and overall forceful coaster. What I love about it is that each inversion is the size of the first inversion of a coaster due to the terrain drop. It's like have seven "first loops" in a row! (Well, I guess the zero-g doesn't necessarily count, but whatever)
  7. I'm not positive about the beach and marina, but I most definitely saw a ticket booth at the resort gate this year. I know for sure the beach and marina gates had ticket booths at one point, but I haven't payed attention to them this year (Though I don't see why there wouldn't be. I would think they want to have every opportunity to take people's money money money!).
  8. Please tell me that the unzipping is your luggage bags, getting ready ahead of time for your August trip!
  9. Even if Yukon Striker goes through the inversions slowly, who cares? That would be pulling g's of -1! That's only .3 g's more than El Toro's "minimum" (according to that El Toro graph from the ride force app)!
  10. Wow, I had no idea it cost that much to run the site for us schmucks to read free of charge! Your content is top notch and I like that you have such great videos of rides most other people never get to ride, let alone hear about their existence! This site is the most credible source in my opinion, and I don't even consider looking at any other forums for amusement news. Everything I need to know is right here. Thank you so much!
  11. I happen to be going Friday as well. That will help with the "TPR Takeover" lol.
  12. Wow, I was actually there in 2003 on the same day as you, the day of that blackout. I had just finished riding Top Thrill Dragster for the first time and was looking forward to riding the other rides for the rest of the day, but suddenly all the coasters got stuck. What a bummer! Oh well, that's in the past now. I'm glad you got to return to Cedar Point and thanks for sharing your experience!
  13. I'm not saying I am expecting it to happen, but how awesome would it be to have an "RMC Beast"? Yeah, yeah, I know, "It's too much of a classic legend to change!", "They better not change such a historic coaster", etc., but considering what a new legend it would become I think it would be hard to miss the "original Beast", especially when it would then be without constant straightaways and trims. Something that I think would be awesome for the giant helix after the second lift is to bank the whole thing at a steeper angle, making the first high point be outward-banked, and the second high point basically be a high-speed and forceful inclined loop. Even if that never happens, it's just as fun to imagine it!
  14. Wow, those wooden Camp Snoopy ride entrance signs are gorgeous! What beautiful detail and craftsmanship!
  15. I highly recommend weather.gov, the official National Weather Service website. I have found that their predictions are pretty accurate for the near dates. It is a slightly different format than most sites, but I like knowing that the info is from the official source, and it has worked well for me. There are also a lot of cool maps and other useless data if you're into that. Instead of an app, I just have a link for my hometown pasted on my home screen. If you all prefer other weather methods however, that's okay with me.
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