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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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The Turbo bit was absolutely intense, but worth it. So awesome! And I loved how it didn't begin slow, but just starts you off with some crazy inversions, right from the station. Big WTF moment.


Waiting in line, below that plane on a stick was actually more scary I think.

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I've got to admit, plane-on-a-stick looks a bit beyond my threshold. Were they running an extra-crazy program just for TPR, or is that how it always runs?



Nope it always runs like that. The cycles are identical and include a bit of the twistiness and then go into Turbo mode for a time. You have to choose whether you would like a forwards or backwards ride cycle though.

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Certainly the most intense experience and the most G's of anything I've ever ridden in my lifetime, like your face being stretched onto your skull!

I'm so glad Robb kicked off his Daily videos with this.


This ride is even incredible just to watch from the ground, because it moves so fast for such a gigantic machine - especially in its turbo cycle.

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Vertigo: That is one crazy, f@¢%ed up Plane on a Stick. That would be a great fit for smaller parks like Knoebels, Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk, or even Tibidabo (which just has the uber slow snoozefest Plane on a Stick in Taxi mode.


Tornado: That Intamin invert looks like a lot of fun. Why weren't more Intamin inverts built? I wish I had a magic wand to turn every SLC into an Intamin invert.

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