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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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Tornado looks like a really good ride. I'm guessing it's probably the best of the Intamin inverts (all types included). I kind of wonder why more weren't built...perhaps it was just too late entering the market.


Wolverine Wildcat looks like an okay woodie. The layout is definitely similar to Phoenix, but from the video it looks like the ride travels through it faster and the hills are more shallow, resulting in less airtime. I'd ride it if I went to Michigan's Adventure, but it's probably not worth multiple rides.

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Are there any operating ultra-twisters in America? I know there were a few that have been demolished, but I can't find an operating one. These look really fun and I would love to try one.


Is it smooth? It looks amazingly smooth in the video, but them I remember it's a TOGO.

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