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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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  • 2 weeks later...

I love how around 1:45, she just lets go of 3/4 of the bucketful, and all the water flies over her head, LOL.


Great video, Robb and Attractions Magazine. Nice t-t-t-touch at the end too. One can never have too much ice water dumped over them.

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Starting RIGHT NOW we will be posting a brand new TPR video EVERY DAY to our YouTube channel in September! Videos will release at 5pm EDT every day! We will also be doing Bag-O-Crap contests on our Facebook page! Share the post we make about each daily video we post on Facebook and you could be entered to win!


We will also be giving away TEN Bags-O-Crap on the forum! All you have to do is post a comment here in this thread! At the end of the month, we will choose ten winners. The more you post, the better chance you have to win!


Here's today's TPR Daily September video:

Vertigo aka "Plane on a Stick" is easily one of the most INTENSE flat rides I've ever been on! And no that footage is NOT sped up in any way!



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Absolutely Nuts. Never in America.

Quick Question though, Do you control the ride yourself? I see joysticks but don't see anyone using them.

It started out as a ride that you control yourself, but what the park found out is that many people would miss the "best parts" of the ride by not following the instructions, so they opted to just create a program that gave you the full ride and no one misses anything. It's sort of a bummer, but it's understandable.

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Thanks Robb for posting that video. The ride is insane. The turbo part is just so intense, I thought the pretzel loops on fliers were intense but Vertigo is SOOO much more. I think I ride Vertigo around 4-5 times that day both forwards and backwards.

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It was so great, re-riding this thing on the TPR Scandi Tour in June.

And I actually enjoyed the programmed cycle better than our having

to hits buttons, ourself. I understood they could put the cycle back

into "manual," (during our ERT?) and watching you guys go backwards

was an extra Woo Hoo! Robb.


And 'TURBO' Rocks and Rules!

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This would be a great ride for Six Flags. A nice fit for any park in the chain. It will not take up too much of a foot print. And be a much needed flat ride roster boost. It would fit with the "Dare Devil Dive" name Six Flags likes to use now.

The ride would probably have to be an upcharge simply because of its capacity. I mean, it only seats 4 riders. Unless there is a version of it that seats a lot more.

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^^^ Well, there were two planes, side by side, sometimes duelling each other, which was cool.


But yeah, eight persons at a time. Well, it is/was such a big deal (still) at Tivoli, everybody was

willing to queue up, and wait it out for their turn on it. But after watching it run a cycle,

you could tell who wasn't going to ride it, on their life, lol!

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