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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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How do they do the morning test run if the coaster only moves if you are screaming?



They just put this little guy in the coaster each morning and let er rip!



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This has got to be the most bizarre coaster I have ever seen. It's an interesting concept. I never thought that combining lifts with tries and launches would actually work together, but clearly it does. I think that the multiple stops might make it hard to enjoy, though. I'm not personally a fan of when coasters constantly lose momentum.

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that is a STUPID AWESOME idea!

It IS stupid but it is really cool!! I think that this is something that would work well at other parks just to make rides more immersive and interactive.


"Stupid Awesome" is a compliment


so yeah, I liked it a lot!

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That is one of the coolest family coasters I have ever seen! I love the idea of the screaming! It is true that you have to scream?

As I saw in one of Robb's YouTube comments, you don't have to scream. Instead, you can just not scream and just slowly launch.

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That backwards Togo coaster looked awesome, I must say. It had some pretty sweet looking drops. The family coaster doesn't look bad either. I would actually love to see a higher quality, well-themed version!

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