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  1. Just came to post about how much I love El Loco. Packs so much in so little. My favorite bit is how you get off El Loco and right into the line for Canyon Blaster. Wasn't as much of a fan of Canyon Blaster, but it's really intense and fast. I think I went on the rides 4 or 5 times in a row. I did like their drop tower, it was more intense then you think it is.
  2. I'm probably going on August 14th. Gotta get a ride in on Cannibal and hopefully get a few on Spider and Wicked (Spider is my favorite at Lagoon.) As for what I would like, I would like to see the water park updated more than anything, it's been a good long while since it has been updated (seriously updated) and would like to see a drop floor slide. I do think they could do some things to update the layout a little bit. Just some small things that would help flow the park better. I hope they consider it.
  3. I go to Lagoon about once every 2 years on average. It's a good park, but it isn't the best. I'll probably go less in the future because the focus will be going to other parks around the country.
  4. That's very unfortunate. I always wanted to go on one and maybe some day far off into the far flung future I will. But if you weren't happy doing them and dealing with the fallout I respect the decision not to do them. Been enjoying the Live tweeting so far. If anything, it's nice to experience these trips from afar.
  5. I've gone to Lagoon many many times since I live here. I pretty much agree with everything you said about it. It has some really inconsistent policies.
  6. At Adventuredome last year when El Loco just opened. It was a slow day there so I did a "El Loco/Canyon Blaster" loop maybe 5 or 6 times in a row and about 10 times total in 2 hours or so. By the 6th time in a row it started feeling like a chore. But it was super fun.
  7. Generally, I think you are pretty new to forums. I would suggest just lurking (not posting and just reading others comments.) Get a feel for the forum before jumping in and creating new topics. This is a pretty mature (as in an established) forum community. Just because you *can* create a topic doesn't mean you *should* create a topic. Might I suggest looking towards the "Random" forum on here and the Introduce yourself topic : http://www.themeparkreview.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=177
  8. - People who work (or have worked) at a theme park and everything is just "old hat" to them. - Parks that do not have original food offerings. It's one thing to have a chain in the park that isn't available everywhere. It's another to just have 5 Subways in your park and call it good. - Poor utilization of park resources by park ops. If you have a SRL let people use it. Or at least make them aware of it.
  9. IMO they should have a new show in there every year or so. The fact that Aladdin had what a 10+ year run? That's incredible. I'm not the biggest fan of Frozen, but Aladdin is a 20+ year old film, Frozen connects with today's youth a lot better IMO. Good move.
  10. Mods can delete this. Lagoon is a fun park. I like going. But sometimes it can be frustrating just like any park. That was all that I was trying to say. Thanks.
  11. ^ Last few times I've been they were stopping Wicked to go on flip flop and hat runs at least a few times while I was waiting in line. It might not be all the time. But it has happened a few times that I've gone to Lagoon that someone loses their flip flops and they stop the ride to go get them. Happened 4 times in a row one visit to Wicked (they started, ran 2 trains stopped to get hats, started up again ran 2 or 3 trains, stopped to get flip flops, etc.) I also lost a hat on the ride and the ride ops offered to stop the ride to go get my 5 dollar hat, lol. Also happened twice the last time I rode Roller Coaster while I was waiting in line. Twice. It might be inexperienced crews or a lax day, but I don't think this was the designated "stop to go retrieve all items lost on a ride" time, maybe it was, but that wasn't conveyed to the line very well. They also don't let you utilize the single rider line as easily as it should be on Wicked. Lines wouldn't nearly be as long if park employees actively shifted people into the designated group/single rider line.
  12. What I don't like about Wicked is the constant stopping of it to go retrieve guest items that have fallen off. Lagoon really needs to be better about stopping this kind of behavior. Last few times I've been there, about 5 trains run and then they stop to go get something. They did the same thing on Roller Coaster a few times. They have free lockers for a reason people. Also, I wish the ride ops were better at advertising Wicked's single rider line. I think the wait times would be better. I like Rapids/flume rides and while I do like Lagoon's I don't think it is worth the usually incredibly long line to get there and the log flume is kind of meh (it's also super old so it's forgivable.) I do wish the "Rattlesnakes Rapids" area was a little bit larger in general though, It has some cool theming but it is hard to admire because the line is always way outside the entrance to the area. My favorite coaster at Lagoon (without having experienced Cannibal) is The Spider. Also, if you are flying into SLC just to go to Lagoon, you can take the light rail from the airport to Lagoon with 1 transfer over to "Frontrunner." SLC (and Wasatch Front in general) has a really nice public transportation system.
  13. Only rode El Loco. But it was incredibly fun. I didn't know what to expect. I think I said this somewhere else, but I wish all "small compact coasters" were as fun as El Loco. I want all theme parks to replace their mouse coasters with El Locos... (not a fan of those fast switchback turns on mouses...)
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