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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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Let's give a Bag-O-Poop to Cyrbuzz! Send an email with your contact info and "Video Crap" in the subject to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com


Here's a NEW VIDEO!!!! And even watching this is going to HURT YOU!!! lol


If we get 25 comments before we post the next video we'll give away some awesome CRAP!



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But why do the trains have the strange headrests?

It's for reach envelope. Parts of the ride are so close to the track that they needed to add these roll cages to keep people from sticking their hands out of the car.


oy. .that makes it even MORE frightening -- like being stuck in a small box being shaken!


(I watched this earlier from your FB post, and I had flashbacks to the "enclosed" Texas Cyclone cars too. . so it was funny to see someone else mention it here). Heh, I even ended up looking at the video you did from the back seat of the Cyclone just to compare how shaky it was.



I respect you greatly for subjecting you and your "tender parts" (and your wife ) to all that shaking!

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Well, we didn't quite get enough comments for a Bag-O-Crap giveaway. Let's try this one...


Hey look! A somewhat decent looping coaster in china! And it has sea lion brakes and an orgasming woman! What's not to like?



If we get 25 comments before I post the next video I'll give away a Bag-O-Crap. So....



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