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  1. Colors are good. I thought it was a good idea to have the trains be the same color as the Twisted Twins trains, but perhaps this is their way of detaching the ride from its original. The is going to make up for whatever issues I have with the colors.
  2. Oh fabulous and wonderful title fairy, I have a request for a custom title. Preferably any sort of random quote from Mean Girls. If you can't grant that request, just make up something random that sounds amusing. Thank you in advance, I hope to see your magical results sometime soon! --LiMiT
  3. Wait, there's already construction happening? At a Six Flags park?! I'm actually surprised to see this much track already in place.
  4. I'm still a fan of Super Speed Cool Cool Bear. No ride name will ever be better than that. I don't know why, but I was really bothered by the wild mouse at Wild Adventures, which was called "Go Bananas!" All of the other coasters at the park have decent names, but this one...wat?
  5. And it will be totally worth the fifty bucks. Why pay for park admission when you can pay just as much for an exclusive credit? Also, do Club TPR members get special shopping kart ERT?
  6. I want to see a Zero-g roll in which both tracks still remain side-by-side and don't split.
  7. SFOG 5-year plan: 2015: General ride improvements and staff training, including shock collars that zap them if they take too long to dispatch a train, deny a ride to a child who is tall enough, etc. 2016: People are just gonna get tired of Mindbender, because it's old and stuff, so why not get rid of it and build a custom terrain Volare? It can be Nightwing themed. Talk about new and fresh! 2017: Take the floors off of the trains on Scorcher, but leave the standing restraints and bicycle seats. Also make a soundtrack similar to It's a Small World for Monster Mansion. While I'm at it, I think a facelift of Monster Mansion would be nice. And make the ride last for two hours. 2018: Take out Batman and Superman. Replace Batman with two Boomerang coasters facing opposite directions, call them Batman and Robin (yes, I know Nightwing and Robin are the same hero, but the GP won't know). Replace Superman with a dueling AquaTrax themed to AquaMan (since it's so close to the water park). 2019: Goliath is gonna be really old at this point (13 years!), so get rid of it and replace it with a S&S free fly. The GP will be astounded at the amazing capacity of this ride, and will also fall out of the ride because they're Americans, therefore they are above park rules. 2020: Take out GASM, replace with a 6000 foot long Roller Skater. Get rid of Dare Devil Dive, replace with an Intamin First Gen Drop Tower (like what was there originally). Add a 60 mph launch to Dahlonega Mine Train, but keep the original layout, because it's a classic Arrow. I think that covers it. I think all of these will be major improvements to the park, and will boost attendance and profits by 500%.
  8. Any B&M flying coaster. Your only choices of view are the trash-littered ground (in the case of SF parks) or the feet in front of you.
  9. That moment when you eat a beef taco while staring at a Chick-Fil-A ad for Cow Appreciation Day...
  10. Family Inverted Coaster / 大洋历险 - Happy Valley Shanghai Intamin Mega-Lite
  11. Is anyone willing to get one of these and measure the queue distances on the rides mentioned?
  12. I'm no medical expert, but I think 69G is just alittle too high, don't you think??? Also, that sentence makes absolutely no sense grammatically. It has way too many subjects and verbs. He was obviously high on GP, the new drug that renders users completely ignorant.
  13. This is a really cool design. Especially after seeing the layout, I'm expecting this to be crazy.
  14. I don't know if you needed an answer to this question or not, but Breakdance existed in the park before it closed. It looks a lot better with the new paint though, because it used to be a boring beige color.
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