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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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We didn't get quite enough responses that time! Here's a new video...


Sometimes we just have too much fun on Roller Coasters!


If we get 25 responses we'll give away another Bag-O-Crap, so...



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I never heard of Pivothead glasses until now. Guess Google Glass isn't as revolutionary as I thought.

The Pivotheads are really fun to work with! I wish the FOV was a bit wider on them, but perhaps the next model...


As far as Google Glass goes... everything I've seen they are GREAT if you're into "augmented reality", but with only being 720p and 5mega-pixel, the images and video they take is really not amazing. The quality is like that of an iPhone 3Gs. I haven't been impressed with them so far, at least as far as video is concerned.

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When you were filming this, at first I was thinking, I didn't know Robb wore glasses, then I figured out it was a camera. The video came out great.


I love hear rides. Even better was there was no wait the entire day!

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Can't tire of another Mega-Lite video. Loved it.


A funny story of those glasses was at the park with Space Mountain in Taiwan, Robb wanted a POV of it, but didn't want to risk the handheld camera as the park were being a bit suspicious about our visit so it looked as though he was putting on sunglasses for a roller coaster in the dark. oh and the "Look up" note in the case is funny.


Anyway, back to the video. Aussie Steve is hilarious in it.

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Awesome ride! I really need to ride one of these mini-beasts of a ride. It freaking has everything in it! Great stuff and the hair explosion is really entertaining!


Jimmy "Are those the glasses they use for porn movies?" Bo

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