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  1. Planning a little bit ahead but does anyone know what the crowds are like Memorial Day weekend? With the Coca Cola 600 being that weekend I was thinking of pulling off both in the same weekend. Thanks!
  2. I remember seeing that guy talking to LMPD on the way to Deep Water Dive but didn't know anything had came of it.
  3. Thinking about going to the park for the first time in a few years and I was wondering if anyone local knew who had the best deals on tickets. I know coke cans usually have a good discount and maybe Schnucks but its been a few years since I have actually had to buy tickets. Any help would be appreciated!
  4. I guess the training period is over on Lightning Run. Until today you always had to wait until the op pushed down your lapbar. Now you are able to pull them down yourself. It does help with the one train operations today and the park is not really busy. So about one ride every 10 minutes.
  5. Just had to share this great GP comment from a girl that just came into my store to buy a KI ticket. She didn't want to spend the $34 on a KI ticket and I was like well we have a great deal on KK season passes and you pay for it in two visits. Her response was how do they expect me to go there when they have no coasters that go upside down. So I tried to tell her that well the new coaster they have is amazing and then there is the waterpark. She told me if she wanted to ride a coaster that went up and down she would just ride in a car. UGH!!
  6. Yeah it is a great deal. I did go to the park for an hour today after hitting up the flea market for a bit. It was busy once again so I decided to just wait in line to get my first front seat ride on Lightning Run. The front is great with a slightly bit different type of airtime than the back. I like the back the best especially over the first half of the ride and the front for the s curves and the bunny hops. It is a great ride that packs a punch. With some schools being in session for the next two weeks I plan on hitting up the park to try every seat when it is not that busy and I can marathon it. One thing they need to do is take down the 1 hour wait from this point sign from Greezed Lightnin'. From that point it is about 15 mins and even with the line stretching out past the entrance to the left it is still only a 45 minute wait.
  7. There is also 2 $1 drink stands, one in the front of the park and one in the water park where you get a giant cup for the fountain that have coke products. They have the usual plus Cherry, powerade, and vitamin water, sadly no Freestyle yet.
  8. I only got one ride in the back row on the right and it was phenomenal. You are definitely glad that the restraints are as tight as they are because there is some great ejector air. The u shape restraints are not good restraints for the man region though with that kind of air. But other than that it was a great ride and cant wait to spend all summer trying out every seat.
  9. Thunder Run is tracking great. 2nd to the backseat had some good pops of air.
  10. Going SDC next week and can't find any discounts anywhere. Does anyone local know of any kind of discount because all I can find is the After 3pm come the next day free, which is what I might just end up doing if I can't find anything else.
  11. Goliath at SFOG in the double helix. Deja Vu at SFMM going backwards through the loop. I305 at East Coast Bash on most of the rides we had on it especially during night ert when we had been out there all day.
  12. I wish they would build one in the states but maybe Lightning Run will be the cheaper alternative than traveling to Japan.
  13. Just drove by there yesterday and not much has been done to the area for the new coaster from the look of things. All the old footers and things are still in place. The paint on everything looks really good and it looked to me they have stripped all the paint off of T2 because it is now a primer grey color.
  14. I really hope they have a media event like they did for Gatekeeper because I would love to just ride this all day. Platinum pass renewed for next year because of Banshee. It looks amazing!
  15. The Knights Inn is also cheap and its just down the road from the second entrance. I stay there every time I go and have never had a bad stay.
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