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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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It feels like Batman meets Montu meets Raptor...call it BatMonRaptu: The Ride! I really like the helix threading the loop and that wingover looks really tasty!


And I thought I was nuts for ditching my mom on Mother's Day to go to Cedar Point to ride GateKeeper and get the cred (which was a bust due to wind), but I've never spent 700$ on a credit before! That's awesome!

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Let's give some crap to our winner: cmullin! To claim your winning Bag-O-Crap, send an email to robbalvey@themeparkreview.com with "video crap" in the subject. Don't forget to include your mailing address! We will choose another winner with this next round!


Here's another new video! We rode a Togo Looping Mouse...and SURVIVED!!!


If we get 25 comments before we post the next one we'll give away a Bag-O-Crap! So...



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^^ that's GREAT!


tho I think it would be improved if the loop were after the "back and forth" mouse track, it's still looks like a lot of fun.


(of course, I'm watching at work with the sound turned down, so I could be missing all the yelps of pain )

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I personally love mouse coasters and thought I had seen it all. Apparently not - I never even considered a looping mouse. It looks like a great concept.


Nor did anyone consider a looping toboggan....but it exists!!!! Somewhere in this world there is something crazy waiting to be found.

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