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  1. Slightly off topic but if your into grave sites you should look into the two graves in the middle of the Savannah airport runway. Also I went to the park last Friday and the workers were saying they were doing a wheel change on the trains is why they were on single train ops.
  2. I've got some years under my belt too. I actually remember the swaying of the Demon steps as I climbed up and the entire Bat debacle. Do you remember the Top Gun crash? That was my first year working that ride and ended up working King Cobra until TG opened back up. I'm sure your plan works just fine but I was giving another point of view for him to consider. I'm sure either way it will be a great day because KI operations are overall good.
  3. I repectfully disagree with that entire post. On a busy day you need to get to the slowest lines first. At rope drop I advise going straight back to Firehawk and then Flight of Fear. Those lines are the slowest in the parks and could be over an hour wait by noon. After that Stunt Coaster is a slow line so I would head over there. After that most lines move quickly except invertigo but that is at the other end of the park and requires a long walk while taking you away from most of the good coasters. Vortex, Diamondback and Banshee are people eaters. Racer usually does better after noon when they open up the second side and Adventure Express full line is only 20 minutes. The Bat rarely gets long lines. The big take away is getting Firehawk first thing because it is a slow painful line.
  4. I am sure it is a long shot but I just ran across your video on Facebook but it was a Diply or something like that Facebook page. They gave you credit. I feel that video is very popular and was wondering if know if Jacob has seen this video of him and has he ever been in contact with you about it since it was posted so many years ago?
  5. When I went a couple years ago they had something like this. A bunch of small booths with food from different sections of the Carolinas My favorite was the beer booth of course. Thanks for the hotel info.
  6. My kids and I will be going to the park on June 22. Any recs on a hotel nearby the park? I was hoping to stay at La Quinta but that week they jack the price up. We will be headed in on I 64 East to Richmond. So I was thinking just north of the 295 and 95 intersection. I would like something close so I can leave my wife and 3 year old in hotel after dinner while I knock out some 54" rides on June 21 with my older kids. Any thoughts? Thanks.
  7. My kids and I will be going to the park on July 1. Any recs on a hotel nearby the park? We are driving in from the Outer Banks. Their website has a Quality Inn as a preferred hotel. Any thoughts on that? Thanks.
  8. Also staffing is probably a big issue. Coasters need a lot more workers than Planet Snoopy Rides.
  9. I was there Sunday morning and log flume was running. I'm just saying.
  10. Remember the good old days when Adventure Express and Racer were 44" height requirements. I talked to a lady who worked in GR the year it went from 44" to 48" and she said there was lots of madness since their 44" child didn't grow 4" in a year. They could no longer ride a coaster they were tall enough the previous year. I have 5 kids and height requirements are so inconsistent. Camden Park's Big Dipper launched my kid on that first drop and there really wasn't an enforced height limit. It was awesome. Some Wild Mouse coasters are 42" some 44" some 46" and a very few 48". Same thing with White Water Canyon rides. KI is actually one of the more strict heights at 46". Many are 42" or 44". I could go on all day about height issues. Another item that is upsetting is the two height stations at KI are not the same. The one in the front with the swinging arm is the best. I found that most of the measuring station at the rides are taller than the station in the front. White Water is almost an inch difference and that is a bummer when you don't get the 46" bracelet from the front. It is a long round trip walk back to get the bracelet.
  11. Out of state attendance was up because they offered two day tickets for $30 plus free soft drinks. I took my family for that reason. (Not the soft drinks). I love parks that do buy one day get second day free or preview night before tickets. My two year old got her first credit on Roller Skater.
  12. Outside of Planet Snoopy the longest wait on Sunday's in October is the fast lane bracelet line. Renewals get a free fast pass for Sunday's in October but most waits are station waits if that. The line to get your fast pass would be the longest line of the day unless you want on Woodstock Whirlybird or Peanuts 500. Avoid Planet Snoopy and your waits should be minutes for everything.
  13. Sunday's during the haunt are great unless your kids are Planet Snoopy age. Planet Snoopy on Sundays in the fall usually are ridiculously crowded while rides like Diamondback are walk ons. They usually have trick or treating with Dinasours for the kids and Soak City has some Halloween activities for young kids.
  14. I went to the park for the first time on Tuesday. I really enjoyed my experience and the lady sold me a Fast Track for X for 1 pound because of some reason I didn't quite understand. I thought it was worth that to skip the 40 minute line. Glad I didn't wait in line for it but I knew from advice on here that it wasn't worth the wait. I thought the coaster line up is above average and I like the fast track system because the unlimited option or the a la carte option. I actually went A la carte and saved a couple pounds. Also on X, I was fortunate to be in line near a group of 3 so I could get a partner to ride with because I didn't know I needed a partner until I walked up to the ride and read the sign. This was my first visit to a park outside of North America.
  15. Is the only way to get the unlimited big 5 at the park or is there a way to get it in advance? I land in LHR at 7:30 have to get checked into hotel and take train to park so hopefully I can get there early.(customs is quick since I'm the pilot and skip the line) Thanks for the tips.
  16. Going to the park for the first time next Tuesday. I was going to get the Fast Track for "the big 5". I would like to ride the rides twice. How do these things work? Can I get two sets for myself? Each set cost 30 and the unlimited cost 80. I don't really need more than 2 rides on each so the unlimited is unnecessary since I generally don't ride flats. Any advice on this or anything about the park? How long does the line for X get since that is not on the Fast Track "big 5" package? This is my first European park.
  17. Thanks for the tips on my visit to the park. It was a nice day today and the crowd was not bad. I really enjoyed the ghost town and thought the theming was really a nice change for a Cedar Fair park. I even got to pet a donkey today.
  18. Headed to LA this week and wanted to know if I will need Fast Pass on Monday to get all the coasters in by mid afternoon? Thanks. Any tips or advice would be great too. I was planning on Magic Mountain but I don't think I could do that in a 3/4 a day so I'm going to Knott's instead.
  19. I am Midwest guy headed to LA for the first time and I am staying downtown. Car rentals are expensive and I saw Uber will be about $25 but is the park in an area where I could get Uber back to my hotel? I know nothing about the area and nothing about the park besides it has a lot of coasters. My plan is the platinum Flash Pass. Any other tips would be appreciated. Would it be better for me to go to a park closer to downtown? Thanks.
  20. ^Completely agree with above and want to stress Firehawk first is a must because it is painfully slow line. Vortex, Racer and Adventure Express lines move very quickly and normally don't ever get longer than 15 minutes all day.
  21. As a follow up from previous page, I would say the park today was crawling with Jr high kids everywhere. This being said my longest wait was 15 minutes for FireCHaser Express. Everything else was about 5 minutes but I did notice Thunderhead did get longer aft I rode with 1 train ops.
  22. We went on Monday after 3 and the longest wait was 5 minutes. We are tomorrow I'll let you know.
  23. Popped into the park today. I took Uber for the first time. That was awesome deal because my hotel was in Southpark and I only paid $12 to get there. The park was empty except 186 ACE members. Fury was a great ride. The highlight was the Craft beer stand in the Taste of Carolina section. Only 4 tokens(just under $6) for a beer which I thought was a good deal in a park where a funnel cake cost $10.
  24. I love the rotating ERT!!!! Great move and hope it continues in future seasons.
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