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  1. Tornado and Teddy Bear at Stricker's Grove were built by Ralph Stricker but he didn't design them. He used blueprints from the 1935 Teddy Bear at Coney Island in Cincy and Tornado was from Comet at Rocky Glen Park(rcdb.com)
  2. What about coaster lines on Friday when the park open at 6 pm?
  3. I will also be there on 9/26 but only want to ride coasters? I Know at KI there are hour long waits for all the coasters during the haunt. Is the same true at WOF? Will a Fast Pass be needed to get all coasters in a couple hours?
  4. Made it to the park today and the place was empty. The longest wait I had was waiting for a train to get to the station. I walked on everything. I came up to Batwing and walked on front row. It was hot but I was able to hit every coaster in less than two hours. My surprise was I really liked Wild One and the workers were actually nice. I had really low expectations so maybe that is why I was surprised. They were acting like teenagers but not too bad. I thought this SLC was one of the roughest ones I have been on and I probably have been on 10.
  5. I land at DCA at noon. Hotel by 1220 and taking the metro at 1250 and arrive at park around 2. Thinking about a cab but nervous on price being to high. Hotel is close to monuments. I am trying to get to Mass at 530 and it is a mile and half from park. I would get Flashpass so I can make it to Mass. I see all coaster but Apocalypse are in Flashpass.
  6. How are the crowds on Saturdays this time of year? I am just going to grab the coasters and getting there at 2 this Saturday. I am hoping to be out of the park by 5. Am I dreaming or is that realistic?
  7. I read on the Jemkinson's website that they don't allow single riders on their Flitzer? Was that true and if so was it hard to find someone to ride with? I am trying to do a pier tour on Sunday.
  8. Was B A B joking or was that a serious post? I saw he has over 500 posts so I thought maybe it is some kind of inside joke or should I be worried for our country's future?
  9. Whodey


    I was on the Jenkinson's website and it said Flitzer has no single riders. From the pictures of the train it looks like I would need to get someone to ride with me and they have to sit on my lap. Any advice for getting to ride without looking like Chester the molester?
  10. Whodey


    Is Hellcat worth stopping in to Clementon Park? To me a kiddie coaster is Great Pumpkin Coaster at KI/KD and Woodstock Express is family coaster. What time do you think I would have to leave SFGadv to hit all those piers? I am very quick at those places. Run in ride coaster run out.
  11. Whodey


    So I have 34 hours in PHL and want to get some missed credits and grab as many small Jersey parks as I can. Sunday August 31 I am leaving downtown PHL to hit up SFGAdv at opening to get Dark Knight credit that was closed last time I was there. I plan on getting a front seat and back seat of El Toro. After that I don't know what to do. I don't mind leaving to grab new credits or stick around and ride some things. I do want to get to Morey's Pier since there are 6 credits and some look good. Any advice on where I should go and what routing to get max credits in? I don't go for kiddie cred
  12. I went to the park today and had a good time. I was pleasantly surprised with Thunder Run and thought Lightning Run was a great little coaster. My thighs do have slight bruising. I just don't understand single train operations when two are available especially on a Saturday. I can't wait to see how the park progresses over the next couple of years.
  13. Is there a Kroger within walking distance to the fair? Never mind have to get tickets by the 13th.
  14. I have never been to the area so sorry if I seem slow. Do I have to buy admission to the fair to get to KK?
  15. I was planning on taking a the bus from downtown where my hotel is located. I have no car.
  16. I am hoping people will be doing the fair and not the park. I had my dates wrong. I'll be there on Saturday the 16th if anyone is interested in a meet up. Hope to be in the park by 2.
  17. Does anyone have any insight of how the park will be during the fair? I ended up missing the park last week but will be able to go on the 14. I know the park has been closed for several years so there is not recent data on crowds during the state fair. I just hope it isn't packed and stacked.
  18. I was going to try and hit KK tomorrow morning to just ride the 2 coasters. Rain is in forecast. Do they run in the rain?
  19. Going back a few post I noticed discussion on the smaller crowds at KD. I was curious to what people thought because Ki has been more crowded this year than I can remember. I know there is a shiny new coaster but I don't think that is the primary reason. Is KD not crowded because of BGW? I was shocked that coasters were walk ons with 1 train ops. For the last couple of years at KI they run full train operations and usually have at least 10 minutes wait. Any theory on why KI has a larger crowd when the parks are very similar? Any concern about KD with the smaller crowds?
  20. Went to the park today for the first time. Thanks to all those they gave advice about 10 pages back. The tip to go to Volcano is critical. I was on the second train and shortly after that there was a really long wait. Almost everything was a walk on even with 1 train ops. I 305 was about a three train wait but only running 1. I was very surprised at how much I liked Rebel Yell over Racer. I live across the street from KI and was wierded out a bit with the similarities in the park but Rebel Yell had a lot more airtime than Racer. My only problem was why can't the exit just exit ont
  21. At Banshee Bash I asked a good source on the subject and he said it will be back next season. The broken part was going to require the ride to be major disassemble and take a long time. The decision is to put it away for the season. That is all he said.
  22. I had a blast and am glad someone used my son. I am glad I finally got to meet people from TPR. Makes me want to fly out and hit up West Coast Bash. My wife laughed at me when I offered to take the family. Going to have to work hard on that. I have 4 kids under 9 and under.
  23. The park was packed and stacked today. The fast pass is the smart way to go. With this weather the weekdays have been looking like weekends. See you all tomorrow. Also I will have an under 54" kid that can ride Great Pumpkin Coaster with you!
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