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  1. I am going to the park soon too and looked into Fast Lane.(it will be Wed or Thur last week of July) Comparing it to KI there are not that many coasters on the list. Am I missing something? KI all coasters except The Bat, Woodstock Express and Great Pumpkin Coaster have Fast Lane. It seems to me, there are quite a few at KD that doesn't have it. I usually get Fast Pass/Lanes when I go to parks alone but this one seems to be a bit disappointing. Also the website said I wouldn't be able to get front row of I305.
  2. For those who need the Great Pumpkin Coaster I just signed up by 50 inch son who counts as a kid so you can ride with him to get the credit. Maybe we could get ERT on it.
  3. I am going to park and not getting there until 4 tomorrow evening.(Friday night) Will I need flash pass to get all the coaster credits? I am solo and move quickly.
  4. They actually made you walk around to ride again? Still sounds awesome!!
  5. I am not a very strong reader. Sorry, Robb I am an idiot. My excuse is I am reading this stuck in the ATL airport. I also was too excited to read the whole thing.
  6. What if I have to leave at 4. Can I still be a part of the morning to 4? Or will I be blackballed?
  7. FoF was open today. Place was a ghost town with all the weather around and everything was running for at lease a couple hours.
  8. I completely understand why parks don't post wait times. If I can go to their website and see long waits, I won't go to the park. If I don't know wait times I will have to go and if I go and there are long waits I would stay for a little. Since I am already there I should grab some food or drink and the park makes money that they wouldn't have if I saw wait times from the comfort of my home.
  9. I must of missed the memo but when I went to ki today the sign out front had FoF listed as closed for the day. It was a rough opening today because D back was down until 11. Surf Dog and Woodstock were down for mechanical at opening. The mechanics were busy this morning.
  10. I posted the Ride Hopper App on KICentral and have noticed a few more people are using it for KI. So hopefully my home park of KI will have times on it more often. Today I will be putting times in for small rides with my small kids. Next week I am headed out to different parks and I always submit wait times on Ride Hopper. Too bad the parks I am going to nobody cares about wait times. SFA, Dixie Landin, and maybe KK. Edit- True most people don't submit but if we as an enthusist community submitted times, maybe word could spread and others would use it.
  11. On a crowded day, what are average wait times for the coasters? Is it hours or they usually all under an hour? Thanks for the help. I will be there on Monday.
  12. What about the Haunted House at Camden Park? It is not on RCDB but it as a lift chain and gravity the rest of the track. The only issue is there are no brakes. When I was there the brakes were a 325 pound man at in the station.
  13. I just got rerouted to Pittsburgh last minute and am going to have a couple hours to hit up Kennywood tomorrow. I only have until 1230. Will I be able to hit all the coasters? Thanks for any pointers. Also anybody have an idea of the cost of a cab from downtown to the park? I can do the bus but could get more time with a cab. I was reading that the gates open at 1030 but the rides open progressively at 11. Anybody know how that works? What coasters open first? Is it front of park to back or what?
  14. Awesome advice. Thank you. I just got rerouted to Pittsburgh. Looks like Kennywood tomorrow but I will be back to dc again with the same scenario so your bus tips are great. The cab to the metro would give me more time at the park so I might just do that.
  15. Thanks for the quick response. I hope the line of weather bearing down on Dc moves through faster than predicted but scares the crowd away.
  16. I am in town for a couple of hours tomorrow and was going to try to grab a couple hours in the park before heading to the airport. What is the rain policy? Do they shut everything down or let it run in the rain? Also anybody know how well the buses stay on schedule? Trying to maximize my time in the park but want some cushion if the buses run late all the time. Need to be at the airport by 2. I have never been to the park but I know the reputation. Any advice for less than 2 hours in the park.
  17. I rode Banshee quite a bit this morning and I really didn't know the coaster could improve over time. I didn't think it needed to be "broken in", but my rides in the front seat today were awesome it really is my favorite invert. I think it is better than Montu and Alpengeist. At this moment, I would rather ride Banshee over D back but the back of Banshee today had quite a bit of rattle. Hopefully that works itself out.
  18. I just found out they changed the seat belts on Great Pumpkin Coaster. I rode today and went to hit the button to undo the seat belt and BAM. No button. Now have to wait for an associate to put the pin in the hole to get the seat belt off. Dispatch times suffered.
  19. Same as most people. I like both but like the index better for prepping to go to a park.
  20. Anybody know what happened to coast2coaster.com? Seems like the site is gone this week. I use that site a lot for finding coaster in the area when traveling.
  21. I am taking my 4 kids on Friday for the first time. I am hoping for a small crowd. Now I can get that Air Grover credit without looking like Chester the Molester. I will then have both Air Grovers out of the way. They all want to wear their BGT shirts. I am not a fan of wearing amusement park shirts to amusement parks but it is for the kids. If you go Friday and you see a dorky looking family in BGT shirts its me. My wife refuses to wear one.
  22. Cal1br3tto, I rode D-back last night as a single rider. The vacant seat next to me had the belt buckled by the employee. So that particular employee took the time to buckle the retracting belts. These belts do retract but I would say about 3 inches on each side hang out after fully retracted. As I waited in line before knowing about the new seat belts I thought to myself this line seems to be moving slower than it usually moves. I noticed some of the issues is buckling the belt properly and making sure it is under that small arm rest on the seat. On my train alone 4 people had t
  23. Brandon, It was nice to meet you at lunch on media day. I was the one with my nephew at the Chicken Shack. Mark
  24. I am going to be in town for Memorial Day. Any idea of the crowds on Memorial Day? Can't make it to the park until about 2. Any tips for me since I am a Kennywood virgin.
  25. The chance of rain is 10% and looking out my window from my Mason compound it looks like a glorious day outside. Weather will not keep the crowds away. Friday and especially being Good Friday in a very Catholic city will keep the crowds away more than the 10% chance of rain. My family of 6 would be there today if it were a normal Friday. Love homeschooling. PS spell check said I can't spell "very" "than" "window" and "today"
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