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  1. I don't want to talk about roller coaster safety. I am planning on coming to the park on Sunday at opening. If I ride all open roller coasters 1 time what time can I get out of there by. I might also get a regular flash pass. I am shooting for 2 because I want to get up to Frontier City and ride their coasters before they close at 8. Any educated guesses on possibilities.
  2. As of noon today, the blocked off section of the parking lot had a big green generator looking thing and 2 small things that look like portable lights they have at construction sites. Nothing too exciting. The boys at kicentral have blown a load over nothing so far.
  3. Leaving the park through the North exit I noticed a very large portion of the parking lot coned off with a couple of dumpsters and some lift equipment. Anybody know why? I thought maybe some new delivery to be staged but also thought it is too soon. Also I thought coming in from the back would be easier for them. I think I am jumping the gun because I thought they would announce the ride before track would appear.
  4. I do agree Storm Runner is a good ride but could be great. I think you guys are right pointing out it was an early launch coaster and I didn't really think about that. For the short duration, I really enjoyed it.(especially since it was a walk on) I think it is the second best coaster at Hershey. Great Bear and Fahrenheit were good but nothing special. I think Lightning Racer was a huge surprise to me. I loved it and would trade it out with the Racer at my home park of KI.
  5. While sweating my butt off in line for Skyrush I watched a mechanic with a hammer working around the train on the ready brakes. I don't know anything but that is where he was working. My guess was either a ready brake problem or a train problem. Usually when it is a train problem they would just put the one off track and work on it. Total out of my a** guess is the ready brakes. Also Skyrush has 4 trees that in about 20 years will shade the line. So I guess just be patient. Most other lines were shaded.(except Comet) I walked right onto Fahrenheit so I didn't notice the sun.
  6. Went to the park for the first time today. It was very hot. The only bad thing was the line for Skyrush not having any shade. For a new ride they could of designed the station better and thrown up some shade for the line. Capacity sucked with having to exit the same side as boarding. Also the last 2 rows were blocked off on both trains. I waited 70 minutes. The next longest wait was Comet at 20 and everything else was a walk on. The ride itself was great. I wish they spent an extra couple of million on Storm Runner and made it at least a minute long. Great ride but very short.
  7. I am surprised Stricker's Grove wasn't more crowded. I went last October and it was crowded while the weather sucked. It must of been the free pop and snow cones for customer appreciation day. Tornado was 6 or 7 train wait. The good thing about Teddy Bear is that it is a 35" ride so my 2 year old will get his second credit(1st woodie) in August. Good report and pics.
  8. Yes I plan on sweating my balls off. I don't get much choice of days because I am in Harrisburg for work.
  9. I will be going to the park first thing Friday for the first time. Hoping to ride the big coasters at least 2 times and ride every coaster at least 1 time. I plan on skipping most of the flats. I have already read the Park index trip guide but wondered how long it will take so I can run up to Knoebels and get those coasters in. I am willing to get the fast track but hoping to avoid it. If anyone is going to be there Friday AM, I am willing to meet up.
  10. It was on Outlaw Run shortly after opening. I talked to the lady about it but it was her first ride of the day. Maybe other rides let the kid keep going. Did they let you do it on OR? I tend to agree with erinierocker because most parks are inconsistent.
  11. Ok there were trims. Those are not the same trims as today. The speed of the trains were not slowed as much back then as they are now with the new trims. at 1:30 are the new trims http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KlK5Znry_5U at 1:37 are the old trims
  12. They have changed the blocks over the years. In the mid 90s the first hill never was slow. Usually both trains were at the top of the hill at the same time. Now the first train is almost passing the second train as it goes dow the first hill. Also the trims just after that first big left turn weren't there either. There is a ride operator who sometimes plays games and times things up to where the first hill is fast the whole way. He tells people if they are scream loud or something similar he will make the first hill go fast the whole time. I am guessing he is just stalling for th
  13. I was watching C-span and saw that the senate was going to make the Missouri law a national law. Obama thought that it was a good idea. Coming soon across the nation it will be illegal to ride 2 times in a row during normal hours.
  14. I find that hard to believe. So one day in the MO capital building they debated and made a law so people couldn't ride rides more than once. Thank God the governor signed off on that law!! (sarcasm) I would think it would just be company policy not a state law. Of course I could be wrong governments like to waste time and money on silly things.
  15. Last weekend I saw a parent swap and they also had 1 kid who could ride. I know some parks like Disney let the kid ride twice if there was going to be an open seat next to the second riding adult. Not at SDC. They unlocked the restraints and made the 8 year old get out. Personally I would have no problem letting the 8 year old ride. The seat went out empty anyways. If they could fill the seat with a single rider maybe that would be a different story. At least they have the swap.
  16. I was there on July 1 and most every "big" coaster was almost an 1 hour wait in the middle of the day. X-flight was only 45. I would imagine it will be that or longer on the 4th.
  17. Thanks. Is it fast ops or does the park not get that crowded?
  18. How long of a wait should I expect for OR on a busy Saturday? (July 6)
  19. Going to the park for the first time tomorrow. I can't get there until 1. Will I be able to hit everything without flash pass?
  20. A quote from rcdb.com, Initially, Mantis was to be named "Banshee". In Irish folklore, a banshee is a female spirit whose wail was said to foretell a death in the family. After this definition was printed in a local newspaper, the "Banshee" name was dropped in favor of "Mantis". The original "Banshee" logo would later come to be that of Dorney Park's Steel Force
  21. I think you should stop. Charlotte is a really nice city with things to do and the park is really nice too. Hit Nighthawk at opening to avoid lines. Everything else moves reasonably well. Worth a couple hours out of the way travel.
  22. I just went to the park last week and used the plat flash pass. I was kind of disappointed at where we mixed into line on some rides. On Kingda Ka we still waited 15 minutes. On some rides it depends on timing. El Toro we were let in the line right after they released a large amount in the station. 2 minutes earlier we would of waited 1 or 2 trains but since we came in just at a bad time we waited 6 or 7 trains. Most rides you get let into the station but the station can be kind of crowded. I would go with El Toro. That ride is unlike any other ride I have ever been on. It is am
  23. Disregard, They own those different parcels too. They are just seperate accounts.
  24. According to Warren county records, the map looks like they own all the way to the river. They own up to Kings High School but there are to parcels across from Great Wolf ( parcel # 9434034 and 9426795 ) They are next to that green house thing. The circular drive and the cleard circle in the trees are a different property owner. Go to this site and it will help. Then click on a property then click on map. http://www.co.warren.oh.us/auditor/property_search/prop_grid.asp?strSQL_CMD=SELECT+%2A+FROM+CAMAWEB%2EPRPTY+WHERE+1+%3D+1++AND+OWNER%5FNAME+LIKE+%27KINGS%25%27+AND+OWNER%5FNAME+L
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