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  1. GKTW Facebook Coasting for Kids will be at Kentucky Kingdom June 20th. You can register here: Give Kids The World
  2. Wow. Thanks for posting that. I haven't paid much attention to the flooding up river from me.
  3. Thanks for adding on! I didn't use my regular camera, just my phone in order to tweet photos, so I didn't take as many as I would have if I had my camera in my hands.
  4. I only heard them say Mt Slide Hai. I didn't hear them say anything about the lazy river.
  5. I presume the SFNO stuff was acquired while this was still a SF park. We should find out about the water park next month when they do their announcement. They did mention that the water park would get some TLC next, so new slides would be a possibility.
  6. I attended Keys to the Kingdom at Kentucky Kingdom today. I was a nice off-season event with only a small group. We were given a behind the scene look at a park during the off season, giving us a look at some of the coasters in the winter homes, telling us stories of that will be going where and a sense of the park’s past. First up was T3. After the ridge photo booth and gift shop was removed, that area was repurposed for the characters changing room. There is still a couple chairs from that time. It appears that the ride photos will be coming back for T3 in the future. From there we walked through the water park over to the picnic area. We were able to see the trains for Lightning Run and T3 there. It was announced that a beer garden would be opening up in this area, with a new exclusive beer for Kentucky Kingdom. Guessing the name of the beer will probably be something related to Eye of the Storm based on hints given. Next we walked through the water park where we were shown a new entrance to the water park, as well as a new path around Thunder Run and the awful wooden fences have been taken down. Because the fences have been removed we were able to see some new wood on Thunder Run. Next a trip to the see new and shiney. We went up to the station for Thunder Run where sits a brand new train, just arrived this week. It has stadium seating. There was also new wood on the brake run. The smoking area near Swampwater Jack’s will be getting a kiddie ride - a kiddie Whip. Also new for this year, the street crossing will be open to the public as an alternative to the bridge. There will be employees working as crossing guards. Next we were up close and personal with Storm Chaser! Did you know that where Eye of the Storm ended up with the 3rd location for the ride? Enterprise was supposed to be removed, but it is now on it’s last legs. It as a DNR order, so if it goes down, it is done, plug will be pulled. That was the 1st location. 2nd location was the end of the drag strip closer to Storm Chaser, but they didn’t want it that close, so they moved it to the end of the drag strip furthest from Storm Chaser. Kentucky Kingdom does not consider Eye of the Storm a roller coaster. There was a Twisted Twins sign still laying around on a bar that came from Six Flags New Orleans post hurricane. There are a few items around the park that came from that park. Next up was a boxed lunch that consisted of a pretty good sandwich, chips, grapes, a drink and an optional oatmeal cookie. The staff answered questions while we ate. My dreams of being able to go to the park after work during the week will still be a dream. It completely makes sense why the park has the short hours and season that it does once they broke it down for us. They aren’t completely ruling out longer hours or season, but it will have to be a good business decision when it happens. Another hot topic is Halloween. Not this year, but sounds very hopeful for next year will be not a Halloween theme, but more of a fall theme. Ed Hart made an appearance and answered a few questions before asking us a bunch of questions. Moving on, the last remaining footer of Vampire was pointed out to us. And we saw the train from Greased Lightnin’. We were allowed to get up close and personal with Lightning Run. The kiddie train received a new paint job. A new kiddie ride is in the area. Last news is that this will be the last year for Mt. Slide Hai. I think that is all the important stuff from today. Adam and I waiting for the event to start T3's winter home in the picnic area T3 T3 Lightning Run's winter home in the picnic area Lightning Run's winter home in the picnic area Thunder Run - new wood, no wooden fence Thunder Run - New path around and into the water park Thunder Run - The path will go in both directions, so there will be plenty of places to be able to see this coaster Thunder Run New train - The logo will be added New wood on the break run, should help prevent the train from stopping too early Inside Storm Chaser Inside Storm Chaser um? Best guess we were given is that the guys from RMC did it. It had never been noticed before today. New ride Blast from the past #1 Twisted Twins sitting on a bar that was from SFNO Ed Hart Blast from the Past #2 - last remaining Vampire footer Blast from the past #3 Greased Lightnin' Up close and personal to Lightning Run New paint job on the kiddie train Last year for Mt Slide Hai
  7. http://support.gktw.org/site/TR/CoastingForKids/General?px=1088464&pg=personal&fr_id=1380 This will be my 4th year at Kings Island.
  8. Thanks. I do love the gifts. The mad libs is perfect since I'm stuck at home all week. I didn't do the elaborate opening photo taking that everyone else did as, well, with the drugs I was on, I didn't think about it. Lol My entertainment for the week. 9th doctor....can't go wrong with him Pens keychain and Blue Jackets magnet
  9. I received my Secret Santa gift a couple days ago but was only able to get it today. It is great and I will post some photos when I am up to it. Thank you so much. So to the person who is getting a gift from me: I was waiting for a package from Amazon, which did arrive on Friday. Unfortunately, I've been in the hospital from Thursday morning until last night. I have my roomie wrapping right now and he will get it sent on its way. It will be sent priority, so you should have it by the end of the week. This definitely isn't how I want to be spending my holiday season, and I guess to get the rest of my shopping done I will be shopping online, as I will be out of commission all this week too.
  10. I've been trying to reply, but it just stays in my outbox. I don't know if it is the computer I'm on (at work) or what. I did have a question about mine, as when I seach the members for the username, I'm not finding that person. Can you double check it for me as it also wasn't in the list on page one. Thanks.
  11. I'm a Whovian. I have a nice collection of Doctor Who mugs, shot glasses and sonic screwdrivers. The 9th Doctor is my favorite. I a huge hockey fan and folllow mostly the Pittsburgh Penguins, although I do go to quite of few Columbus Blue Jackets games since they are closer. My unused college degree is in Slavic Studies - and I am still interested in all things Tsarist Russia and Soviet Union. Someday I will brush up on my language skills. Shirt size is XL Favorite colors are purple and blue. Diamonds are a girl's best friend I can dream, can't I?
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