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  1. Nothing like a woodie in the woods even if it is smaller than average.
  2. The water on ROS makes it more fun especially the first turn. While riding in the back, it is funny to see everyone drop their hands coming out of the helix because they think their hands will get chopped off.
  3. I just noticed the article said nothing about seasonal Canada's Wonderland.
  4. I remember reading an article last year stating that Cedar Point and Kings Island were 1 and 2 for attendance at a seasonal park for 2011. I thought they were around 15 and 16 including year round parks. Just found the article. http://www.cleveland.com/travel/index.ssf/2012/07/cedar_point_kings_island_are_m.html 1. Magic Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando, Fla. 2. Disneyland, Anaheim, Calif. 3. Epcot, Disney World, Orlando 4. Animal Kingdom, Disney World, Orlando 5. Hollywood Studios, Disney World, Orlando 6. Islands of Adventure, Universal Orlando 7.
  5. When is Cedar Fair going to theme a coaster like this one? That was great.
  6. bonsaiisuperstar, I go to ERT a lot during the week. I rarely go on weekends. Last year my kids and I went 35 time during the week. This year one child finally makes 54" so I will be going opening day for ert and probably most May weekdays. When the time gets closer we can talk about meeting up as long as 8 year old girls don't scare you. I also go alone a lot in the evenings after the kids go to bed (730ish) so I wouldn't mind meeting up so I don't look like a loser alone while the 15 year olds make out in line around me.
  7. I think they shoud do a horny male water ride and you get shot out like.. well anyway I like the Joker ride.
  8. Beast does not open early. Last year at the beginning D-Back and Invertigo were the 2 big coasters that opened early. ABout midway through last year they switched Invertigo to Drop Tower. If you go the visitkingsisland website and go to the FAQ page it lists the ERT. I also thought only Gold and Plat passes get in early not resorts. Last year it was 1 hour prior but heard rumor it was going to be shorter this year. Below is cut and paste from the bottom of the FAQ page. "Every day during the 2012 season, the park opens early for Gold Passholders to enjoy some of their favorite rides.
  9. Thanks for all of the advice for going on opening day. Great advice but most of the coasters were closed for the first hour which ruined getting on Nighthawk before the line. I ended up riding Flying Ace and Aerial Chase first since they were the only ones open. The next to open was Afterburn and I made about 5 or 6 runs in the front seat without getting off.(the ride) I walked onto Carolina Cobra and finally the other rides started opening up with little to no wait. Nighthawk opened around 11 to 1130 and I waited 1:40 just after noon but was rewarded with a front side seat ride. The lon
  10. What ride is best to hit early before the crowds hit? I saw in the park guide the plan of attack but it looks old since Verbolten is not included.
  11. CpBluestreakCp, My house is about 1/4 mile down the street and slightly downhill, so I can't see it from the house but when I drive off my street it is right there and it looks awesome. I see the front of the park so everyday I saw the destruction of SOB. Sometimes in my house at 10pm I wonder which kid is banging on the walls then realize it is the fireworks. On a cloudy night I can see the light of the fireworks reflect off the clouds. My biggest problem is during the winter I leave my street and get all excited and realize opening day is still 2 months away.
  12. I see Kings Island every day I leave my street. I listen to the fireworks every night. That is how close I live. If the 3 lights are green on the way there I can get into the lot in less than 5 minutes.
  13. ^The park map on their website sucks but it looks like your list is a nice counter clockwise rotation. Would it be smart to hit Woodstock Express after Flying Ace or keep with your pattern and hit Woodstock on the way to Afterburn later in the day. I don't want to wait too long for a kiddie ride. I have read Woodstock here is really good. I know at KI it sometimes is slow because they keep measuring kids. Thanks for your list it looks good. Are area schools off school for Good Friday? I am just wondering why opening day is a Friday and what kind of crowd to expect.
  14. I just happen to be in CLT for opening day this year and have never been to the park. I am looking for a good plan of attack. I will be there at opening so I want to hit the slow moving long lines first. Any good advice? I am alone but still want to hit their Woodstock Express to compare it with KI. Also credit whore Flying Ace even though it is the same. I don't want to waste time in line for those though. I don't mind long lines as long as they keep moving. Also I would not oppose to meeting up with one of you all for a little while if anyone is going on opening Friday. Thanks fo
  15. I should be getting off it by then, so I will see you at the exit as you come up. It will be my daughter's first ride as 54". then we will hit all the 54" rides for her after that.
  16. I thought Montu could use some new paint too. It looked a little rough when I was there in Dec.
  17. ^ I see your point on Firehawk and Windseeker. It takes a big man to admit when he is wrong. I am not a big man. I guess my kids are weird. Of the 54" rides they were least nervous or scared of Firehawk. They were more scared of D-back, Drop tower, Sheikra(BGT). I guess I thought Manta is an extreme and awesome flyer and Firehawk is slow and not exciting. As far as height requirements and Cedar Fair goes, they do change. Adventure Express and Racer were both 44" rides and now are 48" since Cedar Fair bought the park. I would consider 48" family friendly because most kids hit
  18. ^I have not seen a POV of a KI ride with a twisteee or loopdeeloop or wheeee. But I have seen the"rare" Tornado POV at Stickers Grove. Yes I have the "rare" credit.
  19. I am an airline pilot. Most of my flying is on the east side of the country. As said before DFW taking off to the south looking out west about 2 or 3 minutes after takeoff. SFOG can be seen flying into ATL from west or northwest out the left side. Plane is usually at 12,000 ft. After the FAs tell you that you are on initial approach but prior to the FAs telling you to turn off your electronics. If you hear that you probably missed it. Taking off only planes going west may see it out the right if the airport is taking off on runways headed west. CP can be seen flying into DTW on
  20. XYZ, Firehawk and Windseeker are not extreme. To me an extreme ride is something the most kids and adults would be nervous or afraid to ride. My kids and their friends are not nervous to ride either of those unless they are afraid of heights. D-back & Drop Tower and maybe even Delerium I would put in the extreme ride category. Also I don't think it would be a big deal to have gigas within 3.5 hours I just don't think the park is geared that way. SFOGdude comments are why I think KI is a family park. Also taking out those cars was a huge bummer. It always had a wait and kids love
  21. KI is a family park so I just don't see them going with a giga. I could see a nicely themed Invert or as I said before the C-Hunt launch. It is probably too similar to Stunt Coaster so maybe they could do a couple inversions like I said earlier to make it more intense. As Robb said not every park is going for Top Thrill Dragster type rides and KI is so close to CP I don't see them going extreme any time soon. A lot of people in my area of Mason usually go up to CP every couple of years and there would not be a need to do that if KI built those type of coasters. Cedar Fair makes more money
  22. I think all of you are missing what kind of park KI is at this point.(or I am) They are not really a coaster park like CP anymore. Back in the day they were trying to one up CP. For example Vortex at time of its opening had most amount of inversions. Then SOB was trying to be biggest baddest ride. Now I think the park has gone with a different tone. I feel they are trying to be more family oriented. I would love a giga but does that really fit the park now. I could be way off but I think the park could go with a launch coaster because it would be geared to more wide range of people. I
  23. I want to win a bag o crap so here is my random post. So what is SOB going to have in its place? I see 3 options that could work. B & M Invert, Launch Coaster like Cheetah Hunt (better for families that KI likes to go for instead of the Maverick type of coaster) or a Giga which I find not likely. At least I tried to put something good on my post for the bag o crap!!
  24. To me Firehawk isn't even worth riding unless it is front seat. Flight of Fear is more fun in the front seat but try to do both back seat and front seat at least once each. Vortex I agree with others back seat is best but still brace yourself for the ride. Beast I agree with everyone else about second from the back and also it would be best to get a ride at night. Not dusk but pitch black. So depending on the time of year you should get in line just before the fireworks(right before they cut the line) even though the ride shuts down between 9:45 and 10:15 for the fireworks.
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