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  1. azza29, I know Cincy schools go until first week of June. I think only universities get out in May but school groups do go there in May. Really it must of been some freak reason the park was crowded in May. I have been almost every weekday in May for the last 2 years and never had a crowd, except on great weather days Planet Snoopy with all the preschool kids and homeschool kids like ours. Early May is really awesome time if the weather is nice.
  2. May 14 or 15 every ride will be a walk on and most you won't have to get off for several runs. I usually hit it up every weekday in May that I don't work. It is awesome. Last year I even got to stay on D-back a couple of times before someone came up to my seat forcing me off. Also I agree don't skip Flight Deck but the park guide on this site says the ride is low capacity but it really doesn't matter because not many people make the long walk back there. I do like the ride. I even operated it for a year when it wrecked and they ran 1 train most of the year. edit to add: If the we
  3. The park guide on this website is what I would look into. Only thing is I wouldn't make Flight Deck a priority even if it does have slow operations like the guide states. I personally would hit the slow loading ones before going to D-back or Beast. Go into the park and go left hit Invertigo first and both Firehawk and Flight of Fear get long slow lines so it is good to hit those early. If you avoid Saturday you probably could avoid getting a Fast Lane.
  4. I think maybe I am just jealous that KI doesn't have an invert like Raptor. I just went on Montu last week and thought it was better than Raptor.
  5. I agree with you. Raptor at most every other park would be rated very high. The problem is CP has just so many good rides. It ranks as my 4th favorite at CP but put it in KI and it is either 1 or 2.
  6. Tornado at Strickers Grove because it is "rare" Seriously it is a nice small woodie. (At least that is what she said)
  7. Still on the KI site as of 30 seconds ago. http://www.visitkingsisland.com/things-to-do/fast-lane
  8. The new Giga replacing SOB at KI. Just kidding much rather have a launch coaster like Maverick. (Cheetah Hunt is cool for young kids but I want Maverick) Of course it is D-back for now.
  9. My six year old just went on Scorpion at BGT yesterday. Couldn't get him off the ride. The park was empty so we just went around and around and around. I thought it was great and it would be a shame if BGT took it out. Perfect for my buddying enthusiasts.
  10. I am thinking that intense and aggressive can be positive things. I hate to disagree with Robb since I am a rookie around here but I take them both as positive. I think it is similar to Sir Clinksalot. Millennium Force is very intense but not aggressive. Maverick is aggressive and if it had better restraints would be my #1 coaster ahead of MF. It seem to me with my limited experience that most of the giga or even hyper are more intense and less aggressive. While launch coasters are more aggressive.(at least Maverick and Flight of Fear)
  11. I am jealous my kids would nominate me for sainthood if I got my hands on a bunch of park maps. I need to win something. I am eagerly waiting for my opportunity.
  12. Playful beating, I think I did a lot of that in high school.
  13. This always makes me wonder about SOB at KI. It has been a long time since I rode it and I don't remember the seat I rode in. So many people complain about that ride but was it smooth in the front seat? I assume it was bad for every seat because now it parts of it are hanging people's offices and the rest is scrap wood.
  14. I am new and have searched a little for this topic and didn't find it. I have recently come back to the coasting world now that my kids have hit 48" and even better the 54" mark. When I was young I didn't care what seat to ride on a woodie, but now i am older and wiser I have a theory. I ride The Beast and Racer(KI) a lot and noticed the first seat of a car is a much smoother ride. So many people complain about the roughness of a ride but ever since I started sitting in the first seat of a car(doesn't matter which car) my back has been fine. I even went to Darien Lake where most people t
  15. It helps to scroll to the bottom of that page. Thanks.
  16. Do you have discount code for BGT if I join? Not to sound cheap but I am.
  17. Maybe the apostrophe key is missing on his keyboard. I might cut him slack since he is 13.
  18. Question for Houstonians if that is what you call one from Houston. I will be staying downtown on Sunday around noon until Monday early AM and was wondering if it is worth taking the Metro bus to Hobby, renting a car, driving to Galveston pier for the coaster and then to Kemah for the Bullet. It is $20 for the car and 45 minutes each way on the Metro. Then pay $10 to get on the pier, $6 for the ride, $6 for parking at Kemah and finally $6 for one ride on Bullet. Is this worth it for these 2 coasters? I don't have all the money in the world so are they worth the financial and time investme
  19. I was there Friday night. Rained early and late but from 9 to midnight was great. Nothing like being top of Drop Tower while raining and windy. We waited too late to ride Diamondback. I thought I was bleeding the rain hurt so much. If we went 30 minutes earlier it would of been great. I think the houses were lame because I think the workers had a hard time getting into the mood with less than 5000 in the park. Can't wait until April.
  20. Saw the crane the other day while driving past the park. Got excited for something exciting in 2014. What a difference a day makes. Last night park was empty but tonight there is a traffic jam on 71 north getting into the park. 741 just North of the park was backed up heading towards the park. I know Toyota was there all day but lots more people headed in around 7. I think tonight could be rival the 4th of July crowds.
  21. Does anybody know if BGT use height bracelets like Cedar Fair or do they measure on each ride? My daughter is 53 15/16".
  22. When I worked on Top Gun I was taught to drive the coaster. Very easy to do. Just push this pull that and it won't let you do stupid things like bring a train into the station until one has been dispatched. While being taught my supervisor was telling me that Beast was a lot less automatic. He said that there were 5 different levels of braking. I don't know if he was full of it or not but ever since then I have noticed sometimes the trim brakes slow us down more than others. He also stated that usually at night they let it go faster. I have been in the Beast driver booth and it had a l
  23. Most parks I have been to give you water for free. CP is great they give you a big cup while KI small plastic cups. By the way KI is closed this weekend for a private event.
  24. I am not rich it is all about how you spend your money. My TV is from 1996. I don't have a smart phone. I have a 12 year old car. I do have 4 kids but I have decided what I want to spend my money on. When I go to CP I spend my money on Fast Lane. People complain it is not fair to offer Fast Lane. Well those who can't afford it might have a smart phone or a big flat screen TV. It is all about what someone chooses to spend their money on. As far as trips being worth it, on Friday I am driving from Tallahassee to BGT in the morning and driving back at night. I am going to be tired
  25. So I was at the park today after the heavy rain. It was dry for a couple of hours and an occasional mist would fall. I have accepted the fact that Cedar Fair is conservative about running in rain. Most coasters were down a train(except Beast and Racer because their ready brakes are covered) and I understand their reasoning. So how many times in the rain have the trains blown through the ready brakes? Only once in my life have I heard of this happening at KI and it is while I worked there. It wasn't raining. I was just thinking that after all of these years(since 07) and a train has not
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