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  1. Thank you. Recently I went to SFNE and SFGAdv and bought the Flash Pass and felt it was not really needed. At SFNE it was a Saturday and the rides were a walk on and here I am with a Flash Pass. At least at SFGAdv during the midday I got out of waiting. Should I go Gold or Plat? Should I do it in advance or wait until I get there? Thanks for the tips. I am going alone so if anybody wanted to meet up that would be cool. Also I don't know a lick of French.
  2. I will be going to the park June 30. I know I should get a flash pass but if I choose not to, what order should I do the coasters if I get there first thing in the morning? I am driving up from Burlington and wondered if there is parking at the park since it is in the city? Thanks for any tips.
  3. I was at the park for the first time yesterday. Had a great time with not much waiting. Only bummer is Dark Knight was closed most of the day and never was over there the few minutes it was open. I do agree the park could use some more flats. I was also visiting Dorney and thought their flats were great. GA could use some in their lineup. Also I thought Cedar Point put TTD is a great location to show it off, while GA hid Kingda Ka out of the way. TTD always has a big crowd just watching riders faces as they get ready for launch. I think the park could also put a cut through from KK to
  4. I was at Dorney for the first time yesterday. I did every coaster(even Woodstock) by noon and that is with a few flats and log flume. I do feel bad for the workers on Wild Mouse. That music would kill me all day, but I think it goes well with the ride. I thought the park was really nice. Loved the flats, but disappointed in Steel Force. Hydra was number 100 for me and I thought it was a good ride and really like Talon. Too bad I had to leave early and go to SFGA for the rest of the day. I thought Planet Snoopy is also one of the better kids areas I have seen.
  5. Were they using people who rode all 4 rides? (or at least more than 1)
  6. I was there on Tues and Wed and I probably saw 3 to 4 cement trucks in the area. One drove under Adventure Express Q just after pouring cement. Also saw a couple way back near the Animal ride scrap yard but did not know if they were pouring.
  7. ^^The park is more crowded this year on these dates than the last 2 years. I have talked to several ride ops, first aid station, and security guards about the crazy big crowds. I asked if it was just me but all of them said that the crowd has been a surprise and the talk amongst the workers. Over this last week I have been there between 930 and 10 and shocked at the parking lot and amazed to see lines that are twice as long as early June weekdays last year. Maybe it is the weather or maybe the economy is doing better. I have no stats to back this statement up but I was there the last 2 y
  8. Any word on Goliath? Planning on being at the park this weekend and was hoping something has been done.
  9. I was hoping to get some help with my visit in June. I am debating about coming the first week vs. the second week. The park is open for 2 more hours until 8 during the second week. My plan is to fly in on June 5 to Newark around 9 am. I would drive to Dorney Park and hopefully get in there by noon. I would then go to SFGAdv on June 6 for open to close and fly out June 7. I am disappointed that the park closes at 6. I am wondering would it be worth flying into Philly June 9 at 1115, paying more for a car rental and getting to Dorney by 1 or 2? Then I would get 2 more hours at SFGadv
  10. Fast Lane at KI only would be worth it on Sat. Weekdays in June your longest wait probably would be Firehawk at about 45 minutes. Flight of Fear would be a close second and everything else should be 30 minutes or less. Also usually early in the season Racer only runs one side until noon or so so don't wait in line because once they open the second side it usually is a walk on.
  11. Coaster Curt, On the 15th Fast lane would be a waste of money. No need on weekdays in May.
  12. Invertigo is also is slow going at KI. I agree with everyone hitting Firehawk first followed up by FOF.
  13. Koasterking48, No Windseeker was closed but there were about 5 mechanics working on it and it was up and down all day. It has actually been up and down a lot over the last 2 weeks.
  14. I live in Cincy and I just bought a SFNE Gold pass. I am only visiting that park once(Never been there either) but will be going to about 5 Six Flags parks. I was told on the phone that the only early riding was 10 minutes before the park opens to GP. People keep mentioning ERT and I was wondering is there ERT everyday on different rides? If so how do I find out in advance what ride? Also if I show up at 9 or so can I get by pass processed so I am not wasting open hours getting my pass? It sound like the processing center is inside the park which I find to be odd. Thanks for any help.
  15. I'll be in Myrtle Beach in June grabbing Family Kingdom credits. Too bad this ride will not make my credit list.
  16. What is wrong this Saturday? I see 64, cloudy and only 20 percent chance of rain according to weather.com. I will be there on Sat. Then not again until May 12 and every weekday until school kids get out.
  17. I thought Robb was going to bust an O ring on the bonus helix. It did seem to add something "special" to the ride.
  18. I vote for Guy's FTFY. I am going to start using with teen texters. Too bad I don't know any teen texters.
  19. The show is a classic and the park is not just trying to please younger people. They want people in there 40s and 50s to bring their entire family to the park. The PR department isn't always going for the young crowd when doing promotions or special guests. The bonus is that since the show is such a classic there are many young people that know the show. I think it is a great idea.
  20. What goes flying by around :32? It made the rider look twice. He reacted like it was a nice rack flying by.
  21. The park is very clean and I think the workers are better than average. They still are mostly teenagers so I guess good for teenagers. I think the park index on this site sums up KI perfectly.
  22. It is one of the better rides. The line does move a little slow so hitting it early is usually a good idea. It works out since Firehawk is slow too and they are right next to each other. I would say don't miss it.
  23. I am just going to agree with previous people. More shaky than your other vids but a lot better than other people's videos on youtube.
  24. I think it must be making Cedar Fair money because they decided to put another D-Alive in Carowinds. At least KI is in the woods and not in an open field like Carowinds. I got a good view of theirs while waiting in line for Afterburn. Now I don't have to spend 5 to see it. At KI I usually see a trickle of people going back there while I am riding Racer.
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