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  1. That number was actually the ID off a piece of B&M track. That track in question however was for Heide Park's new coaster. Don Helbig only tweeted it to mess with the enthusiasts over on KICentral.
  2. Oh, thanks Rob. I just couldn't bring myself to read the 15 pages of comments between that link and now.
  3. Wow. This is a horrific day for the theme park industry. In a matter of hours we have likely lost two rides for the rest of the season. And both of these rides are newer. Texas Giant reopened in 20011 and STR just new in 2010. I'm especially interested to find out what exactly happened in Texas tonight. From what I read in this article, an employee failed to ensure that the restraint was fully in place. P.S. The amount of people on this topic right now is insane.
  4. Agreed. And there's already one at a sister park 3.5 hours away! Although, this is Cedar Fair, which brings me to the fact that my guess is now a slightly bigger but more boring Diamondback! Do you not like Diamondback!? It's my favorite ride at KI and 3rd favorite on Ohio. Only Raptor and Maverick are ahead of it. Millennium doesn't even come in til 4th. Oh, and speaking of Raptor, my prediction for KI 2014 is a B&M invert.
  5. The Beast and Adventure Express at Kings Island. Adventure Express, especially. The difference between night and day is astonishing. What is almost boring in light becomes a near thrill at night. Actually, you do get some nice views during the day. You used to get SOB, and now you can get some excellent construction project updates. And next year we'll have Banshee views. But seriously, night makes the ride better even without the views.
  6. So how many tunnels does Gold Striker have now? Does anyone know the record for most tunnels on a coaster? They might as well just go for that record and market it so that something good can come out of this.
  7. This is possibly my most highly anticipated 2014 non home park coaster. (My home park is Kings Island, so its kinda hard not to be excited when your home park is getting a new machine.) Although, Seven Dwarfs and the Gringotts Bank Coaster should be exciting too. Wow, it's only June and 2014 is already shaping up to be an exciting year!
  8. I've only ever been to Kings Island and Cedar Point. So, my vote has to go to chain. I would love to visit other parks, but as a jobless 16 year old with no one close to me who shares my passion, that ain't likely to happen anytime soon.
  9. Wow! Check out that last pic. The people to the side really put it into scale how tall this thing is. Especially, remembering that this is only the hump, not the full first drop.
  10. Drop Tower @Kings Island The sound of it pushing the wind under it as it falls and then the vroooooooom as it hits the brake. And finally a more subtle sound of the wind being pushed outwards from the tower as it gets squished between the ground and the ride carriage. Unbelievable! I love it!
  11. ^Awww, that's upsetting. Hopefully you can figure it out in the near future.
  12. Hey, Recently I have felt the urge on many posts in these forums to press a like button. This is due to both of the other forums I read having a button to like poster's comments. It is a very nice way to provide extra interaction through the forums. I'm not sure if the software of this site allows for one, but I though I should make a thread to see if others would like one. Also, to find out if one is even possible. (I hope Robb could answer that one.) rcwizard13
  13. This comment made me realize something. These forums do not have a like button!!! Is that something that could be added? Oh, and what a long update! There were many things I was going to comment with, but the biggest one I can remember is that those figurines are unbelievably realistic. If I didn't know any better I truly would think they are actors.
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