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  1. FYI. The Blue Friday special can upgrade the paid tickets to come back within 7 days The free tickets are not eligible for the come back upgrade. I am going with the Ticketsatwork special since I have a bunch of people going.
  2. 1. YouTube never comment. 2. Facebook never comment. I save comments for the forums. I am too old to have any other social media.
  3. I am looking into buying tickets to attend the week after Thanksgiving. A couple years ago when I went you could get a second day within a week. Also on the Tickets at work site I notice it says when leaving the park for $15 I could get a second day. Do all tickets purchased qualify for a second day within a week for cheap? I am asking because their Blue Friday sale might have a better deal than tickets at work site but I want to get the second day for cheap. Many tips or advice.
  4. Thank you for your quick response. I am hoping to go back in couple years to do Universal and SeaWorld when the kids can handle all the Universal rides. The weird thing is I kind of wanted to spend money on SeaWorld to show them support with all those idiots out there saying SeaWorld is "evil" animal abusers. I love the place.
  5. My wife wants to skip Epcot and go to SeaWorld instead. The reason is we have 5 kids under 12 and the last time we have been to Epcot was 2000. She doesn't think the kids will be too thrilled with Epcot. My concern for SW is only one kid is 54". Any advice on where I should go with 5 kids aged 11, 9, 7, 5 and 1?
  6. Headed here for the first time. I should be getting to the park Saturday around 2. Will I have enough time to get all the coaster credits? How are the crowds in the fall? Thanks.
  7. As far as the weather closing rides at KI, I would say that in my experience they have the one of the most liberal policy towards weather. Generally most rides stay open unless there is lightning. If it is extended weather they pull a train off D-back,Vortex and Stunt Coaster running them with two trains while Beast and Racer run full capacity because the brake runs are covered. I have been to many parks that keep things closed for light mist. I was at SFOT with 15 MPH winds and they had the coasters closed. I have always been pleased with the weather policy at KI. I am sorry you
  8. I think the gaping hole in the coaster line up is coasters for 44-48 inch riders. Ever since they raised the limits on Adventure Express and Racer there has been a large group of people who are stuck riding Flying Ace Areial Chase. I think the park should go with a wild mouse with a 44 inch requirement or something like Steel Dragon at Waldameer that is 46 inch requirement. Both would be lower costs and would be aimed at a large amount of families. The one complaint I hear often is for families that have big and medium height kids. The 48 inchers have a lot of coaster and they don't want t
  9. My wife and 5 kids are camping in NW PA and we are planning on going to Waldameer this coming week. Any advice? Should I pay the all day pass or go with Wally points? I have tried to convince my wife to stop at Conneaut but she keeps saying na baby na. Traveling with 5 kids makes things more complicated and she says only one amusement park per camping trip. My kids are coaster nuts but like flats too. I am only there for the coasters but need to pretend I am putting the kids needs first. What kind of crowd should I expect. I hope schools have started up there to keep crowds down. I
  10. I was at the park last Monday and Tuesday and they only had 1 train operations on Bat. I hope this is not a new trend. The one thing I have always loved about KI is they run all trains no matter the crowd. I hope this is a mechanical issue not a six Flags technique. Edit. I am an idiot. I didn't realize you meant Bat is really off track.
  11. There are so many pictures of this park. I liked the narrative instead of pictures. Pictures of something unusual for this park would be the only reason to post it. Racer is a lot better on a non wheel seat. It is just like Beast. Wheel seat people hate the ride while non wheel seat it is good.
  12. If your doing a coaster run at Dorney you should be able to get out of there by noon if you ERT Talon and hit the Wild mouse first so you can give yourself more time at Knoebels. If you don't get our of there early leave Knoebels later. An hour and half is not much time. I say give yourself at least 2 hours there.
  13. Those are all good choices. The weakest one in my opinion is St. Louis but I understand from a budget perspective it helps with the Six Flags pass. Carowinds can get very crowded on Saturday and Nighthawk line can be very slow. You can avoid getting the fast lane plus by hitting that at opening. I would also try to move things around and hit it on a weekday. If you drop SFOT I would drop St. Louis and add Busch Gardens since you would not need the season pass to Six Flags. Also 2 days should be plenty at CP. Also Kings Island and Kings Dominion have a lot of same rides but agai
  14. I just finished reading from page 1. It took a couple of months and I did a final ram tonight for 3 hours to finish the last 70 pages. Now I have to go to Facebook to catch up.
  15. Bugeyed How long do you plan on going to the park? I just need more details before make an offer to help. I don't want to make the wife mad by making a commitment that would annoy her There is a slight chance to get you transportation but I most likely would not be able to hang out. Also slight chance of getting you Great Pumpkin coaster credit if your a credit whore. I don't want to get your hopes up I can try to help.
  16. I am not a very bright man. I was writing that in a hurry late at night. At least you knew what I meant.
  17. I rode all three for the first time today and I thought Voyage was the smoothest of the three. The Legend was the roughest by far. The Raven is the shortest and probably as smooth as The Voyage. While talking with people today, they said Firebird can get up to two hours long midday so I would listen to others about the rope drop race to the back. Edit: I rode Firebird twice and the three woodies by noon today and that is waiting for front seats.
  18. Where in Cincy do you need to be picked up and dropped off? If it is east side I may be able to help.
  19. I went to the park today(Friday) for the first time. It was awesome and only 97 degrees when I left mid afternoon. The rope drop race to Thunderbird was so long of a distance that A nice steady walk got me on the second train. All the runners got the first but I lead the fast walkers. I got right back in line and waited about 15 minutes for the second ride but the line was getting really long for a third ride. The lines for the other coasters didn't start thinning out until about 1215 to 1230. Longest wait was only 20 minutes and that was due to front seat waiting on Voyage. Par
  20. Not to be a pain but anybody have an answer. This got buried in when will KD get a coaster debate.
  21. I went to Canada's Wonderland this last week and saw employees actually doing a great job on Their seat belts on the B&M rides. Can they come down and teach KI how to do it so we can stop the stacking.
  22. I am planning on taking the family to KD in two weeks. The only other time I have been there was by myself last year. I arrived around 10 for a 1030 opening. I do not have access to ERT. I was granted access to International Street and didn't expect to ride anything but got on Dominator. I then went to the rope near Dominator to head to Volcano and wait until 1030. They allowed gold passes through to ERT. Is Dominator normally open early like that to non pass holders. I am trying to make a plan for my kids especially since I have different heights and going to try to divide and conquer
  23. A funny thing happend driving over the border. I had a rental car from Syracuse and crossed into Canada at 8. The thing is the custom agent did not like my answers. He couldn't believe I was driving 4 hours alone to meet up with nobody to ride roller coasters. I ended up getting pulled in to the custom office and they searched my car and asked a bunch more questions. The agent I first met in the car was a tough guy but the guys inside were cool. On the way back the U.S. Customs Guy was a smart ass about going to a park by myself. Last time I crossed to ride coasters was going from Burli
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