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  1. Couldn't agree more. Going to have to make my way over to Panama City Beach one day to see how it's holding up.
  2. Our AP Physics classes took a field trip to our local amusement park, Adventureland (the tiny one on Long Island, not the one in Iowa), which was about a 20 minute drive from our high school. While the park is mostly geared towards kids and families, going in the middle of the day during the week meant that we pretty much had the park to ourselves which made it very enjoyable. We were supposed to to take measurements on a few of the rides, but nearly everyone forged the data after the fact for the calculations. My favorite memory of the event is seeing my physics teacher at the time riding the Hurricane roller coaster (RIP by the way - the coaster, not my teacher he's doing okay) in the back row holding an anemometer and exhibiting no emotion whatsoever as he did so; it's almost as if he knew that he was the only one there that day who took any measurements. I just looked up the coaster's top speed on RCDB lol
  3. Wow! Not what I expected from Kennywood. What an absurd looking ride. That first drop looks absolutely ridiculous, and the ride overall looks like a ton of fun. It definitely will have an awesome skyline presence for the park.
  4. Awesome trip report! Really enjoyed the photos and the Pixar themed jokes in the descriptions. It's cool to see all the nods to Pixar short films spread throughout the pier, like Knick Knack's shop and the La Luna sign in the Lamplight Lounge. The Lamplight Lounge looks, for lack of a better word, incredible (that private room is crazy), as does the Incredicoaster. Hope to be able to visit someday!
  5. Will be interesting to see how this resort will be "seamlessly connected" to Galaxy Edge.
  6. Awesome photos! I really like how the slides use that hill that seems to surround the park. Great use of terrain.
  7. Exactly what I was thinking when I read this report. Great collection of rides and adorably well themed for a park you don't here about too often. Nice report and awesome photos!
  8. I never thought I'd see a $26 million spinning coaster, but it seems like the money is being put to good use. Not only does this ride look insane, but incredibly unique. I love Mack spinners, and I always hoped more parks would install them. Congrats SDC on putting this together!
  9. The elements on this ride look absolutely insane! Not to mention that it seems like the ride goes on forever; there is a lot of track to this beast. Well done Cedar Point and RMC! Looking forward to getting over to Ohio and riding this.
  10. Happy National Roller Coaster Day! Does anyone know if the announcement will be live streamed anywhere? Very excited for the reveal
  11. The same thing occurred for me too. I cannot watch it from the forum, but can watch it when clicking the Youtube link. I am using Chrome on a Mac.
  12. Interesting to see that they decided to theme the areas of the park to existing Six Flags parks. Exciting news for Six Flags though and am looking forward to seeing how this turns out!
  13. Great to see this coaster up and running. The ride, including the theming, looks awesome. I give a lot of credit to Lagoon for designing and building this monster in house.
  14. I wonder why the park has a limit of 200ft? Is that imposed by the city? Seems odd since Skyplex, at well over 500 ft, will be just down the street. Pretty sure the same 200 foot limit applies to Disney. The Everest mountain is 200 feet tall and Cinderella castle is just below 200 feet. I'm assuming you need special permits to build anything over that. As for the coaster itself, I'll be looking forward to it's development as it will be a great ride for Seaworld.
  15. A wingrider getting good reviews??? Impossible! Glad to hear the positive buzz about Thunderbird. I really need to get out to Holiday World someday.
  16. Thanks for the awesome update! Really puts the whole transformation into perspective.
  17. This has to be the greatest thread I have ever come across on this site. I would attempt to add to the discussion, but really have no idea how to begin to answer this question.
  18. Great Bear at Hersheypark was my first B&M. Hershey provided me with many firsts, including my first looping coaster and wooden coaster.
  19. 1997 1. Alpengeist 2. Steel Force 3. Superman: The Escape (now Superman: Escape from Krypton) Honorable Mention: Windjammer Surf Racers
  20. It always amazes me the amount of things Knott's can do with boysenberries. Great report!
  21. I would kill for those park maps! Lol my map collection is sparse to say the least. Always cool to see how epic these bags of crap are.
  22. I never thought "B&M" and "excellent airtime" could be said together! Really glad to hear a review like this and cannot wait to ride this someday. Looks like Carowinds scored big time.
  23. Very cool article of a very cool ride. It's a shame to learn that it has apparently met it's demise... don't think there will ever be another coaster like it.
  24. While Cannibal definitely deserves this recognition, I'm not so sure about the inclusion of Six Flags' Mega Loops in this article... Cannibal does however look fantastic and I cannot wait for it to start testing.
  25. I definitely agree with this. While spending three days at the park over the summer, nearly every major meal I ate was at Chickie's and Pete's. The food was far better than anything else the park had to offer and had a pretty cool view of raptor to enjoy while you ate. The fries were especially top notch.
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