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  1. On a 42 degree or 107 fahrenheit day there was nothing better to do than hit a water park about 40 minutes outside my home city of Melbourne. Funfields theme park is a medium sized park with some record breaking water slides, some classic rides and more. The crowds were not too bad so plenty of rides for me to keep cool on such a hot day. Enjoy the photos! First ride of the day was Typhoon, a world record breaking (longest) Cannonball waterslide Some classic body tube water slides with Blackout being in total darkness Alpine toboggan slide at 700 meters or 2296 feet long, is a fun alternative if the lines are busy on the water slides Also while your dry why not try the go karts Walking around the park I found the Kraken racer, a 4 lane racing waterslide Another world record holder for being the longest Kraken racer. Some fun twists and drops at the start before racing to the end to get the 1st place. Easily the best ride in the park, Gravity Wave is a Proslide Wave water slide. Another world record holder being the world's biggest, longest and tallest Wave. Absoluetly loved this, intense speed through the coil then free falling up into the wave Lost count of how many times I went on Gravity Wave! Funfields also has a children's water play area, a classic pirate ship and this surprise of the day, Voodoo Australia's only full looping pendulum ride to a height of 18 metres or 59 feet Voodoo was actually intense for it's small size, small parks should get one of these!
  2. Once a year in Melbourne is the Moomba festival. A combination of water ski jumping on the Yarra river, musical performances, parades and my reason for attending....the sideshow carnival! I was able to visit during one evening and made my way around the rides, the games and all of the delicious food stalls. Enjoy the following snapshot I got of the carnival atmosphere. A quick train ride into Melbourne city and I've arrived at the 4 day Melbourne Moomba Festival. I had never seen this kind of ride at a carnival before, didn't look too much fun either once it started up. Not really the kind of weather to get wet, maybe during the day time instead of the evening. The smaller of two spin and puke rides at Moomba. Plenty of toys to be won on the games area. Your traditional fun house made an appearance. The only coaster at the carnival and it was a wacky worm! This had some serious speed going on! At $15 per ride, there was not much of a queue for this, too pricy! Something for the younger generation. An awesome location for Moomba, right along the Yarra River. Dodgem cars ready paying customers. I finally took up the courage to ride one of these beasts... Speed 2 was insane but so much fun! What a blast! They had a smaller traveling Sky Flyer at Moomba. Airmax 360 doing it's thing. Basically it would spin around as the arms would rise up and down at a violent rate. As night fell, the atmosphere kicked up a gear. The lighting package on Freak Out was amazing! Spin Spin Spin!
  3. Thanks osm, I have a lot of patience to get the right shots.
  4. Most of the coasters were at least a 30-50 minute wait during the day, with Blue Fire being the longest. Blue Fire's single rider line is a bit of a waste of time. If the single line is just outside the station then it will take about 50 minutes to get a ride, which is the same time shown on the main line. I think singe rider works best on 4 across seated coasters. I was very impressed though with Blue Fire having 4 cars running over the whole weekend!
  5. At last, I have been able to visit one of the best theme parks in Europe, Europa Park. Living in London, the plan to actually get there for a weekend visit involved some intricate planning. After a flight, bus, two trains and a taxi I finally made it to my accommodation in Rust. I had the afternoon on the Friday to get some great pictures from around the perimeter of the park before I spent two solid days of riding coasters. On the Saturday night I went to the Marc Terenzi Horror Nights which was pretty awesome with 6 mazes and plenty of roaming scare actors wandering around the scare zones. The six mazes were hit and miss to the quality of them and also how scary they were. Possession: My first maze of the night and with this being my first real theme park Halloween event, I found it pretty awesome. Possession was based on characters possessed by the devil, exorcisms and generally everyone going crazy. Plenty of good scares and it was made even better as I was in a group of three. Dreamscape 3D: What do the 3D glasses do? It seemed I could of just walked through this maze without them and still got the same effect. This was one of the disappointing mazes of the event. There was supposed to be a theme of controlling your dreams but there was just pictures of clowns everywhere. Hardly any scare actors and to make things worse a few groups of people caught up to each other and we turned into a line of about 20 or so making it very predictable as we went through the maze. The Nest: One of the best for the night. The scare factor was really amped up with the sounds of insects buzzing, snakes hissing and a mix of crazy sounding bugs blasted through the maze. The fog was on overload which gave the scare actors great opportunity to frighten us. The maze exited out into the cornfield which was also part of the Field of Freaks. Walking through a corn field in the middle of the night was awesome! Chins Funhouse + Field of Freaks: The funhouse was a mix of carnival rides with pumping music blaring through the maze. Pretty much a fun house on steroids that exited back into the corn field. This was the longer path in the field and was full of freaks to scare the hell out of you. Very atmospheric as you could here girls screaming in the distance and you could hardly see where you were going. Both of these mazes together were the best of the night. Carnival: This was listed as a maze but in fact was a carnival horror ride. Once loaded into a car, you are led through a multi story carnival ride with a few live actors hiding to scare you. The huge crowds on the Saturday night made for long waits for each of the mazes, but after getting home at 1am it was definitely worth it! I had a brilliant weekend at Europa Park and will have to make another trip to try out the new Mythos wooden coaster. So I've made it to Switzerland, now to get my train into Germany to Rust After what felt a lifetime, I have finally made it to Europa Park! Halloween is in full swing at the park hmm another trip for next year? Silver Star is massive! With the location of Silver Star partly over the car park, it gives you some great opportunity for some photos 8:30am lining up on Saturday morning waiting for the stampede to Silver Star So once the gates opened I ran and was able to get a quick two rides in on Silver Star before the line got full with the crowds. What an awesome coaster, fast, smooth and plenty of air time hills I guess it's an out and back coaster...out it goes and then back again The park did a great job of with all of the Halloween props scattered around the park Next up was the Swiss Bob Run. This is now my third bob sled ride in the world and they are a heap of fun. Euro Mir. The lift.....that pretty much says how unique this crazy spinning coaster is. I think the lift goes for around two minutes then after some great views of the park, it hurls through the track and is a blast! The guy in the third car has the right idea. A quick Mythos update, no real changes since the last updates. That first drop looks wicked! Poseidon The first half coaster section is heaps of fun with sweeping turns and drops then it's full blast into the first splashdown. As with most of the rides at Europa Park, amazingly themed. The final drop. Skloosh! Poseidon's layout is quite big making it one of the best rides in the park. But you can't beat Blue Fire What a wicked coaster with the launch up into the unique banked turn. This is the first time I've had my heart beat rated....is 116 too high? All of the inversions are taken at an awesome pace. Blue Fire is definitely the most popular ride in the park with a constant line over the weekend of at least 50 minutes. With night time approaching it was getting close to the Horror Nights. After a break from the park for dinner it was time to enter Marc Terenzi's nightmare. Long lines for most of the mazes. The scare zones were full of mad and scary actors who were doing a great job getting the girls to scream. More lines. Chins Funhouse Brilliant make up on the scare actors. Carnival After a few hours sleep I was back for another day to explore more of the park. The crowds were building up again reading for the opening of the gate. Atlantica Supersplash Skloosh again! Whale Adventures Splash Tours. I'm not much of a fan of these unless the weather is really hot, no likely in Germany during October. the Giant Slide Labyrinth. Alpine Coaster was a surprise for me. What looked like a friendly family ride turned into a thrilling coaster that was a blast to ride. To get a better view of the park, I rode the Euro Tower. Euro Tower views With the amount o rides I was determined to go on, I only managed to see one show. This was in the arena in the Spanish land. Plenty of sword fighting, horse riding and lots of action. Fjord rafting It looked like this was one of those raft rides were you do actually get drenched and with the temperature around 14d decided to just watch instead. Standing up? This guy nearly fell out when the raft rebounded of the sides.
  6. After living in London for over four years, this was going to be the year we made it to Oktoberfest! A few friends and I headed out to Munich to join in the ultimate festival of beer guzzling and awesome rides. We had a few visits to the Oktoberfest site over our four days in Munich. Of course all of the rides look better at night with the millions of lights everywhere, so enjoy the photos from a big night we had enjoying the roller coasters and finishing off with a couple.....ok a lot of beer! The sun is setting and the lights are coming on, it's time for Oktoberfest! I didn't make it on this one, there was just too many other awesome rides to go on. What's that I see in the far distance... These kind of rides are impressive, but you wont get me on one. Spin spin spin Monster was new for Oktoberfest 2011. This 40m high beast was awesome! I didn't get any photos of it in action, but with the pumping music, the spinning axis and the forces as it climbed up beyond horizontal was amazing. Anyone for gingerbread? There it is, the holy grail of fun fair rides, but we'll get to that soon. Fun houses, horror houses, I lost count of how many were there. So close. Your typical spin and puke ride. The Germans love their fog machines. Not the warmest night to be getting wet, but some people love it. It's like a nightclub on a ride. The mouse roller coaster was pretty cool. Your usual switchbacks at the top then a few drops before the harsh breaks at the end. Ready for my ride. Hmm still getting wet. Alpina Bahn was very cool. The first drop launched you over he airtime hill, then it was non stop tight turns till the end. A very impressive portable roller coaster in my book. A spin on a classic. Now this was definitely a crowd pleaser and hilarious to watch. There was the 'holding on for dear life approach' The 'just drag you option' The 'fall over after a few attempts' And finally 'just fall flat and lie there' More smoke for night time riding. Hollenblitz was weird, but in a good way. As from Rob's video from last year, the Christmas tree was still there and the crazy spinning into darkness made this indoor coaster pretty good. There was also fire which is always cool for us fellow coaster nerds. This is it. I've seen this so many times on trip reviews and now I finally get to the ride Olympia Looping! Freakin awesome! Wow! It starts with the ultimate view from the top of the lift over the entire ride area of Oktoberfest. Then bang, through a loop, then another and after the blur of it all you've gone through five loops. For me this ties with Monster for the best ride at Oktoberfest. Another view of the size of this awesome coaster. You can't have an Oktoberfest with a gigantic Ferris wheel. This is Rocket and hmmm does it look safe? I didn't go on this, well I was running out of money after all of the rides so far. After we made it through the huge collection of rides, it was time for the other enjoyment of Oktoberfest, Beer! The tents are gigantic holding over 6000 people indoors. I know you are all here to see the rides, but of course you need to make a new friend while at Oktoberfest. His name is 'The Stein' These photos were taken from the previous day. Beer number 3? I lost count. Beer and meat, the only way to go. Oktoberfest is awesome and if Rob plans another TPR trip there you should definitely sign up, if even just for Olympia Looping!
  7. Do you guys get any sleep with all the photo and video daily updates? Really appreciate the coverage you are giving us fellow TPR members of some parks we may never get to in our life.
  8. Thank you everyone for the great comments, I'm glad you like my take on the park. QueerRudie, my other pictures from the river rapids are more of the same. The real highlights like the whirlpool, elevator and the other drops are out of view from the public eye. I wont reveal the Winja surprises as it is so much more exciting experiencing them for yourself...if you can make it to Phantasialand.
  9. Over the weekend I was able to finally visit a themepark that had been high on my list for a long time. A short flight from London and I was able to experience the awesome Winja's, the B&M of Black Mamba, the new Maus au Chocolat dark ride and lots more at Phantasialand. I was thoroughly impressed with the theming of the lands and rides, the friendly customer service and the general atmosphere of park. I have been to quite a few parks around the world and now Phantasialand is up there in the top 5 for me. A few comments on some of the rides: Black Mamba - Even after about 7 rides over the weekend, I still don't really know the layout of this intense coaster. The back row is definitely what it's all about here. Although not as intense as Nemesis, it still packs a mighty punch going through the inversions. Winjas Force and Fear - The first time on each of them I was definitely caught out with the unique surprises to each of these spinning coasters. I don't really have a favorite out of them as both were had their unique differences to make them both stand out. Being a solo rider really helped with the spinning as I would normally be placed with 2 riders on the other side. Maus au Chocolat - The new dark ride was in soft opening over the weekend, which pretty much translated to open all day. What a blast! Armed with your chocolate blaster and 3D glasses, you are transported around 8 stages to shoot as many rodents as you can. The cars move around the track in groups of 3, stopping at each stage for about 30 seconds to blast away those pesky rodents. The 3D was quite good with objects thrown at you and some effects appearing to float in front you. Comparing your score after each stage with the rider next to you brings out the competitive side in you. My arm got a bit tired constantly pulling the blaster but the competitiveness in me pushed me on to get the best score each time. Talocan - The theming on this top spin is amazing! There was always a crowd watching on the viewing area and the ride program was really good. Mystery Castle, River Quest, Colorado Adventure...These were all top class rides that I had a great time on. Enjoy the pictures over my weekend at Phantasialand. First ride of the trip was on the Wellenflug. The water fountains rose and dipped with the ride so you never actually got wet. The location in the Kaiserplatz square is perfect filler for the area. Ready for my ride on the Wellenflug. Heading around to the fantasy Wuze land where I was eager for my first ride on the Winja's. Not the easiest ride to photograph as they pack some decent speed around the track. Facing forwards on the first drop on both Force and Fear was the best. My carriage spun like crazy through the wild mouse section due to an unbalanced carriage, loved it! The Tittle Tattle tree gave great views of the Winja's. Back outside I explored more of the Wuze world with the Wakabato splash battle. The themeing of Phantasialand is incredible! Making my way back into the Berlin land, I noticed that Maus au Chocolat was open! Ride sign. Checking last minute preparations for the opening. Open! in we go. The next couple of photos are from the queue theming. The cars were connected in groups of three as they travelled around the stages. You can see your white chocolate blaster with a little pull cord. Don't forget your 3D glasses. Everyone was so friendly and were happy for you to take their picture. The two story carousel in Berlin land. What has Michael Jackson got to do with this ride? it doesn't matter because this mine train coaster is so much fun! I'm always up for a photo with random characters. Tikal was a pair of small family drop towers. They also spun as you went up and down on a random program. The staff didn't seem to mind you taking pictures of your on ride photo with your own camera. I did buy my Black Mamba one though. Now onto the wicked Black Mamba. The intesity through the ride doesn't really let up which is of course how a coaster should be. These African dancers drew a crowd with their energy to constantly move and shake it. Trying to find the entrance for Talocan was not easy. Aha, I see you. Wow is all I can say. Ok so all of the other top spins in the world have to lift their game now. A quick ride on both of the log flumes, only mildly wet. Unlike this monster of a raft ride. The word drenched comes to mind. The double drop after the whirl pool was a surprise that got quite a few in our raft wet. Detail, detail, detail everywhere you look. Phantasialand took me to another world and I loved it. Mystery Castle was awesome! The pause at the top of the 65m tower with the strobes going off and everyone with their feet dangling was mind blowing. Loved this ride! The Saturday was a good sized crowd with short queues for rides. Sunday was a religious day for Germans and oh boy did the crowds come out. An amazing weekend came to an end at one of Germany's top theme parks.
  10. Hilarious trip report guys! Now I like my food, but there's no chance I could fit that much pizza in one day.
  11. Does anyone know when the Wave-Swinger with water-effects and "Maus-au-Chocolat" are expected to be finished? I am planning a trip to Phantasialand this year, probably around July.
  12. This was my first time to Disneyland Paris and I had a blast! Staying on site at the Santa Fa Hotel for 3 nights worked perfect allowing me to use my pass for Magic Hours each morning, getting a few quick rides in before the crowds came. Amazingly for the 2 hour early start in the Studios, I could only manage 2 rides on Crush's Coaster due to the huge popularity of the ride. During the day Crush's line would blow out to two hours and it was a very slow moving line. Disneyland made me feel like a kid again and I have to say it really is the happiest place on earth. Enjoy some pictures from both parks over my stay there. Up nice and early to get a few rides in before the crowds Christmas time is quite magical The early sunrise gave me the opportunity for some great photos I went for a spin on the classic Mad Hatter's Tea Cups Big Thunder Mountain, easily the most popular ride everyday in Disneyland So glad there are Fast passes Love the last segment, pitch black hurtling down into the unknown The whole park is so photogenic The captain and I There was a few breakdowns as people were driving around, but the ride ops were quick on the case to get them going again Disney's Once Upon A Dream Parade Sleeping Beauty's castle at night is pretty awesome Disney's Fantillusion Parade, wow they really go all out with this one Magical Let's head over to the Studios Toy Story land High winds each day kept the Parachute drop closed everyday Although a very short ride time, RC Racer was pretty cool Disney's Stars 'n' cars parade was a bit rushed and can't match the brilliance of the two Disneyland parades I was always up for a character photo, especially Sully So is this bad tower, or good tower? Well I had a great time on it anyway But Fast pass definitely helped beating the queues I didn't know what to expect on the Tram Tour and was definitely surprised when the live set got out of control Three days was the perfect time to spend at Disneyland Paris. I was able to ride everything I wanted and got plenty of re-rides as well.
  13. Nemesis for me. After just recently experiencing it with a few rides in the back row, I would say it's more intense than the batman clones, which I've been on a few.
  14. After living in London for over 2 years, I finally made the trip up to visit the best park I think the UK has to offer. It's a very close call for me between Oblivion and back row of Nemesis for the best coaster in the park, both intense rides. Single rider queue line definitely helped me have the best time over the weekend! Oblivion x6 Air x5 Nemesis x6 Rita x3 Spinball Whizzer x3 plus most of the other smaller rides, enjoy the pics! woops pictures in reverse order, scroll down why didn't I come sooner! straight to Oblivion for my first ride that drop gets me everytime what's going on here? that's better it's a one trick coaster but it certainly packs a punch with that drop this ride is so popular, massive queue's all weekend lets check out the aquarium there were some areas where they would let you touch different species I think this was a good addition for the park, lots to see including a walk through a tunnel with fish and sharks swimming overhead a great way to cool down once the sun came out time for a walk through the gardens a nice pleasant break from the coasters Air wasn't intense but really alot of fun running 3 trains on both days, very happy twisty goodness big queues for Nemesis, single rider definitely helped intense in the back row, easily a favourite of mine coming at you in 3D an ok rapids ride this needs just some kind of lap bar, the OTSR were a bit annoying after the launch, there's not much to it oohhh what could it be? nothing much happening yet might have to make a trip back next year a Sonic balloon???
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