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  1. I heard the opposite for X2, that its nicer in the morning, and when I was there for west coast bash a few months ago I found that to be true, it did feel a little less rough in the morning. Its not really your head that gets hurt on that anyway, its your legs (specifically your calves as they slam into the seat on the last raven turn). Riding in the inside on the back row also helps. For Viper, ride in the first row of the last car in the train, it's the "magic seat" and smoother than all the rest. My recommendation nowadays for first ride of the day is Superman. Since they almost never run both sides, the line is among the slowest in the park, and Flash Pass is limited to Platinum, going there first works great for me. Most people don't go to that area in the morning, so if you head right to Orient (Helpful Honda) Express when the park opens, you should get at least 1-3 walkon rides on Superman. Is Superman relatively close to X2, or is hard to line those up back to back for early rides. Apology for the double post.
  2. Well, you're more than welcome to NOT post here just as much as you are welcome TO post here. So if you don't like our forum idiosyncrasies and are going to be an annoying whiny little bitch about them, feel free to pack up your bags and post somewhere else! You won't be missed. How's THAT for a welcome to the community? I mean they didn't know. They were new, so I didn't pay it any mind.
  3. Will be flying out to LA the last weekend of October and will be at the park on the 28th. I have no idea how to attack this park at all. I guess I need the best general info I can on getting the most out of one day here.
  4. Ride Thunderhead at Dollywood. You'll change your mind. And if you end up not liking Thunderhead then, well, there's just no helping you. It's a bit rough for me. It was really good when it first opened, but like other GCIs, it's age is apparent.
  5. I guess I'm only disappointed because I have never ridden a GCI that I liked. I have always been beat to death on them. (Looking at you Wildcat)
  6. Let's hope this is the beginning of brighter days for Lightning Rod! So I'm still not 100% sure what technical ride rehearsal means for me if I go tomorrow... I'm feeling dumb
  7. I'm assuming you've read the last few pages of up/down/up/down. http://Www.dollywood.com It says it's closed, so I'd wait until the ride is stated to be open. I have not read the last couple of pages because I know it will all be constant up down stuff. Past is in the past
  8. Hypothetically, I would have a good chance of riding Lightning Rod if I went tomorrow?
  9. We heard the same thing from a park lead today. Sounds like it will take a couple of days to get things back up. They are getting close! I hope nobody gets frustrated over this kind of delay. I definitely understand getting restless over the technical problems, but this is the textbook definition of something that couldn't be helped
  10. I guess I should feel a bit worse about this but I'm close enough to be able to decide the day before that I'll go.
  11. Well I know if I didn't know ahead of time, I'd be livid, and I'm an enthusiast. I can imagine great frustration from the GP as well if there isn't a statement. Not many things are more disappointing than an unexpected coaster closure
  12. I wanted to believe, but my gut is a wise old gut and tempered my hype. This only makes the wait more painful.
  13. Yeah I'm disappointed too, but I should have known better. Hopefully I can convince my dad later on to take a day off work so we can both go.. I know you weren't lying, I just didn't want to believe it...
  14. He's not lying. I just got off the phone with customer service. They said they don't have a timetable at the moment for its commission, and the delay was requested by "the manufacturer"
  15. I called customer service as well and because there was a substantial call volume, I entered into the queue and will report back when I find out for myself
  16. No offense, but why would they tell you that when they haven't said anything
  17. I don't know how much stock I should put in that video, but it definitely leaves me feeling hopeful.
  18. ^I think there is a substantial chance of that happening. I feel like the hype machine behind LR is much more intense that for Wild Eagle. If LR is as good as we expect it to be, there is a very real chance of it being the top new coaster of the year, and it definitely could be a top ranked woodie, and overall coaster as well.
  19. Boy I hope you are right. I'm taking my dad that day and for whatever reason I would like to share riding my first RMC with him....Probably sounds a bit oversentimental given I'm talking about a rollercoaster, but still. I feel like it'd be nice to share such a new experience with the man that gave me the opportunity to ride the Beast when I was 5, against my mom's word (THANKS DAD!)
  20. Sorry for the double post, but that forecast is for Pigeon Forge the day I was planning to go with my dad.
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