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The Official TPR Video Thread!

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^ Thanks Robb. Sadly I haven't yet had an opportunity to ride Dwarfs , so I'm only going by the way they both looked in the videos - ie. loads of lights/lanterns set up inside the cave.

Disney often mirrors similar attractions or experiences between their east and west coast parks, so I was just wondering if they maybe saw the theming upgrade/refurb as an opportunity to give the west coast a small taste of the Dwarfs Mine experience without having to build a full new attraction.


I can't wait to one day get back to Orlando and get to see the real deal for myself! (other side of the world... sigh)

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HAHA no problem, I just don't like going on youtube, due to the whole google+ thing, I don't like whole "one account for everything" thing.


Xcelerator is one mean MOTHA'! Great coaster, but I have to say I like TTD a smudge more. That anticipation, waiting for the lights to turn green, is incredible! But, without this badboy, TTD wouldn't be a reality, along with the likes of Stormrunner, and Speedmonster (some of my favorites). This is the grandaddy of all the accelerators out there, gotta love it!


Twister looks like a solid coaster, I really loved Ravin Flyer II, and I imagine this to be pretty damn good too. Gravity Group's bigger coasters never seem to age well; Hades/Hades360,and more so, The Voyage. But I imagine these smaller installations age better, due to less stress on the track, and it looks from the vid that it still delivers great airtime in such a small package.


Journey to the Center of the Earth, that looks absolutely nuts! So jealous I've never been on it Is the park easy to navigate to for a foreigner? I'm always anxious to travel that far for parks. I get so stressed when I don't feel like I know what I'm doing, or where I'm going. But this may be the top *must ride* non-coaster on my list, looks fantastic!

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Isn't this LOONet?! The moon magnet launch coaster?!


Ive never been that impressed by the Gerstlauer coasters I've been on, they always felt like a company that should make wild mouse coasters, trying to run with the big dogs. However, since I've only ridden a few, I can't really comment on much, other than how awesome this coaster looks! I imagine the launch has some force, since its only propelling one car, rather than a whole train. Can anybody verify this..? Just curious. The layout looks like it has a good mixture of forceful elements, nice airtime, and cool inversions. Seems like a solid coaster! Hope to ride it one day! Thanks for posting

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Getting caught up on these...


Xcelerator: This one is a great ride. It may be short, but it's one of the top five coasters in California and the best ride at Knott's, plus I have yet to find a coaster with a better launch.


Rutschebanen: For an old scenic railway this one looks like a decent ride. It definitely seems faster than you would expect one of these to run.


Twister: While not the greatest looking wood coaster ever, it looks like a fun ride and does quite a bit for being crammed in a relatively small space.


Journey to the Center of the Earth: Why can't we have rides like this at the American Disney parks? This ride looks amazing. I don't know anyone who's been on it and doesn't consider it one of the best rides in the world. Hopefully I'll get to Japan one day and give it a try.


Roar: I've always liked this ride, and it is a great example of a first generation GCI coaster. Sure, it's gotten a bit rough, but there are still many wooden coasters out there with less tolerable rides.


Lynet: Never seen anything quite like this. It somewhat resembles a Eurofighter, but almost looks like Gerstlauer's imitation of an Intamin launched coaster. At any rate, it looks like a fun ride. Also, KidTums looks tiny in those restraints (she probably barely made the height restriction on this one).

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Lynet was quite a surprise ride. The launch, not terribly forceful but nice smooth acceleration into the top hat. Great little pops of airtime over some of the first few hills followed by a mix of helixes and two corkscrews. Reasonably smooth too. Up there with the best of the Gerstlauers.


Twister is a fantastic ride. How they managed to cram in such a long ride into that space i'll never know, but they did and it's great. Run really well too.


Journey to the Center of the Earth. Not much more to really say about this one except, GO RIDE IT!. ... NOW!


Tagada. This was pretty much one of the funniest things that happened on the China trip. Super weird, super random but lots of fun. The only other Tagada I had ridden before that one was the one at Blackpool which had seats and restraints. I then had no idea why people couldn't wait to ride the one at Floraland and now I know!

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Those tagadas are popping up all over Korea lately outside of theme parks as attractions on their own. They can be quite hard to spot since they tend to be buried in basements and you have to keep your eye out for their Korean names written in Korean "dipang" or "discopangpang." Before I learnt the name I had no idea there was one in my little town. They normally are set to music accompanied by a DJ, disco lights, strobe lights and a spot light that will highlight the top part of the ride. The ride stops there on a person and they are interviewed and quizzed and get bounced out of their seat for getting questions wrong (or right, no-one likes a no-it-all.) They always seemed shocked to see a foreigner show up so I get spotlighted often.


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