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  1. Great report Craig, I can relate to a lot of things about your trip, including jetlag, lack of knowledge about Harry Potter, and wild expectations when I took my first and only visit there in 2011. For myself, I first headed straight for the Rip Rocket coaster (which I still rate as one of the most fun coasters), then raced clockwise around that park onto Twister, Mummy, Earthquake, previous Jaws, ET, etc. so it was like finally seeing all those classic 'movie' attractions that I'd always heard about, which used to be the basis of the park's existence. I did Islands Of Adventure on a
  2. Thanks Robb, a wonderful free bonus for club members! This was actually one of the first times I've managed to download a large digital media file from TPR. Probably due to old un-maintained network infrastructure in parts of Australia, all my previous attempts downloading TPR digital files have always 'timed out' and my connection resets before they complete. I left this file downloading a few hours overnight, and lucked out that my connection never reset during that period and I managed to get the whole file. It plays on my Windows 7 PC, or I have a Philips media box that can play
  3. In Australia, we've figured out a way around that problem... things that we chuck usually just come back!
  4. It's not the biggest, fastest or craziest coaster by any shot, yet Piraten is simply one of the most fun coasters to ride! It's like you go and take Expedition GeForce, then shrink it down, yet still have endless pops of airtime and super smooth turns; there are no neck/shoulder-bashing restraints; and it only takes up half the space! It's surprising that more parks don't put these in.
  5. I mostly watch on my PC because I like to flick YouTube up to huge fullscreen, but I don't have any gear setup for watching on my lounge TV. I'm very random in browsing videos, and usually just surf via Google searches for park or ride names, so pre-selected playlists or channels never really interest me. It was actually through Google randomly finding one of Robb's incredible POV's on YouTube that I first discovered TPR! I sometimes read a couple of other people's reactions on YouTube (for a laugh), but never comment there myself or share stuff, partly due to lack of time.
  6. ^ Thanks Robb. Sadly I haven't yet had an opportunity to ride Dwarfs , so I'm only going by the way they both looked in the videos - ie. loads of lights/lanterns set up inside the cave. Disney often mirrors similar attractions or experiences between their east and west coast parks, so I was just wondering if they maybe saw the theming upgrade/refurb as an opportunity to give the west coast a small taste of the Dwarfs Mine experience without having to build a full new attraction. I can't wait to one day get back to Orlando and get to see the real deal for myself! (other side of the wo
  7. Wow, I wasn't aware that they'd been upgrading this attraction. The new ending looks really cool - is the new cave intended to reflect the style of the new Seven Dwarfs Mine Train at Disney World? I'll always remember Big Thunder as the first attraction that I rode on my first ever visit to Disneyland. I think it was because it seemed to have the shortest wait on that particular day!
  8. I've got to admit that I'm one of those that loved riding Helix that day. Just as a coaster, I don't think I'd rank it in my top list of all coasters, but as a package with the beautiful terrain setting, the station theme music, that crazy queue line, and a fair amount of airtime hills made the overall ride something I'll always remember. The Bla Taget ghost train at Grona Lund was really cool, and it was so nice to still have a 'traditional' one where they don't try to preoccupy you with shooting at targets, as some do. As for Cyclone, its looking like it should turn out to be an i
  9. I find the updates to be most useful when I don't have a lot of time to visit the TPR site. Recently I've been able to check in on TPR more often, making the emails a bit redundant. But at other times of the year when I'm busier, they're a great way of keeping in the loop. (And they arrive Tuesday down here, which makes them not-so-much a 'Monday thing'! )
  10. This is a design of coaster that I've never ridden, but it really looks like fun and everyone in the video seems to have been blown away by it! Hope to ride it one day.
  11. Thanks Jake, for bringing back memories of an amazing day at an amazing park. Liseberg is definitely one of the best in the world!
  12. Finally, we get a flawless, informed and thought-provoking commentary given by a well-respected and credible World Class expert in his field. .
  13. Another nice report, Jake. I have to say I didn't see that weird troll path at all when I was there! The thing I remember most (after Speed Monster ERT) was getting drenched by Scandinavian ice water in the front seat of Supersplash , then realizing I couldn't use the drying booth - I had Norwegian cash but no coins because the park hadn't opened! haha But by the time we hiked back up that huge hill again, we warmed up.
  14. This was a really fun smooth ride, which had a nice scenic view as well. But I find the single word that pops into my mind when I think back about riding it is "Fluoro"!
  15. Certainly the most intense experience and the most G's of anything I've ever ridden in my lifetime, like your face being stretched onto your skull! I'm so glad Robb kicked off his Daily videos with this. This ride is even incredible just to watch from the ground, because it moves so fast for such a gigantic machine - especially in its turbo cycle.
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