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  1. Has a Screamin' Swing and a launched coaster Has the world's first 10 inversion roller coaster Europe's first ever Wing Rider Has a roller coaster based off a horror movie
  2. It is a park called Thrill World. There are tons of trees, a roller coaster and a big wheel. It is April 15th 2000 and the park has officially opened its gates... Overview of the park. The Oldie and the Big Wheel are seen. You might be questioning... Why is there a Side Friction coaster? You see, we had to save up hundreds of thousands to pay to build discontinued ride types. It was around twice as much than in-date ones. The coaster was moved to a 'coaster yard' where old coasters are dismantled but still refurbished, hoping to be restored soon. It is the only Side Friction in Europe now after the United States got one from Spain. There are only three Side Frictions in the world. Birds' eye view of the park. This is just the park from above. A security guard. The park inspector was in the long line for The Oldie, maybe just testing it out. The guard said: 'It sure is a pleasure here. Almost everyone has a happy face on and so many people are having a great time. The Big Wheel views of just some flat land and some hills barely in sight needs to change. Otherwise, The Oldie has been drawing in great crowds with such a classic ride. It has been in the coaster yard for forty years and now it is back.' Anyway... we need YOUR help to introduce a new ride for 2001! Just fill in the poll. This will be done every five years. We currently sell: Cookies Drinks Also, we have toilets. Any improvements? Thank you!
  3. TWO restraints that hold you in by impaling you! What's worse than having a roller coaster removed?
  4. Spinny seats in that ride. What's worse than having your favourite game no longer updating?
  5. I went on a Vekoma Boomerang when I was 11. Should've left it until I was 12...
  6. Just a quickie, I need people to criticise my park! I'm tired of having to post after myself... I need stuff to make my park BETTER. Please comment something!
  7. Well, this game actually looks quite fun! This is my opinion. I would get it if I had space on my iPod...
  8. I guess Saw: The Ride at Thorpe Park might be overrated... MIGHT
  9. Fingers as long as your legs. Bungee jumping or skydiving?
  10. It's been a while since I posted an update. Anyway, we planted some new trees during the Easter break. It's a pattern of trees around both tracks of Inverted Vertigo. It's a very popular ride, but The Flying Chairs appear to be taking the cake right now. The epic, pounding music or the trees, bushes and flowers surrounding it or maybe the colours. I also always thought our current flats were very short. We increased the number of circuits so people get a decent ride time. The hottest month of the year is set to be in July so we need a lot of shade- but every day is open from mid-April to late July. The park is open from 9am till midnight so we always have to take the night shift if improvements with shade are made so guests aren't burnt from the sun. We plan to add sun cream and sunglasses and also a small mystery thing for the hotter days as well! Here are the pictures of the trees. First one is the Inverted Vertigo pattern: The classic trees. And coasters. And fancy support work. Next up is the upcoming cooling area for the summer: What will be here... will be here. Finally, this is an overall view of the park. It's a lovely park with fresh smells of greenery. GREEN!!!! That's really all I have for you.Next time I will show you what's coming soon!
  11. I never got to ride it... Hopefully it could be moved to a different park. Nobody likes permanent closures! It all needs to go to somewhere new.
  12. Well... RCT2 has better money- I don't get into negatives as much.I wish I was in RCT3.
  13. Yes... in the next update (will start typing in an hour or so) it will include a lot of trees. The park had just closed for the Easter holidays and we've only got about 2 weeks before re-opening. Did I say the updates will be now done once a day? Anyway, as I said, more plants are coming soon! Did I say the update is coming? Yes!- The update will come! Don't get out of your seat because GamingPro941 will be back after the break. Just remember, I only comment after someone else comments. I don't like it when I double post. Inverted Vertigo- Beware.
  14. Should there be more Tilt Coasters? This is a tilt coaster: It's a tilt coaster. I think there should be more Tilt Coasters. They look great! There's only one in the world, though.Coasters these days. There really should be MUCH more Tilt Coasters in the world. Including one in my home country.
  15. Isn't puking allowed? if it is, then I would be... I don't know whether I would be happy or not or shocked...
  16. BREAKING NEWS! Sky Swats are my favourite rides- one of them- at theme parks. Only ONE remains at Thorpe Park. S & S stopped making Sky Swats in 2010 and if I ever owned a theme park I will donate so much of my money just to get a Sky Swat. If Slammer at Thorpe Park is permanent I will be out of my mind. But I will still get a Sky Swat if I ever own a theme park. If you haven't heard the news, go to Thorpe Park and ride it. It could be your last chance... Zippers are great rides. They should exist forever! Chaos rides never made it into my home country but there should be one in the UK. Just one. Please. Inverters were, yes, my favourite rides ever. Their unique layout is great but there needs to be an Inverter in my country. One was closed before the 2014 season at Alton Towers. I loved these rides and will still love them forever. I will love every coaster and ride forever. There's so much emotion when a ride is removed. You will only have picture, memory and video nostalgia. They should always be relocated.
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