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  1. The 2017 Arkansas State Fair runs from October 12-22. The Zipper is probably my favorite flat ride, but I've only gotten one ride on it. Is there a guy out there who would like to meet and ride the Zipper multiple times? Any day except Saturday works for me. Thanks.
  2. If I went to the park next week, would I be likely to find a lot of the rides not operating? If so, I'd rather save the visit for another time. Thanks.
  3. I've visited Indiana Beach twice, the last in 2014, and I missed Lost Coaster each time. What do you think my chances of getting to ride it would be if I go next week? Thanks.
  4. Granted, but part of the announcement is that it is sinking into Lake Erie. I wish I were a Cedar Point seagull so I could eat all the nachos, ice cream, and cardboard I wanted.
  5. In case anyone is interested: Would you please let me know whether Shock Wave has virtual reality this season? Thanks. Thank you for contacting Six Flags regarding your concern. They do have virtual reality on Shockwave this season Charmagne Jackson | Guest Recovery Supervisor Six Flags Over Texas| 2201 Road to Six Flags Drive | Arlington, TX 76011 O: (817) 640-8900 | | charTaylor@sftp.com
  6. A friend of mine and I are planning a visit on Friday, June 23. Could anyone make a guess about how crowded the park will be that day? How about the order in which to ride things? I was thinking possibly Shock Wave first since VR makes that line move slowly. Any other tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  7. I had an interesting experience at HoliWood Nights. On Saturday I left my admission ticket in the motel by mistake. When I talked to guest relations, they had me fill out a Forgotten Ticket Form and told me that I needed to mail them the ticket within 2 weeks to avoid being charged. I'm not criticizing their policy or complaining; I just found it interesting. Any idea why they needed to actual ticket? HoliWood Nights was awesome as usual.
  8. I love the sound Lightning Racer makes going up the lift hill. Anyone know what makes it so loud?
  9. If anyone is going to be at Holiday World on Friday and would like to meet up for some rides, just send me a PM. I'm planning to be there from the time they open through ERT. Can't wait!
  10. I'm planning to be at Beech Bend on Sunday, June 4. How are the crowds on Sundays? Thanks.
  11. I was thinking about joining Coaster Crew so I could go to their event at KK on Sunday, June 4. Their website says that registration opens soon. June 4 is only a week and a half away, so I thought registration would be open by now. I e-mailed them but didn't get a response. Does anyone know anything about this? Thanks.
  12. I was at KI on Monday (Fast Lane Plus) and Tuesday (no FL), May 15 and 16: Scorecard: The Beast: 18x Mystic Timbers: 6x Racer: 1x Woodstock Express: 1x Diamondback: 4x Adventure Express: 2x Back Lot: 1x Flight of Fear: 1x Bat: 1x Shake, Rattle, & Roll: 1x Monster: 1x Scrambler: 1x The Beast was the star. I couldn't get enough of it. The warning signs around the station are so cool. I took 1 ride in a wheel seat -- only 1. I've never been much of a fan of helices on wooden coasters, but this time I loved the one on the Beast. One thing to note: If you have Fast Lane Plus, you don’t have to go all the way out the exit to get back in line. You go down the 3 switchbacks, turn left, and then you come to an intersection. Going right leads to the exit, but going left puts you back in the Fast Lane Plus line. One question: Does the chain on lift 1 speed up when the other train is on lift 2, or when it has cleared lift 2? Mystic Timbers was fun, and one of the things I like is that it's so different from any of the other wooden coasters. The theming is top-notch and really adds to the ride. Diamondback was as much fun as always. I’ve been back at home for almost a week, and I’m already looking forward to my next visit to KI. I think Cedar Fair has done a great job with the park.
  13. I'm planning a trip next week to HoliWood Nights, Kentucky Kingdom, Beech Bend, and Carowinds. I was thinking of stopping by Dollywood on Wednesday, June 7 since it's on my way home from Carowinds. There's no way even to guess whether Lightning Rod will be open on any specific day, is there? Also, could anyone tell me how long it takes to drive from I-40 to Dollywood? Thanks.
  14. JC, I love your long reviews of wooden coasters. Would you consider doing one of Ravine Flyer II?
  15. Holiday World for HoliWood Nights, then Kentucky Kingdom and Beech Bend, possibly.
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